Missouri Star Quilt Co. & Me (WHAT!)

Oh look, there’s the cover of Missouri Star Quilt Co.’s latest edition of Mod Block magazine. Better yet, it’s all about one of my favourite things, colour! Now check out that turquoise bar on the left. Mmmhmm, that’s my name! When MSQC contacted me last June–the week before my Today Show appearance nonetheless–I had a bit of a fanboy moment, not even gonna lie. My first thought was, “Have they got the right Molli Sparkles?” Um, yeah, that seriously was my first reaction. So after Mr. Sparkles slapped the silly out of me (he’s a die hard Jenny Doan fan, for reals) I basically responded via an email that said something like, “Shit yeah! I love Jennnnn-naaay!!!” Way to play it cool.
Thankfully, the team at MSQC understood my own brand of crazy, and it was exactly what they were looking for. So on one of the many flights to Japan I took last year, I began to write an article about colour tone. It slowly evolved into the satirical, yet informative piece in the magazine called, Watch  Your Tone. You can read all about my smart alec mouth, colour inspiration, and how to use tone in your own quilts.
There’s also ten modern quilting projects featured that anyone could successfully complete. I’m considering a few of them for some fat quarter bundles I have stored up. You can get your own copy from the MSQC Shop for like six dollars in print or digital (great for international readers!) I am telling you now, my article alone is worth that much! Gurl, you know its true! I hope this is the beginning of a long working relationship with MSQC, because it is time for me to spice up their life with some severe sparkle!
P.s. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Love yourself silly!

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  1. Anita C says:

    I wish I had my copy when you were here, I could have had mine autographed. Even more excited to see it on it's arrival tomorrw

  2. Obviously I live in a cave – I didn't eve know they had a magazine! Congratulations on the article 🙂

  3. Carol Q says:

    lol – I didn't know they had a magazine either. their Youtube videos have taught me so much – they are my "go to." congratulations on being in their mag. I'm off to get my digi version

  4. sam says:

    Picked up the magazine at my local quilt shop this past week………….. Great job. As soon as I saw it I was sure to tell all the ladies at the Sit & Sew how much I enjoy your blog and they should all purchase the magazine just for your article. Congratulations and Thank you.

  5. Awesome and congratulations! It sounds like a really fun article and I hope the collaboration with MSQC continues to be fabulous for you. 🙂

  6. Oh dear God. As though I needed another fabric porn site to tempt me. I'd never heard of this mag or The Missouri Star Quilt Company. Lo and behold, they have pretty reasonable shipping rates to Canada (along with a very funny, culturally appropriate shipping explanation). Thanks, Molli, you crack dealer of the fabric world. If only the first order were free…

    P.S. Congrats on another fab article… you're really livin' the quilt star life!

  7. Congratulations kiddo. I love the MSQC video's so hopefully you'll make one together in the near future?

  8. Katy Cameron says:

    Ha, you just brought back a few memories of my childhood too. I might also have been a smart arse…

  9. Louise says:

    I love MSQC and found your site after reading your article in the magazine. The Doans are amazing people and obviously know awesomeness when they see it. Found your site through the article and am amazed by your work and smart alec ways. The article is wonderful and I learned a lot — I'm working on finding my inner creative self and you are helping me! Thanks and congratulations.

  10. ~Diana says:

    I got it~wish I could have you autograph it, but all that glitter…everywhere! Congrats Molli 🙂

  11. Congrats! I cannot wait to get my copy in the mail :). Love the Missouri Star what a great partnership.

  12. SewPsyched! says:

    I am so thrilled for you!! and for us, cause we get to read all about your inspiration, woo!
    Here's to a long and productive relationship with MSQC! Keep it up, young man!! lol!

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