Sunday Stash #109 – Support for Sewing For Sydney

For this week’s Sunday Stash, I want to feature some of the amazing donations that have arrived in support of the Sewing for Sydney campaign. The generosity from the Glitterati has been overwhelming! Since tomorrow is technically the deadline to receive hashtag blocks, I’ll shortly be doing a recap on where the project stands. (I still don’t even believe all of the stats!) Until then, enjoy these gorgeous fabric gifts, and make sure you support those who gave them.
The Remnant Warehouse (my LQS) gave over 12 metres of wide back material to use for quilt backings. Whoa! This has saved lots of time, and these dots are playfully suited for the back of these multi-coloured quilts.
Danielle (IG: beautifulhandmade) sent these great binding selections over from Perth. Yes, that is Liberty, and it is going to feel so luxurious! There may be a fight over this one! Plus that’s some Japanese Yuwa so these quilts will truly be international.
Kim from Kim Bradley Creations asked what I needed and immediately said, “No problem, it’ll be there tomorrow.” Not only did she donate these gorgeous fabrics for binding (hello, Cotton and Steel), but also donated batting for three quilts and has offered more. Generous, much?
Oh, and let’s not forget Emily (IG: handmadebyemily) who sent over metres of Kona for backing and binding. She asked what colour I thought would suit, and I said, “Go bold, or go home.” Well, she didn’t shy away from that, now did she?! That purple is completely royal, and will definitely make a statement!
I can’t even wait to share with you all of the other details, because you won’t even believe how fabulous you are! I’ll just tell you now, we’re making more than nine quilts!

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  1. Laurelle says:

    Cannot wait to see the quilts! 🙂

  2. One Wee Bird says:

    I'm with Laurelle, looking forward to seeing the Sparkly Magic….quilty peeps are so kind x

  3. MsMidge says:

    Wonderful! I passed the BLUE TEAM baton over to Andrea today at the Melbourne MQG meet. There were about half a dozen members who had all contributed blocks so they were thrilled to see the completed quilt top! xxx

  4. memmens says:

    So awesome, so many generous contributors, well done for coordinating!

  5. kiwikid says:

    Just love the generosity of people in quilting…restores your faith in the human race somewhat!!

  6. charlotte says:

    How wonderful. Nine quilts! So many generous quilters. Think of all that love.

  7. Jayne says:

    Love to 'Go Bold' any day of the week!

  8. The fabric donations and generosity are awesome. I am so glad you took the time to feature the people that went above and beyond. Definitely going to share some IG love. 🙂

  9. Aivosolu says:

    Did you ever receive a letter from Finland?

    • Hey! You're a no reply blogger so I haven't been able to email you back. But do you remember when you sent it, or what the package looked like, or what fabrics you used for the blocks? I don't definitely remember receiving from Finland because I usually write down new countries and that's not on my list. However, I could have missed it and we can maybe track down your blocks in the quilts when they start coming back. I hope you see this message!

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