Quilt Baggage

I’ve silently been watching the countless FAL lists popping up all over blogland, and it’s got me really excited about finishing my own projects. I never sign up for the FAL because I like to keep it loose, and meander my way along a quilting journey. Plus, I don’t tend to carry a lot of quilt baggage (that is unless I’m shopping in the US!), but looking around I do have a few carry-on items. Here’s what I’ve got confirmed.

These past few weeks, I’ve had two quilts being quilted by Gemma of Pretty Bobbins. Mood Ring (above) and Echo (below) are being sent back to me tomorrow! That means I’ll be able to get my binding on just in time for 50 Shades of Grey. Do you think the cinema will let me bind my quilts while watching a movie about binding?

I am practically, and by that I mean, like a border away, from finishing my brother’s t-shirt quilt top. For those new around here, and I can say this with confidence, this quilt is probably the best t-shirt quilt you’ve ever seen. I also just sourced some backing fabric today. Game. Set. Match.

I’ll be one flew over the cuckoo’s nest after all these Shimmer feathers are finished for a queen size of AMH’s infamous pattern. I’ve got seven blocks done, but all pieces are cut and ready for some stitchin. This one has an April deadline, so yeah, priority.
We’ve talked about this before, and I just need to get the seam ripper out and start again. I know it. You know it. Kate Spain knows it. Just do it already. Note to self, never buy Yarn Dyed Essex Linen in Denim; it doesn’t suit your skin tone.

There are a few loose items to make as well, such as cushions for our neighbour, a red keyboard mat for my desk, possibly a mini-Mickey quilt, and a sophisticated table runner. That last one will probably be the biggest challenge of all!
It looks like I’m gonna be charged an excess baggage allowance after all!

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  1. memmens says:

    Who are you trying to kid? No quilt baggage – bhahaha! Bit like me really, not a lot of tips but enough to keep me busy! Looking forward to seeing the t-shirt quilt finished.

  2. Well, you're probably going to need something in your lap while you watch 50 Shades of Grey. This is when it's good to be a girl.
    Good luck with the FALs!

  3. Paula says:

    Everyone's got quilt baggage, whether we like to admit it or not. Looking forward to seeing all those finishes you'll have to share soon, but I'm especially looking forward to the t-shirt quilt. Everything I've seen of it so far just blows all the other tshirt quilts out of the water so the grand reveal is defnitely not one i want to miss. Keep on sparkling!

  4. Alla Blanca says:

    Alrighty, my sparkly friend, I feel challenged by your t-shirt quilt statements. *Moi* feels that I have the best looking t-shirt quilt everrr (see it here: http://rainbowsbunniescupcakes.blogspot.com/2013/09/get-home-itis.html), so I am waiting with bated breath for your big reveal. I love, love, love creativity and extra complexity to a t-shirt quilt, so I'm thrilled that you promise more of everything.
    Best of luck on the FAL!

  5. They all look wonderful but I can' twain to see the T shirt quilt. Glitter on!

  6. Annabella says:

    if my quilt baggage was emotional baggage I'd make Elizabeth Taylor look like a shy retiring flower 🙂

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