Sunday Stash #106 – #SewingForSydney

It’s time I give you a brief update on the fabulousness that is happening with the #SewingForSydney campaign! First and foremost, the support and generosity the Glitterati has shown has been incredible! I am well on the way to achieving the goal of making six quilts for the victim’s families. I have received 596 hashtag blocks, and that’s only from five days of mail deliveries. I’m scared and excited by what the post will bring tomorrow after having no deliveries over the holiday long weekend!
There’s also been some mind-blowing donations! Emma Jean Jansen sent fabric backings for two quilts, and enough material to bind five quilts. Whoa! These all come from her Terra Australis collections, and will make wonderfully bright, and thematic additions to the quilts.
I’ve also received some beautiful gifts of thread and fabric from the Glitterati as a thank you for mobilising this movement. This is completely unnecessary and not why I am doing this at all. However, I love them, and will put them to good use in some hashtag blocks!
Other significant contributions are coming in from Sunset SeamsHandmade by Emily, and Black Tulip Quilts. Oh, and local quilt shops, the Remnant Warehouse and Kim Bradley Creations have committed to supplying additional fabric and batting, to the tune of whatever is needed! So if you’re looking for local places to spend your money, I’d start with all of these! There are many other volunteers and contributors that I will share with you in the weeks ahead, including those assembling quilts, and the long armers quilting them.

So far blocks have been collected from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, and Canada, and I know there’s a German package on its way! If you’re still wanting to contribute a hashtag block, you still have time. If you want to contribute money for sundry items that aren’t accounted for like shipping and handling, packaging and gift boxes, you can donate to the Paypal account via

Once again, thank you for your support! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled to my Instagram account (molli_sparkles) for the most up to date photos of all that is happening with #SewingForSydney!
(so proud of us)

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  1. Katy Cameron says:

    Wow, wouldn't like to be your postie for the next few weeks ;o)

  2. jeifner says:

    That is so lovely of everyone. Well done!

  3. Carol Q says:

    aren't people amazing when needed. hopefully some UK blocks will arrive shortly.

  4. Sooli says:

    Its clear to me that good people outnumber the mean and nasty people, particularly in the quilting world. I love what you're doing with this and just hope you don't get too overwhelmed! Wish I lived closer to give you some more hands on help!

  5. frstborn says:

    You have a few coming from Greece as well…

  6. leanne says:

    I was going to ask if you needed more blocks do a shout out but it sounds like you will be sewing charity quilts till June !! so wonderful that there are so many willing to help out and those Emma Jean Jansen fabrics are awesome !

  7. anonymous says:

    A letter from Finland is supposed to arrive on your door step in 10-12 working days. I also wish i could help you more with this…

  8. Mine will be there next week ..

  9. Terri Ann says:

    So excited to hear the blocks are coming in for you to get started! I'm sure there are plenty more yet to be delivered.

  10. Linda says:

    Very pleased you have had such a marvellous response to your request for Hash Tag blocks. As always the quilting Community steps up to the plate, eager to help any good cause. I have sent you 4 blocks from the UK so I hope they arrive soon. Will you also put updates about the quilts you are making on your blog? I don't have an Instagram account and it would be lovely to see the finished quilts before they are gifted. Thank you for the wonderful idea of making quilts for those affected on the Siege.

  11. ES says:

    It will be lovely to be able to tell the giftee's about the worldwide effort to try and send some love and comfort their way. Well done for starting this wonderful idea, I am just loving seeing all of the blocks roll in and also the other wonderful contributions from the local quilt shops.

  12. Susan says:

    Such an excellent response! I knew you would easily achieve 1080 blocks. Great to hear about the generosity of those retailers too – Hopefully a Lot people will also patronise the shops that have supported this effort.

  13. This is so awesome and inspiring, Molli. I love how the Glitterati have pulled together for this. 🙂 <3

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