Sunday Stash #103 – Drama Cake

You would not even believe the drama cake and truth tea I have been havin’ to serve about our new apartment! As I’ve told you we bought off the plan, (prior to it being built), and now that we’ve moved in, there are some rampant defects. I have had a parade of tradesmen wondering through my apartment over the last week, and not a single one of them has even been cute. Lord, give me strength! I won’t bore you with the entire twelve pages of defects I identified (seriously). However, the latest is a large patch of silicone stains a foolish tradesman left all over our hardwood floors. The only solution from the flooring installer in removing them: move out again so they can re-polish the floors throughout the apartment. AYFKM? Bonus points if you get that acronym. 

Suffice to say, it was a welcome surprise to see this Botanics Aurifil thread set show up on my work desk this week! Now I can strangle all of those tradesmen that keep damaging my apartment, without fear of thread breakage! (Conversely, if any cute ones do show up…) This lovely gift came from Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts because I won second prize in her Bright Sky QAL! I also won a $30 gift certificate to Southern Fabric, but I haven’t managed to even sit down and try to use it yet. 
A lot of you have been asking about my new sewing studio, and I promise it’s getting there. I bought furniture today, and it will most certainly feature in a future Sunday Stash. It’s pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! Please bear with me while I try to get our apartment business straightened out. Kisses!

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  1. Dawn says:

    I got the acronym!! roflol

  2. I hope we get to see pictures when it's done and it doesn't take too long! How annoying! Bonus points for me, I probably say that way too much 😉

  3. Salley says:

    I would ask for a bit fat refund, keep the floor as is, and through down some glitter and estapol!

  4. memmens says:

    Some people take pride in their work, some people don't. It's hard to get your head around sometimes but better to focus on the Aurifil and hope it's sorted quick by someone else!

  5. Emily C says:

    AYFKM <- took me a minute, but something my husband(and I) would have said =)
    We moved into a newly built apartment in August. It was behind schedule, but they let us move in anyway. It was very interesting, as that requires that you rent it sight unseen. It did not have too many problems, except that for the first 1/2 week we had no fridge and for the first 2 weeks the workman still had access to the apartment, while we were moving in. They had lots of little items to install, like drawer pulls and bathroom mirrors. Focus on the good things, soon it will be done. I was lucky, work 8-5, so I wasn't home most of the day and didn't see most of them.

  6. Pat Converse says:

    Got the acronym … Can hardly wait to see the studio.

  7. I totally got the acronym. The last details can be so frustrating to get sorted out, hang in there… it is going to be *sew* worth it! 🙂

  8. Debbie says:

    I understand and am so disappointed for you! That is more both than you needed for sure!

  9. Jessica says:

    Lol, that acronym is exactly what I would have said! Hope that everything works out soon. Sorry, moving IS a pain! Can't wait to see your studio!

  10. Jenny says:

    yes, hmm, I was able to read the acronym in pretty much real time. Not sure what that says about me.

  11. Leanne says:

    Moving and buying homes are so stressful, but setting up fresh is the best.

  12. I didn't even have to THINK about your acronym! Sorry you're having so many problems!

  13. ~Diana says:

    Hurry and get settled! I'm getting way less of my weekly "Molli" allotment than my diet requires! And…I totally got it too 🙂

  14. mlisshouston says:

    The acronym was understood. Likely because I said it to myself even before reading it!
    It's unfortunate that things are not right and on time! It will come. You will be happy.

  15. It's a oft used acronysm and deservedly so. Hang in there Mollie, it will get better shortly.

  16. leanne says:

    easiest acronym ever !! wish themoving was easy for you- hope you get it all sorted soon !

  17. Thanks for the chance to link up… Love the acronym… Hope things are looking up.

  18. Mara says:

    I would be saying that out loud also! What a FB, and no not the social site.

  19. SewPsyched! says:

    12 PAGES???!!! AYFKM!!!! That's outrageous. And no deelish succor eye candy in sight. A sad state of affairs, indeed. I am so glad that you are taking it all in stride and employing retail therapy and a good dose of looking ahead, to get you through 🙂 Enjoy!!!!

  20. Di says:

    Grrrrr, how irritating for you! Hope you can get those defects rectified soon xxx (and, yes, I 'got' your acronym 😉)

  21. The O's says:

    Similar to my utterance on Thursday when settlement was no longer Friday but pushed to Monday… the snowball of cancelling container delivery (interstate moves are a slightly bigger deal than across town!), arranging storage for said container for 5 days, and finding accommodation in a flash for 2 adults, 1 child and 2 dogs with less than 24 hours notice… AYFKM was just the beginning of the tyraid of expletives!

    Glad you had happy mail, I'm having happy mail delivered too tomorrow in the form of around 210 cartons!

  22. Tsoniki says:

    Yay, I get bonus points! What a huge hassle, I hope you are able to get everything sorted out quickly!

  23. Yup I read that acronym loud and clear 🙂 We had to move out so our floors could be redone Easter 2013 … I feel your pain. Thank goodness for yummy thread arriving in the post 🙂

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