Sunday Stash #102 – Acrylics & A Winner

A boy doesn’t get to be fabulous without fabulousness in his genes. I grew up with Grandma Sparkles, but my mother was no stranger to glitter herself! She was the greatest nail technician in all of Texas. She could slap acrylics on you faster than you could say, “French Manicure please.” But my mom didn’t do no French Manicure in Texas, ooooh no. She’d take one look at you with bitch, please in her eyes and tell you what shade of red you were gettin’. That’s how she rolled. Momma knows best!

I recount that lil’ nugget because I got my own set of acrylics this week! This is a set of Anna Maria (should change her name to Mariah) Horner templates for her Feathers pattern. I purchased these from Lisa at Sunset Seams for $36 AUD (including shipping). She was already a member of the Glitterati, and gladly engraved them with my name. Winning! The service, communication, and delivery time were all exceptional, so I’d highly recommend! Check out her website for all the other things she can do for you.
Now, let’s see… someone needs to win that Carolyn Friedlander fat eighth bundle of Doe from Intrepid Thread. Since daughter Charlotte is visiting this weekend, I let her pick a number between 1 and 316:
Congratulations to Cheri, the Quilting Nanny! I’ll be in touch to get your awesome prize sorted out! 
While I’ve got you, the move is going well-ish. Still loads to do, but I did take a break to contribute to the Black Friday madness at the Intrepid Thread sale. You’ll hear all about it once the truck load arrives!

4 Responses

  1. Kaja says:

    Personalised templates – boy, you are so upmarket.

  2. Hi Molli, thanks for the "shout out", most appreciated! I'm so glad you liked the templates. Over the weekend I uploaded more fabulous Acrylic Template sets onto my Etsy Store…"Sunset Seams". Can't wait to see your version of the "Feathers" quilt.

    Keep sparkling!
    Cheers, Lisa

  3. Anita C says:

    Did my Black Friday shopping with Julie too… Had my package in hand on Saturday!!! Sorry I know your's won't be as quick to arrive:(

  4. Molli – there you are!! I don't know how i lost your emails but I have been trying to find you to say thank you for the DOE 8ths. I received them and they are wonderful and different! I haven't decided what to make with them, but they are sitting on my shelf by my pressing table so I see them all the time. I'll think of something. I am liking what you are showing in your current blog post with the different pices together. Might give that a try! Thanks again for the bundle!
    Cheri, quiltingnanny

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