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If you know Sam Hunter at all, you know she is a feisty lady! The first time I encountered Sam was when she slammed the blogsphere with her We Are $ew Worth It campaign. I was still in my first year of quilting and blogging, and it really resonated with me because, like her, I valued myself as an artist. I had been around long enough to see many quilters shyly devaluing their work, or selling quilts for pennies. This was all to my dismay, and along comes this fireball Sam, who completely calls it out to the world. It was the first time I had been truly moved with conviction by a quilting blog post. I felt it was a call to action, and I had to lend my support to this most valuable of campaigns. That’s when I started on my own No Value Does Not Equal Free project, and my relationship with Sam Hunter was solidified. She is a pillar of our community, so when she asked me to participate in her book tour, I gladly said YES!

Sam has written the most wonderfully wordy book called Quilt Talk! It focuses on paper pieced projects using her provided patterns for letters, numbers, punctuation… there’s even an umlaut in there! I’m no paper piecing expert, but Sam’s instructions on paper piecing were incredibly clear, concise and super-easy to follow. All of the projects are written so that you can scale the patterned letters to any size you want. So now you can make that naughty-word mug rug, or shout king-sized expletives in a quilt! My secret word-quilt project? I am dying to make a quilt featuring the spoken-word section of Madonna’s Vogue:

Ladies with an attitude
Fellows that were in the mood
Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it
Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it

As part of this blog hop, Sam is giving everyone the paper pieced pattern for colour words and how to use them to make the buckets on the cover of her book. Our relationship through my No Value Does Not Equal Free quilt led to her assigning me the colour white. I set about to make a bucket for my stash of fabric, and then was all like, “Girl, you don’t need a bucket, you need a trailer!” So I, decided to put my bucket aspirations aside, and created this rainbow white panel instead. I’m not exactly sure of it’s final destination, but it was totally fun (and easy) to make! Make sure you check out all of the other blog stops because you can download all the words of the rainbow!

So here’s the other good news: You can win a physical copy of this book, and then play scrabble with all your future quilt projects! Because Sam values her Aussie and Kiwi fans, this giveaway is just for us! If you live elsewhere, make sure you hit all the other stops on the blog tour to win a copy. To enter, simply leave a comment with some words you’d like to put into your own project, and I’ll draw a random winner this time next week. Thanks again to Sam, and C&T Publishing!
***EDIT: Giveaway is now closed.***
WINNER: #4 Laurelle!

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  1. A giveaway just for Aussies and kiwis? She has won my heart. My brother is getting married next year and I am making a quilt as a wedding gift, on the back I want to put his kids' names and his fiancé's kids' names (blended family), so I would love to win a copy of Sam's book.

  2. Sooli says:

    Gotta love an Australasian giveaway! Legendary! My son and I have a favourite word 'Awesome' in that I have decreed that I am Awesome and he is Awesome-in-training. Somewhere down the track I think I need to make a cushion with the word Awesome on it for him to show that he has become fully qualified to become Awesome in his own right!

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Will have to be on the lookout for the book in the USA. Just signed on as a follower and I will definitely enjoy reading your blog.

  4. Laurelle says:

    Fantastic an Australian giveaway! I love paper piecing and have been paper piecing a Doctor who quilt for Hubby. This book would be fantastic for personalising all those quilts I have been making for my nieces and nephews! Also something made with "What ever" might have to happen because it all I hear from my kids! My daughter actually has this as her number plate ! The freak 🙂

  5. Farm Quilter says:

    🙁 no PDF of the word white? Everyone else has had one and I wondered where yours had got to! Not in the drawing for the Aussie giveaway since I don't have the pleasure of living there!!! Love the way you surrounded your white with color!!!

  6. Fran says:

    I'd like to incorporate different words that would relate to the person that I was gifting a quilt or other project to but I think that 'love' would be a much used option. Love your rainbow coloured White panel! Thanks for the great giveaway, I'm a big fan of Sam's work & her book looks amazing.

  7. Jeri Niksich says:

    Family, Christ, children, grandchildren, love, sharing, caring, hugs…I could go on forever lol
    Jeri Niksich oldtisme@aol.com

  8. Mishi Kichi says:

    Evolve or evolution 😉

  9. Kelly G says:

    WOW – what an awesome prize!
    I would love to make myself a mini for the kitchen that says – Keep Calm and drink Tea with paper pieced teapot on it.

  10. Lis Martion says:

    'Created with luv by' ….. are my favorite words to put into a quilt. It would be awesome to win this book as I like you Molli have done 'NO' paper piecing, although you have tried a little by the sounds of it, but I would LUV to LEARN how to. You make it sound easy with this book too Molli. Great for us Aussies and Kiwi cousins to have a give away just for us. Thank you sooo much. 🙂

  11. Fran C says:

    THe words I want to incorporate into a quilt soon are Purple is my passion in Quilting.

  12. I would put "grow" in to a project to represent my own growth and also to encourage myself a little more 🙂 And hell yes, I am a canberra based quilter! 😀 Thanks for the chance Molli!

  13. cutlet35 says:

    How fantastic…words and paper piecing, two of my favourite things! I'm embarking on a new pp quilt, to keep me sane while doing my Master's in Literature, so I'd love to incorporate 'A truth universally acknowledged' in this to commemorate this time.

  14. Not sure, but I do love the big swear word quilt and I have a potty mouth so maybe something like that.

  15. I think it would have to be part of Mr Darcy's proposal – 'how ardently I admire and love you' for my yet to be made, very daunting, queen sized quilt for our master bedroom 🙂

  16. Kristy says:

    I love the buckets, and that Sam is being so generous to share the directions. And that a downundwr giveaway includes a physical book. Well done!

  17. Well i adore paper piecing…I could be sensible& say use the words to make cute scrap buckets…but probably a go away sign, mummy is doing her therapy… Or something like that 😝

  18. Carolyn says:

    I think it would be fun to quilt the word "dog". But if that was too simple, maybe Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  19. Linda O'Keefe entry from Facebook: "Relax, be warm."

  20. anne says:

    Aussie Aussie Aussie would be my pick

  21. amummy says:

    Love the fact that it is an Aussie and Kiwi only giveaway, very unusual. Thanks Sam and Molli.
    I would do my son's name and my niece and nephew's names as they all have unusual names so it see their names on anything is very exciting.

  22. Patchy-Anne says:

    wow what a fantastic prize, my words would be Prince and Princess for my twins 🙂

  23. A wordy quilt is on my "big list of all the quilts" at the moment. I'm thinking birth, chaos, life, death, and lots of sweary bits in between!

  24. Jacks Room says:

    Awesome prize my words…sew fabulous!!

  25. Love U 2 the Moon and Back xxoo

  26. Ang says:

    "Believe" is a word that I always want as a reminder, for belief in myself… So why not add it to a quilt!

  27. Coral says:

    I have been secretly wanting to make a wall hanging with a big ole F-bomb on it. Just 'cause I can. Muwahahaha.

  28. Robyn Taylor says:

    "Fabric Mosaics are addictive" Would love to try something outside my comfort zone

  29. geekChick says:

    I would like to have the words "Keep calm and quilt on", nothing is more relaxing then quilting – all the planning, cutting, piecing and seeing it all come together 🙂

  30. Thanks for an Aussie competition. I actually love Scrabble and would consider making a wordy quilt 🙂 good luck to me in winning!

  31. I would use words like relax, chill, have fun, breath…reminders to enjoy the little things in life and not stress so much!

  32. Dawn4E says:

    hanks for the competition, I Think Boop-oop-a-doop from Betty Boop would be great lol

  33. Cath says:

    I have just started paper piecing and am quickly addicted…. I think I need to piece "Sew what? Everything!"

  34. Cathy Whitby says:

    I'd love to make a full size paper pieced quilt. I'm doing hexies, but I'm not sure how to properly assemble them once the bits are made.

  35. PATCH PAL says:

    great give away thankyou both I am thinking words would be never ending just like our patchwork creations. always nice to win something one can use and enjoy good luck to everyone

  36. "The NeverEnding Journey"
    That's the way I feel about quilting, you never run out of projects to do…….love it & a very big thank you for this wonderful competition. Love you all xxxx

  37. Wendy Nutt says:

    Thanks for this opportunity. A bit of fun would be making a cover for the vacuum cleaner with this "I'd rather be quilting", then I would! Good luck everyone.

  38. AMM says:

    I would make a cover for my sewing machine with 'Create' on the front to remind myself why it's there and to inspire me to do a little every day.

  39. cath01au says:

    Great one for us and New Zealand can see many things to make with this can't wait to see who is lucky

  40. Vine Lines says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. Squee is one of my favourite words. My favourite person uses it often and introduced me to it. I love the excitement of it. Squee!!!!

  41. calipoel says:

    Loved, Comfy and Calmed would be lovely words I'd love to put on a quilt. I just had a big relaxing Sigh! thinking about it.

  42. Renee says:

    I'm thinking either "life is not a series of gig lamps" or "a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us". Either way I'd have to use the W as a M. So winning the book would come in handy, ha.

  43. Sue Moore says:

    I like the one on the cover…'Stuff' cos I have lots of it on my sewing table! ��

  44. Machelle says:

    I think " Scrap vomit" would be a great one for a fabric bucket ! I heard that phrase for the first time when I read your original post on value of quilts/quilters/quilting as an art etc and the trip around the world quilt phenomenon. At the time I thought EXACTLY. That was the description I was struggling to come up with lol!

  45. Quilting Dee says:

    AWSOME has now become EPIC with my grandies. Need to put this into the next quilt! Fabulous to have an Aus NZ only giveaway! Would love to win!

  46. Quilting Dee says:

    Should have read it first! AWESOME.

  47. Pip says:

    I'm thinking the words: expletive deleted

  48. I need a large bucket with UFO on it!

  49. Pen says:

    Inspirational – for my daughter

  50. Meg says:

    Love that "oh scrap" bucket 😂

  51. Kathy E. says:

    I'd add "buttons", "snaps", "zippers", embroidery needles", "Velcro"….everything I need to get myself organized and shnazzy!

  52. Cate Gibson says:

    I love the sound of Sam Hunter she justifiably stands up for her art , too many people rip artists off and do not appreciate the work put in to projects, I am making a memory quilt for my daughter, and will put photos and cute sayings and drawings from my grand sons for her. It wold be awesome to win her book, but if I do not will be on look out to purchase it !!

  53. Mmmm at the moment the words for me are "not enough time" as I just don't have enough time to do all that I want and all my quilting too.

  54. Jodi says:

    I would love to use these letters to make a lap quilt that says "When life gives you scraps make a quilt". So lovely to have an Aussie give away. Thanks for sharing. Your White in rainbow background is so beautiful and I can't wait to see your Vogue quilt … it sounds so totally you that the thought just makes me smile.

  55. Great giveaway..I entered on facebook only 5 entered. .I just read about entering on the blog and realised that this is like measure twice cut once…Read twice..then enter not on Facebook enyet on blog..yoall how stupid am I …

  56. peta howell says:

    I've been meaning to foray into the world of paper piecing. The words " clear, concise and super-easy" have grabbed my attention!! If I win the book, Mollie Sparkles will be my teacher!!

  57. WYO Di says:

    I think it would be fun to make a cross word puzzle using the colors.

  58. Mae Long says:

    I would make a quilt with words and phrases from Dr Who e.g. Are you my Mummy?, as my Daughter is his number one fan. Thank you for the giveaway.

  59. Gina S. says:

    Mine is WHATEVER!

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