WIP Wednesday – Like a Stipple

Right now, I feel like a stipple. That is, I feel as if I am meandering: a curve here or there, dodging that bit, looking upside down, working all around. I haven’t felt like this way with my quilting before. Usually, I have a laser focus to forge ahead–not always sure of the destination–but moving gayly forward, regardless. Lately, I’m all mixed up with a feeling of indifference and a lack of direction.
The sewjo is not completely gone, it’s just a bit … confused. So forgive my relative quietness as I try to figure it out and reignite the spark. I imagine I just need a bit of time, so for now I will let this solids project expresses my current, meandering mood.
Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday! 
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
A tipple might help, too.

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  1. Sending happy positive thoughts your way with lots of sparkly glitter to heal your soul and bring you peace! Take care friend! We are here if you need us!

  2. Auntie Pami says:

    It happens. Time for a break. Recharge. Perhaps it's time for a bubbly beverage, a weekend away.

  3. Jessica says:

    I think it happens to us all when we least expected. I just went through this and it lasted for about a week. Take the time you need and we'll be here! 🙂

  4. Debbie says:

    ooo. You describe how I am feeling these days….here's hoping the focus and joy returns for both of us soon….

  5. Best of luck finding your place again. I went through about a 5 year period of that – not fun!!

  6. Right there with you. I'm going to try to finish my in progress projects before Christmas and then start fresh in the New Year. To satisfy that desire for Pretty and Color, I'm doing some cute cross stitch. I don't have to design it or think about it, just follow the directions.

  7. Katy Cameron says:

    I feel the fact that you're gay-ly carrying on is quite appropriate really :oD Sometimes a bit of playing around with random things will kick off inspiration in a whole new direction…

  8. Cheryl says:

    I like your blocks, but I must admit that I think that I liked them better when they were a square within a square. The colors were somehow simpler and bolder. I hope your quilting mojo comes back soon and stronger than ever.

  9. Farm Quilter says:

    Sprinkling glittery fairy dust all over you and your projects to inspire you again! It's difficult to muddle through a project when you aren't really "there". Break time for bubbly…of all kinds!! Take some time off to refresh your spirit and explore something new to you!! We'll all be here when you get back!

  10. Patti K says:

    Now you listen to me, you marvelous hunk. You have not lost your sewjo. You have been going at a frantic pace for a year……you just need to rest a bit. Your body and your mind. Maybe a month, maybe two. No self-imposed deadlines. Don't touch that Juki or buy any fabric, until you rest. I bet Gramma Sparkles will say the same thing! We love and adore you, but you have given us too much of yourself. Give some to Mr. Sparkles……

  11. It happens to us all. Seems you might need a bit of sparkle to reinvigorate you. Quilting with metallic thread on these beauties maybe? 🙂

  12. Leave it to you to slice up those lovely solid squares you had going! As for your sew-jo, it'll be back. Just forget about the WiPs, the Gotta-makes, and the Should-makes. Do something entirely for yourself with a piece of fabric (or seven) that you love. I think glitter might be in order. 🙂

  13. The O's says:

    just keep swimming, just keep swimming… don't drown though, that would be dreadful. Stippling while tippling is highly recommended also!

  14. jeifner says:

    They look sparkly now. I would encourage you too as if its rest and relaxation you need or inspiration. If its rest, take it. If its inspiration, search for it. Life is short and the unexpected and often unpleasant can happen at any moment. So rest or search for the beauty in making. Luck!

  15. SewPsyched! says:

    You just overdid your inner mind 'palate' , give yourself a break from demands and go to a few exhibits, gardens or parties and just BE there without demanding anything of yourself. You'll be back to inspiration in no time! And then look back and schedule yourself some 'free' time every week. X!

  16. Lol I had to look up "tipple" but I'd venture to say a drink would help most people get through a creative block!

  17. Oh I like those blocks! Hopefully you find your spark so we can all see what those blocks become!

  18. It will come back and you will be raring to go! The blocks look great!

  19. Sew Jacky O says:

    I'm not so surprised you're feeling out of sorts. You've done so much in the short time you've been part of the quilting gang. Most of us take things at a much slower pace. Now just rest up a bit, take some time with Mr Sparkles, and we will all still be here when you start sprinkling your glitter everywhere again. X

  20. Your solid blocks don't look at all "confused", they look really good to me! Sewjo is definitely there, sometimes you just have to stop looking for it…

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