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Last Thursday I took a small, informal poll about exposed, feature zippers. It was a bit of a mixed bag, but most of you were okay with them, while a handful were all like “how very dare you expose me to such blasphemy!” I know, the hidden zipper lot are passionate folk. So in the end, I did what I wanted regardless, and the poll be damned!
{name that film}

Ollie: That’s why I asked you if I’m gonna do it over your head or not.
Her Madgesty: I don’t think so. Take a poll. Ask everybody?
Ollie: Take a pole?
Her Madgesty: Yeah, and ram it up your ass. … Don’t you know what a pole is? Where is a pole? That’s a pole.
Ollie: A poll is when you go around and take–Did you say poll?
Her Madgesty: You’re forgiven, Ollie. Everything you don’t know you’re forgiven for. Now let mama get her makeup done.

So after I did my makeup, and watched Ollie pull that pole out of his ass, I finished up this pillow inspired by my Today Show appearance. I wanted something physical to commemorate such a crazy experience, so I used the Today Show logo as reference for my colour blocking, and a simple rail fence pattern. The original idea was to have the cast of The Today Show sign it, but with such little time, that didn’t really work out.

I still really like it! I’m digging that electric blue exposed zipper, the yard dyed Essex in blue on the back, and that it features some of my fave fabrics, so I’m happy to keep it on my chaise lounge while dripping myself in diamonds. What? You don’t do that?

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Five days and counting.

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  1. Pat says:

    Oh, I love tht pillow! It looks much more complicated than a rail fence. Love it, love it. The zipper looks just fine. I go for the hidden ones b/c I'm not so hot at putting in zippers.

  2. I had no idea there was anyone else in the world that loved "Truth or Dare" as much as I do! P.S. I'm panicking right now. Belgium stress. – Carl

  3. Love the pillow and I think the exposed zipper adds to the design! Looks fantabulous 😉

  4. Debbie says:

    oh I love that exposed zip! Perfect pillow.

  5. Vera says:

    Looks great. Exposed zipper on side is fine! You can still use both sides and have no zipper mark on your pretty face 🙂

  6. I love your cushion & the zipper is perfect!

  7. Katy Cameron says:

    That Madonna film (sorry, strike me down now for not remembering names)

    And I wouldn't actually call that an exposed zipper, that's when all the tape and the zipper are all in your face on top of the fabric right slap bang in the middle of the thing. Cushion looks grand though :o)

  8. Carol Q says:

    what a great idea with the signatures. now I know what to make for my mate who's a mad Alice Cooper fan lol. she can take it on the next tour with her. I think the exposed zip looks fine and makes a nice feature (IMHO!)

  9. SewPsyched! says:

    I LOVE it! and I think I really like an exposed zipper…

  10. I like the colours and the meaning of this cushion. It's a shame you didn't get signatures. I could imagine this becoming a tradition for each TV appearance you make ( as I'm sure there will be more in your future).

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