Thursday Thinkings

Here are some really random Thursday thinkings:
1. How do you feel about exposed zippers on cushions? Mr. Sparkles was all: “It’ll scratch the leather couch!” (even though it has a plastic zipper!) I’m leaning more towards the “make it a feature” camp.
2. Speaking of features, I had the pleasure of speaking to Deanna McCool from Sew McCool last week for an article about men who quilt. I’m in the same article as Thomas Knauer. <— WHAT. Go see what Thomas had to say!
3. Katelyn at Sing While Crafting has made a beautiful triangle quilt, featuring Kona Berry and pink scraps, that is just all sorts of modern deliciousness. I wish it was in my portfolio.
4. I’ve been hearing of some sewing animosity out in blog land. Remember to be nice to each other, or I will send exploding glitter bombs to your door. You’ll be cleaning that shit up for ages.
5. The Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair increased my booth size to 6m x 7m (20 ft x 23 ft). No biggie, just more quilts to show you! Thanks for all the glitter kisses you’ve sent this way, I can feel it!
That’s all.

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  1. Auntie Pami says:

    I 'met' Thomas when he was looking for squares for a scrap vomit quilt. Of course I had to help. Interesting man, good read. Have you read his book? I can't believe people are not being nice. Did the quilt police escape or just ? Really people.

  2. Yikes!! Take it from a woman that just had a 13 year old girls sleepover…glitter is hell to get out of your house once it's in!!

  3. Vera says:

    Do you have moderate comment option now? Or where exactly my comment went?

  4. Yay for a bigger booth – you know you're worth it!

  5. Kristy says:

    That smaller booth would have cramped your style, go big or go home, right. As for the sewing animosity, it looks like I missed seeing that which is a good thing since it drives me crazy….can't we all just get along-Geez!

  6. Fran says:

    I love making zips a feature on cushions! No damage to the leather sofa here, and if there was isn't that just the vintage look?!?

  7. Am L says:

    Lol on the zippers, yay for a bigger booth, and I will check out the berry & pink. As for the quilt bullies, they clearly have some serious insecurities!
    When does the article come out?

  8. memmens says:

    How about a great big chunky metal zip? Yes it probably will scratch the sofa but it will look smart! Great article, stuff to think about is good.

  9. Pat says:

    Well, I just learned how to make a flap to cover the zipper so I'm all for covering them now, lol. Now why, please tell, does there have to be any animosity in the blog world? So unnecessary!

  10. I like an exposed zip too, put it out there! I enjoyed the interview and think all gender bias is crap and of course men sew, look at Saville Row! I think I'm in lalaland because I always miss the gossip 😉 seriously though it's much nicer to be kind to each other and hope it's resolved. Congrats on the bigger space!

  11. I never seem to remember to buy zippers before I start making pillows, so I usually end up making an envelope closure instead. No danger to the leather chairs! And nastiness in blogland? What's up with that? One of the things I really like about the on-line community is the positive support I've received. If you can't say something nice, people…

  12. Danielle F. says:

    It's such a shame that we have this wonderful outlet to help boost each other up, inspire each other, and promote sewing/quilting and yet there are some that feel the need to bring nasty to the party! The glitter bomb threat brought a smile to my face though. Congrats on the bigger booth and yay for the men who quilt article. I hate the assumption that men don't sew. I just taught my husband how to use my machine a few weeks ago and I could tell he loved every second and wants to try it out some more. I also plan on teaching my son as soon as he is old enough to understand not to stick his fingers under the needle! 🙂

  13. crossquilt says:

    I saw a portion of Katelyn's quilt top in person and it is gorgeous!

    Crystoll at aol dot com

  14. I always make envelope pillows…I think I never want to take the time to put in a zipper. I just want to finish my pillow and enjoy. lol
    Also – fabulous article! I love seeing men in quilting. I learn from them. and Thomas is fabulous. love his book.
    Thank you so much for featuring my quilt! SO cool. 😉 I completely finished it (quilting binding and all) and I am going to post next week. I think it is my favorite modern make.
    Who is being mean? I've got some unused glitter…

  15. Oh, I missed all the mean stuff – where was it going on? Someone keep me current, please!
    Glitter – we got some in the 'rustic cracks' of our dining room table and do you think I can get it out? It would be easier to get barnacles off a boat bottom.
    I have Thomas' book and I really enjoyed it. I really love the quilting Lisa did, too, and especially love the quilt on the cover.
    Good luck for the Quilt Fair – I got my catalogue finally this week and thought your upcoming caper sounded great!

  16. Leanne says:

    I missed out on story, but I love the glitter bomb image. I met Thomas Knauer at Quilt Market, he is lovely and smart. I have to say I am with Mr. Sparkles on the zipper, have you considered an invisible zip, it is really fast and easy and less hazardous to the sofa.

  17. I agree with Mr. Sparkles on #1

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