Sunday Stash #78 – The Sparkling Quiltese

This past week Mariah Carey released a new album, Me. I Am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse. That title alone is worth the price of the album. Y’all know I love cray-cray and Mimi is serving it hot. She makes me want to be an elusive chanteuse! Mr. Sparkles keeps telling me I can’t sing, (whatever) so I’m going to be The Sparkling Quiltese instead! Yes, I think it works: Me. I am Molli … The Sparkling Quiltese. Should I put that on my business card?
Anyhoo … just two yards of fabric to register today. I ordered these Kate Spain Sunnyside pieces from Intrepid Thread. (Julie is going crazy with sales lately, so make sure you check that out!) I’ve already cut them up and sent them away for Ms. Midge’s Kate Spain charm swap. I’m getting back 224 charms, so if I play my cards right with last week’s Kate Spain additions, I might end up making a quilt for me. Now there’s a novel idea!
Speaking of, Midge is sharing a great Kate Spain inspired tutorial called Radiating Sparklers over on her blog. There are a heap of design opportunities with that block, so make sure you check that out.
Also, stay tuned for a few more posts this week! My goal is to let you know how my first Colour Me Happy workshop turned out last week, update you on three WiPs, show off a new badge of honour, and announce an amazing opportunity that has landed in my lap. (I still don’t even believe it).

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  1. Vera says:

    I have nothing to show you but picture of Mariah made me smile. In our local newspaper, ehm gossip kind of thing there was a header with the pic saying: Mariah is not affraid of retouch!

  2. The O's says:

    I'm torn, how can I like someone so much but they like Mariah Carey… Did I ever tell you the story of my BFF buying a Holden – friendship terminated, Ford all the way baby (says she with 2 Range Rovers and a Nissan in the driveway – but they are not Holdens!)…

    I reckon I can guess the opportunity based on other between us banter, f#ck yeah, GO YOU! I'm stoked, tots stoked!

  3. Salley says:

    "the opportunity"….hmmm….you'd better not be leavin' our shores, honey, no matter whats landed in your sparkly little lap.

  4. audrey says:

    I think that KS print is my fave print by her. And THANK YOU for linking to that block tutorial. That block is killer!

  5. Nana B says:

    My husband of 32 years told me that he thought it was time for me to make a quilt for our bed-whaaat? I haven't done that yet?? And you noticed……….

  6. MsMidge says:

    Fact: my husband had front row tix to see Mariah back in '98 I think it was….. yiu know, the same concert she cancelled. He's not sulking anymore…..
    Thanks for sharing the block tut…. I wanna make more! ! X

  7. Ooh! The perfect day to highlight Intrepid Thread, Molli – they have a 15% off coupon running just for this weekend! (WHAT15 if anyone wants to take advantage ; ) Can't wait to read about your big news later this week!

  8. One Wee Bird says:

    You make me laugh Sparkly Boy…..keep it up 😉

  9. First of all, love the fabric, it's so dreamy! Second of all, I think everyone will agree that you must recreate Ms Mariah's outfit if you are going to put it on your business cards!

  10. Katy Cameron says:

    Huh, I rely on you for the hot men shots, not the hot women ones!

  11. Baby, you do know what to do! Loving the album!

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