Sunday Stash #75 – Sewing by Moonlight Giveaway

Thank you so, so much to Emily over at Sewing by Moonlight for hosting Sunday Stash this week! I’m on my third glass bottle of champagne celebrating Mother’s Day, so it is not safe for me to blog! I may not be a mother, but I’ll gladly help them celebrate! Woo!

My stash contribution this week comes courtesy of Intrepid Thread. Eight yards of Kona White and two yards of Essex Yarn Dyed Linen. I’m keeping it simple, but I’ve already put these to some great use. Now make sure you check out Sewing by Moonlight’s stash additions because you could win some of your own in her giveaway! Good luck!

Update: The giveaway is at Sewing by Moonlight, not here at Molli Sparkles. Emily is giving away a F8 bundle inspired by a gorgeous Design Seeds photo!

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  1. Am L says:

    It's still Saturday evening here in California, so I have to wait a bit to celebrate Mother's Day. It sounds like you are having a great celebration!

  2. Salley says:

    Molli. . .is this really you?? . . the stash looks. . .well . . .so "unglittery"
    Are you feelin' OK?

  3. Sooli says:

    A bit of solidarity for Mum's, how generous of you to help with the champagne consumption, can't have Mum's drinking alone!

  4. Glinda ♥ says:

    As soon as I'm off these pain meds, I'll be back on the Bubbles! It may be a little while before I can manage 3 bottles but it'll be a challenge I'll be happy to take on! Cheers to all the Mums 🙂

  5. That Linen looks great! i'm celebrating Mother's Day with a giant Sacher cake!

  6. Pank says:

    I love that Mickey print. I need to find that here in the states. How cool. I can't wait to see the front. Just pop over to your local mall n round up the peeps tho hold it! I look forward to seeing the front. Have a glittery day!

  7. I could really use that Kona white right now and the linen is yummy. I am having a wonderful Mother's Day. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  8. Caro says:

    Love the basics! So very useful.

  9. Jeri Niksich says:

    Happy Mothers Day to ya! This giveaway really has me excited 8 EIGHT yards of Kona white!!!!! I want I Love I WANT lol

    • Hi Jeri – You're a no-reply blogger, so fix that. 🙂 Also, you ain't gettin' nothing of this Kona white, honey! Oh no, no, no… Go over to Sewing by Moonlight's blog to enter a giveaway she has going for those people that link up to Sunday Stash.

  10. Lucy Carroll says:

    Hi Molli,
    love your blog, and well done on your big win in Berry recently! I'd love to hear your feedback about the linen and how it performs if you get a chance – I've used a few different types but have yet to use one designed for patchwork 🙂

    • Lucy, you're an NRB, so I can't reply to you. However, I found the Essex Yarn Dyed linen easy to work with. I didn't experience a lot of fraying, but it is a bit thicker than quilting cotton, so something to consider.

  11. Laurelle says:

    That Linen looks noice! Love to see what you have done with it.
    I started the champagne at brunch 11am with Mother in-law, then lunch and champagne with Mother , followed by dinner and champagne with daughters and Hubby! Good times 🙂

  12. Donna Baker says:

    I am 42 but some people think I am in my twenties, thanks to good genes and sunscreen!!

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