#NGAQB – April

“Mr. Quilt Dad, you can stop tapping your foot at me. Yes, I know you want your Anna Maria Horner feathers, but you’ll get them when you get them. Maybe next time choose Kona White.”
Do you know how hard it is to find Snow in Australia? On top of that do you know how expensive it is? I might as well go to Threadbo. Since I couldn’t find any here in the land down under, I asked April’s #NGAQB King, John Q. Adams, to send me the good stuff from overseas. That’s why I’m late, we’ll blame it on, um, Customs. As soon as it arrived, I chopped it into shapes, and sewed all night. Three nights actually! I’m still sewing! Sew sew sew! I sewed so much I wound up with twice as many feathers as I needed!!!
While I go find a Xanax, or three, here’s what John Q. Adams (aka Quilt Dad) had to say about himself:
“I am a father of three, originally from Brooklyn NYC but now living in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. I live with my 9 year-old twin girls, my 8 year-old son, and a crazy German Shorthaired Pointer named Bristol. Though I often wish it could be, quilting and pattern-writing is not my full-time job; by day, I lead branding and brand marketing efforts for a global software company. I am a completely self-taught quilter (thanks, blogs and internet!) and have been sewing for about 7 years now. I earned my undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of North Carolina and, when I’m not sewing, enjoy cheering for the UNC Tar Heels.
I was originally inspired by the blossoming worlds both of craft blogging and modern fabrics back in 2004. I was living in Charlotte NC at the time and began mixing and matching fabrics and buying fat quarters in my local quilt shop even before I knew how to sew a stitch. I was really drawn to the creative process of mixing and matching colors and prints. That was when Amy Butler’s Lotus line had just come out, and the options for bright modern fabrics was growing like crazy. Before long, I decided I was going to make a quilt and read free tutorials online until I felt comfortable with the basics.
I started my blog, QuiltDad.com, in 2008 on a whim, mainly to be eligible to join a swap at the time but ultimately to share my love of patchwork with others.
Since then, I’ve remained very active in online quilting communities through swaps, virtual quilting bees, and guilds. Today, I try to apply my own quilting aesthetic to designing original quilt patterns for both fabric designers and companies and frequently contribute to creative blogs, books, and other collaborative endeavors. I’ve contributed to several collaborative quilt books, have two book titles of my own (Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays and the soon to be released Beyond Neutral: Quilts Inspired by Nature’s Elements) and was a co-founder of the popular e-magazine and book series for modern quilters, Fat Quarterly.
Having said all that, the NGAQB is one of the most unique, exciting projects I’ve been a part of and I can’t wait to see the beautiful things that emerge from it.”

Name: John Q. Adams
Blog: Quilt Dad
Instagram: j_q_adams

10 Responses

  1. Cortney says:

    Oh how I love these blocks! I don't know if I'd have the patience to do a quilt top full of these, but I've loved making a few here and there for sampler-type quilts. Yous are perfectly lovely and I dig that you made a couple of them with solid areas. I did that too and I love how it looks!

  2. John says:

    LOL you make it sound like I've been naggy and impatient! I hope that wasn't the case. 🙂

  3. Renee says:

    They turned out lovely, I especially love that top right one!

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  5. Hi MS,
    I have a bolt of Kona-Snow, here at home. Got it a PINK CASTLE fabrics, online. It was $90 USD, a very good price for 14.5 yards. Do you still need some? I would be happy to send you some of mine.
    Just let me know!
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  6. audrey says:

    Ooh, these look lovely! And what a fun post to read! This bee must be super awesome fun.

  7. jeifner says:

    Well they look great. Might as well use up that snow while you've got it. We've still got bits of real snow here 🙂

  8. Katy Cameron says:

    It's amazing how easy it is for people to find snow when you actually want them to use white in their bee blocks o.O

  9. One Wee Bird says:

    Still love these am undecided if I should make my bee mates do them for me when I'm Queen…what you think Sparkly boy….fun or stressful…do you want them for your own?
    I always think that when I want to keep them and say that they must be lost in the mail…LOL…it's a good block!

  10. Brenda says:

    I absolutely love these feather blocks. Have got to make myself a quilt using them. Yours are gorgeous and would be worth the wait (weight?) to me. So if you get any heat from Quilt Dad . . .

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