Photography Friday – Holga Diptychs

Hurry up fabric–get here already! Soon to be delivered packages will allow me to finish up the tops for ShudderD! and a surprise quilt I haven’t shared a peep about. Oh wait, oops. Trust that it is going to be a thousand shades of fabulous! I’m also meeting up with Quilt Jane this month to try to verbalise my epic, quilting plans for No Value Does Not Equal Free. Oh, and then there’s the secret sewing, and then finally I’ll get back to The Colour Drain. If I was werkin’ any harder, I’d be puttin’ holes in that catwalk, mmm kay!

Let me show you some photos to tide you over. These were all taken with my Holga, you know, like, with real film. Remember that? This is Instagram before Instagram even knew it was Instagram: #holga #nofilter #vintagelife #lightleaks #therealinstagram

5 Responses

  1. LissaK says:

    Oh now you have me all a fluster. i cannot wait to see your new creations. I love your color play in these projects.

  2. Ed Devereaux says:

    I just don't get the draw of a Holga but I do get the draw of the creation process.

    • Ed, you're a no-reply blogger, btw. The draw for me is the element of surprise. What twisted effect will I get? Also, the easiness of doing double exposures, the cost-efficiency, portability, and square format.

  3. Am L says:

    I never used a Holga, but I really miss real film. I have become a lazy photographer since digital came on the scene. : / Cannot wait to see your finished quilts!

  4. Paul Burega says:

    Do you find it difficult to get film developed these days? I love the square format, I have an old hassleblad, and a roliflex. Never tried a holga, but I love 120 film cameras. I need to get my 4×5 view camera out and take some photos in public, that should cause a time warp image.

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