Sunday Stash #68 – Patchwork on Pittwater

This week’s Sunday Stash is coming to you live from Canada, as Work-in-Progress Girl has taken on hosting duties. I think we’ve synchronised our posts for the same time, but I’m still a bit dizzy from last night’s champagne, so hope for the best!
As for my contribution this week? Oh J to the Lo, I found a new fabric shop! Patchwork on Pittwater is on the northern side of Sydney harbour, a place I don’t get to very often. Well, I think I’m gonna have to get a kayak and start making the trek! The place was fully stocked with fabrics from current, designer ranges, as well as some older ones that I missed the first time around.
Robyn, the shop owner, has baskets full of fat quarters, all 5 for $20. So naturally, I bought 10. I felt that was the constrained thing to do! I had so, so, so been wanting these Charley Harper bits. Those cardinals are the epitome of mid-century modern!
Have you guys heard of Saffron Craig? I’m sure most of you have, but if you haven’t, you must check out her organic fabrics. These three are all from her Valley View range. She often finds inspiration from Australian flora and fauna, and transforms them into fantastical illustrations and patterns. 

Now this business here, were three I hadn’t seen before. Which, as you can imagine, is an experience I don’t feel all that often! The two whale prints are from Hearty Good Wishes by Janet Clare for Moda. Aren’t they darling?! Y’all know I don’t really do novelty prints, but I think these have a fanciful sophistication about them. The Scenic Woodgrain is from Scenic Route by Deena Rutter, and my sketch book is full of designs for that one!

For all you Tula Troops out there, I picked up these two prints from Saltwater. I had the Submarines and Seaweed print already, but I really do love it, so figured it was good to snatch some more up before it’s selling for $87 on Instagram. The Sea Stripes, were well, just because! Does anyone else find stripes frustratingly difficult to work with? I generally do try to avoid them, but the spirit of Tula will surely guide me!

So that’s it for this trip! It’s probably best I do live so far away from Patchwork on Pittwater as I’d surely be there every weekend! If you’re in the area, I highly recommend you check it out. Also, don’t forget to head over to Work-in-Progress Girl for the link-up!

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  1. wipgirl says:

    I almost bought some of that whale fabric a little while ago and then made myself not do it because…. what would I do with a whale print? (I mean, what am I gonna do with Ric Rac Rabbits? I'd prefer the whales, so it was kind of a dumb choice.) I love that deep blue colour though and there is something strangely sophisticated about it.

    (I'm surprised I was coherent enough last night to tell you where I live because somehow middle-of-the-night logic told me that telling you what time it was when I sent the email was useful. As if 1. I was definitely responding within minutes of you sending the original email and 2. You were sitting around waiting to hear back from me. "Hey, yeah, it's 3 am right now. So I don't know how different that is from you…" arriving three hours later? Kinda useless.)

  2. The O's says:

    Oh my Lordy, I KNEW you would love PoP! Next time, you an' me baby, we will go for a Banana Blossom lunch then shop on a full tummy 🙂

  3. Auntie Pami says:

    I love charley Harper.

  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that Charley Harper fabric! I recently decided to grab some Salt Water bundles as well. I wasn't thrilled with the line, but figured I would regret not getting it later when it was going for $895 on etsy. Slight exaggeration, of course. But only slight. Lovely stashing, Ms. Sparkles!!

  5. Anne says:

    That cardinal fabric. So genius. I have those tula stripes, but haven't come up with a way to use it until I just saw your post. You know why? Because I never thought about it as a STRIPE. What? I don't even understand what my brain was doing there.

  6. Mara says:

    Sounds like an awesome shop, loving the Hearty Good Wishes by Janet Clare for Moda, I am off to go find me some 😉

  7. Salley says:

    OMG… you crossed the Bridge?
    You deserve a stash of goodies after that digression.

  8. Fran says:

    Totally love this set of fabric, you made some great choices!

  9. Erin Gerard says:

    I havent been to Patchwork on Pittwater but because I am a westie, I love Kim Bradley Creations in Castle Hill and Folklore Penrith Patchwork. My mother is a long time quilter and when she was over for Christmas, I took her to Penrith and she was impressed as was my father and husband when they came to collect us – we had been there 2 hours when they came but could have easily stayed longer.

  10. What lovely fabrics you found. I love the cardinals one!

  11. Great finds! I actually love stripes – perhaps a lingering homage to my late seventies childhood and Sesame Street : P I especially love them in borders and as binding.

  12. Paula says:

    Saffron Craig never fails to delight and I really love those whale prints.

  13. Katy Cameron says:

    Spooky, i was just picking up some of that Charley Harper yesterday too, except mine was online, and won't be in my hot, sticky little mitts until May *sob*

  14. So jealous of the Charley Harper prints. I've been trying to source a fat quarter bundle of the whole line for what feels like months….. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  15. Love any choice made from the Charley Harper fabrics, Molli. You're sew going to have to invest in that kayak!

  16. Lots of eye candy shared!!! I too favor the whale prints!

  17. You have eclectic tastes I am on the edge of my seat anticipating what you will make with these lovelies.

  18. memmens says:

    Eeek my Charley Harper stash arrived this week too, ordered in Jan, surface mail to UK from Canada (gift certificate who was I to refuse!). And yes I've come across Saffron, I bought a bundle of Bird Tree back in 2010 and loved it, still have little bits hoarded away! I think I bought it because I had a commission and purple was the colour, nothing else came close!

  19. DaisyLiz says:

    Loved discovering those whales here! I'm going to go look them up. I feel the same way about stripes – I'm staying away from them. I'm too fussy about things lining up to want to worry about the orientation of stripes in my quilt blocks…

  20. jeifner says:

    I've used the Tula stripes in many a bee block. there are so many shades it works very well. Love Charlie Harper and the whales. Drat this fabric fast!!! Those Tulas and the whale and wood grain would be so nautical and pretty together 🙂

  21. Oh I just love those cardinals!!! More fabric to go on my wish list for when my Fabric Fast is over 🙂

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