Sunday Stash #66 – Reunion Partay Recap

First off, Alisa at A Stitch In Between is hosting Sunday Stash this week, so head on over there to link up! I’m gonna try and be first, but I promise I won’t snatch that awesome prize she’s giving away!
Last Sunday, exactly one year to-the-day of my first visit, I once again found myself entering the doors of Intrepid Thread. It was like I had never left, except this time, so many new friends were waiting inside! They were all there to celebrate and embrace group enabling for the Molli Sparkles Intrepid Thread Reunion Partay. And let me tell you, it was Divine, yes, with a capital D.

I, of course, was running fashionably late after my flight was delayed out of Sydney, causing me to miss my connection in Los Angeles to San Jose. My chauffeur for the day, the ever-fabulous Amoreena (IG: amsgettingcrafty), and car-pool buddy, Anne (IG: playcrafts) met me at the hotel, and we hit it off immediately! I said to Am, “Drive faster! I’ve got fabric to buy!” She didn’t disappoint.

The rest of the day is kind of a blur. That’s what happens when you combine jet lag, fabric, and bubbles! I know I met a whole lot of people–some were like, “Molli who?”–and took a whole lot of pictures. (While we’re on that, I somehow escaped the shop without taking any pictures on my own phone. Can someone remind me next time that it’ll work better if it’s not in my pants? And, if you have a picture of us can you puh-lease send it this way? I want to add it to my wall of découpage.) So people, pictures, food, oh, and yesssss mama yessssss: the fabric! 

I didn’t need a damn thing, but it was my party and I will buy if I want to, buy if I want to, buy if I want to, you would buy too if it happened to you! (Earworm alert!) So I scoured those fabric shelves a dozen times over until I had literally pulled enough bolts to fill two entire fabric shelves. I remember someone unknowingly looking at my selection on those shelves and mentioning how odd it was that Julie had grouped those together. “Oh honey, no, those are just mine,” I corrected. Now that, was a look of surprise!

Poor Julie. While I was rummaging around looking for some Botanics, she casually mentioned that she had her own stash in the back, and she’d share it with me. So later, when she brought it out and asked which pieces did I want, I kindly replied, “I’ll take it all!” Remember everyone, when it comes to fabric: less is not more, it’s just less. Thankfully, she obliged (but girl, I’ll happily share it back if you’re in need!) and I had her wrap it up with the rest of my goodies. 

And like that, the partay was over! I skulled the last three bottles of bubbles, and had the hunky shirtless men carry my bags to the car. A few of the girls and I grabbed dinner and drinks afterwards, and Am, Anne and I had a late night coffee / Tula Pink discussion after that. (Which is still raging!) Everything about the day, was absolute perfection.

A big giant sparkly thank you in neon lights to Julie Dueck for opening Intrepid Thread on her day off, so that the glitterati could shop together. Thank you Deanna (IG: DizzyLittleKingdom) for the sea horse, thank you to Am for driving me around, to Anne for that QuiltCon 2017 comment (!), and  my love and thanks to everyone who simply came out to say hello. It was my greatest pleasure meeting and shopping with you.
P.s. There are 51 fabrics in these photos, and I couldn’t even begin to tell you all of their names. Intrepid Thread sends awesome digital receipts with a transaction list though, so if there are any you need to know, shoot Ms. Molli a line and I’ll try to help you out. 

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  1. mrs.hands says:

    all very nice, but my favorites are the greens! o.O

  2. Leigh Anne says:

    I feel like there are fabrics in this post that I didn't even see in the shop! It was a fabulous day and if I can remember I will send along the picture I have of us 🙂

  3. Auntie Pami says:

    I'm sad, I wish I had been there. But another time.

  4. AmL says:

    I was happy to chauffeur, and it was great to finally meet you. The day and eve went by in a blur, but our dinner and late night coffee were definitely the highlights. I hope it isn't another year before you are back!

  5. Whoa… So many pretties in one post! Sounds like a fabulous day!

  6. kelly o! says:

    So you want us to remind you to "take it out of your pants" the next time you're at The Intrepid Thread?! 😉

    It was great to finally meet you. Can't wait to see the lovelies you make with those fab fabrics!!

  7. wipgirl says:

    I hope you were hoping for a lot of jokes about things that work better when you take them out of your pants, because I have a feeling you might get more than a few comments on the subject… 😉

    I'm supposed to be not buying fabric, but if you happen to know what that mustard tile print is and also the second one down in the pile of dark blues, that'd be fantastic. (And I'll just stash that knowledge away until August 1st, won't I?….)

    • Julie says:

      Thought I might help out. If you mean the geometric print on top of the pile it is more of an orange and it is from Fun and Games which we still have in the shop, the second blue is a print from Sphere by Zen Chic and it is still available as well.

    • wipgirl says:

      Oh, Sphere, why must you be so tempting? (Thanks for the info!)

  8. Mustard is an ugly word … what would you call that colour in the shot of the 3 solids … orange, white, then "?"

  9. Jeri Niksich says:

    Looks like an awesome day for you and fabric happily joined at the register.

  10. Laurelle says:

    Glad you had such an awesome day. Shame about lack of photo's:( Great fabric picks for your stash! I see lot's of helpful fabrics in that batch. I'm so jealous 🙂 Can't wait to see couple photos of the day.

  11. All of the fabric are so gorgeous! Lucky, you. Thanks for sharing. I'm green with envy.

  12. Vera says:

    What? No selfie? You are so out of trend, lol. Yummy fabrics though 😉

  13. Heck with fabric stores – I'm just going to start ordering through you! haha I see at least two dozen fabrics that I've also stashed, including that gorgeous Leas Bloom in Blush that I just picked up a few yards of during the very same shopping spree that was motivated by your Uptown houses share a few weeks ago. Great choices – and sounds like a great reunion, too!

  14. Mara says:

    Oh My! Fabric Envy going on over here, love the way you paired everything in the photos!

  15. audrey says:

    YUM. And I'm glad you had a lovely time! 🙂

  16. Julie says:

    It was fabulous to have you back. Those were some darn good Margaritas! You just need to have a second home here you know?

  17. First thing I thought was "ooh, pretty!" as I reached out to pet your fabric through my screen. I know, I got issues..but that's beside the point. FABULOUS haul! Sounds like you had a fantastic trip, glad you made it back safely.

  18. Jenny says:

    So glad it was fun, and what a haul! I love the Botanics, but the second to last fabric (Florence seedpod) is one of my all-time favorites. I think I need to squirrel away yards and yards of each color.

  19. charlotte says:

    Sounds like such fun! Thanks for sharing the details and all that scrumptious fabric. You got some great stuff.

  20. Katy Cameron says:

    Looks like you partied til your wallet dropped at least :oD

  21. I will never. ever. have enough Botanics.

    I picture you running down the aisles, Supermarket Sweep-style! What a great haul.

  22. Anne says:

    It was so awesome meeting you, dahling!! And I wasn't kidding about QuiltCon 2017. It might not even be too late for 2015, actually. 🙂
    I'm with Am, I sure hope it's not another year before you come visit! We need to continue our Tula Talk. 🙂

  23. I want every one of those fabrics! What a gorgeous haul! Sounds like a lot of fun and great discussions were had. 2015 – I say Go For It!

  24. I love your stories and I love your fabrics. They make me think of a City loft apartment or a modern glass fronted house by the sea… A pleasure to read your posts every week.

  25. Esther F. says:

    Stash envy….

  26. Oh my oh my oh my I'm having a fabric-gasm here! Especially that firefly one (Wee Wander? Just met it in February's Love Patchwork and Quilting…)
    Must. Stop. Drooling. Over. Fabric….

  27. Karrie S says:

    WOW. You have an awesome eye for color. I know that will get better for me as time goes on, but I have such a hard time deciding what I want to make with it!!! (pattern wise). My favorite part of the post was when you had your 2 shelves and "corrected" the curious lady about your fabric choices. I would have just stared in wonder. I totally get your fabric choices.<3

  28. Kristy says:

    Ah-Mazing stash building you have going on there. Hopefully more of us will be able to meet you at upcoming events.

  29. Mishi Kichi says:

    I say Babe,I say Love, I say Honey……what is the b/g/w hexy fab? it reminds me of how i see everything when im in the rain n my mascara is running!

  30. Sounds like a blast. Love the botanics and the splash of alison glass, and the joel dewberry 🙂

  31. Farm Quilter says:

    Just wondering if you had to pay for overweight luggage on the way home!!! Fabric is so much less expensive in the USA then it is Down Under…so glad you could stock up at bargain prices to you!!! I'm looking forward to what you make with all this YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. jeifner says:

    I just kept going, "mmm, Mmmm. Mmmm, mmm" to each knew fabric stack here. Good thing there's no one else around. I wish I could have been a fly in the wall for Tula Talk 🙂

  33. You'll soon need to rent storage space for your stash or you'll have to store it in more creative ways. Hope Mr. Sparkles loves it as much as we all do!

  34. What a fantastic stash, sooo incredibly jealous! Thank you for letting me host this past week, it was really lovely!

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