Photography Friday – Light Fantastic

I arrived back at work today to find two packages sitting on my desk, which if I’m being a little bit honest, was not entirely surprising. I’ve got about six weeks of Sunday Stashes up my dress and let me tell you, it is giving me hips galore! I am full of contemplation about how to share them with you. Do I do a slow tease, a modest strip, or just get completely naked!? For now, while I’m still sewing away over here, please check out this Photography Friday series called, Light Fantastic.

4 Responses

  1. Katy Cameron says:

    Stripping in the office, brings a whole new meaning to dress down Fridays… ;o)

  2. charlotte says:

    Take it all off. I have no patience for slow.

  3. I see a modern quilt in the star pic.

  4. Jane S. says:

    Get naked already, will ya?? At my age I just don't have time to spare for a slow tease. 😉

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