Let Me Say Thank You!

I’ve had so many new followers join me over the past few days. Your support is overwhelming! It’s like I’m hosting a fabulous dinner party but I’m not sure who I invited! Some of you brought the most amazing gifts, but you haven’t left your return address for me to send glitter-penned, thank you cards. Sadness. Here’s a few of you who I have identified as No-Reply Bloggers, which means your email is not visible for me to contact you back. I even had Kim from Oklahoma tempt me with visions of Paris, but all I can do is let out an Ariel-mermaid silent-song.

Who doesn’t love random pictures of fabric?

So, how do you fix this? Adrianne at On the Windy Side says it best in her tutorial How To Stop Being a No-Reply Blogger.

How to stop being a no-reply blogger
If you want to test yourself out, feel free to leave a comment on this post and if you don’t hear from me, well, then you’re a No-Reply Blogger.
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Susan G <noreply-comment@blogger.com>
Kim <noreply-comment@blogger.com>
“Mr. Briggs” <noreply-comment@blogger.com>
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kaesey <noreply-comment@blogger.com>
Rebecca Bird <noreply-comment@blogger.com>
Kim <noreply-comment@blogger.com>
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Adva Price <noreply-comment@blogger.com>
*Please excuse me if you’re a Word Press user.

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  1. Ro Ando says:

    I don't actually know how to 'follow' a blog, so I keep you in my bookmarks and visit every few days! Lol
    Ps. I loved your bit about costing, I've long been looking at etsy and thinking that people must sew at a phenomenal rate to be able to make a profit at the prices they charge!

    • Thank you very much Ro! Fingers are bleeding around the world. You don't necessarily have to follow anyone to be a No-Reply Blogger — the two aren't related. But when you leave a comment it shows your return address as noreply-comment@blogger.com instead of your actual email, so I don't have a way to get back in touch with you. Check out the tutorial above.

  2. Just found your blog and absolutely love it!! Especially love the bit about pricing. Def what I had been looking for! Thanks!! Cheers from Canberra, Nurdan @ http://www.hugabitquilts.blogspot.com.au

  3. RaeAnna Goss says:

    I love your humor in your writing!!! I just read your Sew Mama Sew article and No Value Does Not Equal Free – LOVE IT! I started creating clothes for my kids when my son was born and I constantly get people asking me to make something but when I quote my price they usually don't follow through. Fortunately I don't depend on my sewing income so if people want to make it worth my time I'm happy to sew for them…. if they want Walmart prices they can go shop somewhere else! 😉

  4. As a wordpresser, the no-reply issue used to drive me nuts until I read this comment from Adrianne's post:

    "There is actually a way that you could have a blogger account which includes a link to your blog. It's true that you can only add Blogger blogs under the heading "my blogs", but if you enter your blog URL in the box that says "homepage URL", it shows up as "My Web Page" in your blogger profile. I know this might seem like a p.i.t.a., but you only have to do it once"

    I did that and changed my Blogger name to "Sarah @ Sarah Quilts" and added my normal profile pic so ppl would still recognize me. Works like a charm!

  5. Lissa Thomas says:

    I think I have it fixed now! I have you on my Google+.

  6. Jan says:

    The no-reply bloggers have given me comments and gray hairs because I can't reply. You have a large audience, you might suggest this solution to wordpress and typepad bloggers; just get a blogger account. I use blogger, but I'm signed up for wordpress and typepad, they are also free, I can easily comment anywhere, and get replies, if warranted.

  7. I think it's fixed this time and I am no longer a google+ identity, thank god.

  8. Yolanda says:

    love love love your post about pricing your time!

  9. Adrianne says:

    Thanks Molli – you lovely sparkly thing!

  10. I think YOU should just switch to WordPress. Then everyone could leave you their email address.

    I am a "no reply" Blogger, but you already knew that. I'm also not very difficult to find.


  11. Danielle F. says:

    I started following your blog after reading your No Value Does Not Equal Free. Your article was so refreshing and I absolutely love the way you write! I stumbled upon your article after searching the value of a quilt after becoming so discouraged trying to compete with under priced baby quilts on Etsy. I have come to the point where I dread telling people I quilt because everyone wants something for free or way too underpriced. I don't think they realize how much work we put into our quilts! As I like to say, I am not a sweatshop worker! In any case, I look forward to reading all your future posts . . . your quilts are just stunning!!! 😀

  12. unzippme says:


    I don't know why it comes up that way.

  13. ronsondalby says:

    and why did that come up (12)? All very confusing.

    Ronson Dalby …

  14. charlotte says:

    You are doing a great service trying to fix all the no reply bloggers. Thank you. 🙂

  15. I don't really understand this "no reply blogger" thing, but I know I don't want to be one! Thanks for taking the time to work with all of us on this situation. I just started following your blog a few days ago. I'm really enjoying myself so keep up the inspiration and entertainment!

  16. Salley says:

    Well, Molli, I know how to get hold of you, and you know how to get hold of moi…but the million dollar question is ….how do I get a hold of ya stash!

  17. I've just found out about your blog in the last week. Love hearing from you! Definitely don't want to be a no reply blogger, so here you go! I've been quilting for 20 years and love being in contact with other Quilty peeps!

  18. kaesey says:

    I didn't realize I was a no-reply blogger! Thanks for including me in your list so I could fix my profile settings.

  19. crossquilt says:

    I'm a WordPress user so no luck for me. 🙁 I'll just have to remember to leave my email when I comment.


  20. Rebecca Bird says:

    you mentioned me twice but you have replied to me before?…..have I fixed it or not??
    Rebecca Bird and OneWeeBird are both yours truly 🙂

  21. Angela Welch says:

    Thanks for taking the time to help us out with this! The no-reply blogger thing has confused me before. Thanks also for your service to the quilting community for encouraging people to charge fair prices for their work. Caryl Bryer Fallert has an interesting article on how to calculate prices per square foot of work, so you can apply a similiar formula to new works. http://www.bryerpatch.com/faq/marketing.htm

  22. Carmen says:

    I stumbled upon you last week! 😀 I think I was accidentally a no-reply blogger. I think I fixed it. I look forward to what you have to say in the future!!

  23. ginevra says:

    Hello from a fellow Sydney-sider! (And yes, I didn't clean my house/blog before welcoming you in … I'll get to it soon, promise!)

  24. Laurelle says:

    Hi there! I found your blog the other day through the 'Sew Mama Sew' article you did on pricing. OMG I agree with your comment about etsy prices! I am a recent quiltaholic for about two years now and have a nice little pile of baby quilts accumulating and would love to sell them but not for $80! Are you kidding with the cost of fabric And supplies here in Aust. it's "Madness"( as my 21 year old daughter would say). I have made quilts for my 5 kids, nieces, nephews, friend's and I just CANT STOP 🙂 So in order to feed my fabric addiction I need to sell some but I am finding it really hard to find a price. Thanks for your insight because I was in danger I think of practically giving them away. I guess it depends on what people are willing to pay and those that aren't quilting freaks like us have no idea how much they cost to make. I also follow a ridiculous amount of bloggs and have recently found out I am a no reply blogger. I have attempted to fix it so would love your feedback on that one 🙂 Sorry for the essay but I have no one in my universe to talk to about quilts. The kids just go yeah yeah great mum with blank stares! 🙂
    PS today I found some Liberty fabrics in Bargain Box Fabrics! Can you believe it! Im in Melbourne. 🙂

  25. Susan G says:

    Ok, so I followed the instructions about how to not be a no-reply blogger, but being a village idiot Luddite I'm not sure if it worked or not. I do enjoy your blog though, and will continue to read you.

    BTW, I'm in New Smyrna Beach, FL

  26. One Wee Bird says:

    Ok Sparkle boy hit me again, think I sussed it this time?

  27. Am L says:

    For those of you coming up as a NRB and using Google, I believe there is one box that needs to be checked (or unchecked, I forget which). It took me a few tries to get it right, but it is worth the time if you are interested in getting feedback when you comment on blogs. : )

  28. Hey hey Molli!
    Well, I think I finally got it fixed – as a WordPress user and all that, it's been a bit of a mare, but hopefully *fingers crossed* it's all working now… (and thanks to Sarah @Sarah quilts for the heads up about putting the homepage URL in…)

  29. Jessamie says:

    Hello hopefully I am now all fixed! Thank you for sending me the link (a while back but i did act on it I promise!)

  30. Kim says:

    Molli, I would never leave you!! I'm back!

    I followed a couple of tutorials and hope that I am no longer NRB, but after seeing others' faithful attempts, I am more than a little wary! Why does commenting have to be so involved anyway?? I even have a blog on Typepad, not that I've updated it for three years or whatever (but still send them my money, dumb me), but heaven help me if I know what my login is, or how I even have a blogger/google + account.

    These people really own us, don't they?!! We are nothing outside of their little galaxies.

  31. Kim says:

    P.s. the brash wit in your writing and your way with a phrase — not to mention your fabric skillz — will have me being a regular customer around here for a long time to come. Top in the crazy Oklahoma connection and it's all just a bit too much. Too good to be true!!!

  32. Thank YOU, Molli! Your posts are such a boost to the quilt community – I've especially loved what you've shared about valuing yourself and your work as far as pricing in some of your recent writing. And I have to say how helpful it is to new commenters to post about the no-reply problem. I was fortunate to have a blogger track me down and help me out with this a few months back and it's meant a lot more connections with others – so appreciative of how friendly this community is!

  33. kirstenslife says:

    I just found you today, and LOVE reading you. I'm a newby quiliter (in the midst of my first every quilt for my best friend's first baby!). I can tell I'll be sitting around reading your blog more than I'll be sewing 🙂 I'm looking forward to learning more from you and joining this community !!! (fingers crossed that I'm note a NRB).

    • Awe shucks, Kirsten! What nice things for you to say! I don't know if I have much to teach, but maybe I should try that out. You're a Word Press user so by default you're a NRB. However, check out that tutorial for some info on how to get it around it. Even some of the comments on this post mention how to get around it for Word Press users. Good luck! 😀

    • kirstenh says:

      Okay, it took me three days to make sense of the tutorial (I'm a little stunned when it comes to technology) but I think I got it right this time. Ms Molli, please tell me that I got it right this time!

  34. Kaesey says:

    Ok, trying again…I went through the tutorial, the instructions for wordpress users and even checked out the google+ tutorial. Everything matches the screen shots in the tutorials, so here goes!

  35. patti says:

    I've been following you since your QAL and it's been fun! Please tell me that I'm not a NRB!!!!!

  36. Hi Molli! I thought I commented this morning but apparently not! haha
    Thanks for this, I've always wondered if I was non-reply {surely that's the only reason I don't win any of the dozens of competitions I enter on blogs 😉 heehee}

  37. Thanks! I'll have to read up, darn it, I was hoping to be a lazy bones heehee!
    Nah, I never win anything! I just figure I am saving up all my luck to win lotto so I can but all the fabric I want then 😉 And tbh I love reading blogs for the blogs themselves anyhow, any competitions I stumble across are fun bonuses … Thanks Molli, Happy Hump Day! 😀

  38. This article might be helpful for confused WordPress users (and all other blogging platform users who don't use blogger) who are confused by Blogger's no reply blogger issue: http://www.sewsnbows.com/why-im-a-no-reply-blogger/

    Everyone should bombard google with requests that they change the way commenting works!

  39. Patti says:

    I think I fixed it but I won't know for sure until I hear from you! Did I do it? Did I? (fingers crossed!)

  40. Regina Rose says:

    I just found your blog through sew mama sew and am really enjoying it! New follower now!

  41. LJ says:

    You are just the coolest! Love the face sparkles. 🙂

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