Sunday Stash #50 – But It’s Tuesday. But It’s Botanics.

Seriously. This couldn’t wait until Sunday. As y’all know I spent last week in Japan, and if you follow me on Instagram (“molli_sparkles” get on that shit!) you would also know I spent Saturday at the Yokohama Quilt Show with Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts. The show was utterly amazing–both for some of the crazy-ass quilts zany Japanese ladies are making, as well as for the awe-inspiring artistry that spews forth from others. I won’t be posting any pics here, as I’ve already done a full, in-the-moment, virtual tour on Instagram. That being said, look out for a review of sorts on one artist in particular.
However, while we were there, Alyce and I did a bit of shopping. (Totes, obviously!) As we were rummaging through the piles of fabric at one extra large booth, elbowing the aforementioned zany Japanese ladies out of the way, I pulled out that orange fabric on the left. I turned to Alyce, “Exsqueeze me? We have a situation here. Do you know what this is?” Oh, she knew. You’ve never seen two people fabric diving (a quilter’s version of dumpster diving) so fast. 

Then another fat quarter emerged. Then another, and another. We even saw this totally unworthy woman, unknowingly pick one up and buy it before we could snatch it from her greedy, little paws. Alyce and I scoured those bins at least four times each. At only two dollars per fat quarter it was–uh huh–worth it. I got a few duplicates of the fabrics pictured here and walked away with two yards of Botanics before it’s even been released to the masses. Jealous? Yeah, I know.

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  1. Ugg, jealous indeed! I've heard rumors there's some sparkle involved in that line.

  2. Paula says:

    Jealous? Most definitely! Lucky you. I've got my fat quarter bundle pre-ordered and can't wait till I hear it's on it's way.

  3. wipgirl says:

    Love the colour of that orange. I have to be jealous because I'm signing up for a six month fabric diet challenge, and all the good prints will probably be gone by the time I'm buying fabric again. (Though I did ask for a gift card to a fabric shop for Christmas, so maybe I'll be able to get a little, if that particular shop brings any in…)

  4. Sooo jealous! That orange is to die for.

  5. Julie says:

    That is so weird. I live in the same state with the manufacturer and mine just shipped.

  6. Sheryl says:

    Yes jealous! But …. that just means you have to make something with it so we can all see. That orange is just amazing.

  7. Lee says:

    Wow, how did that happen? I'm so glad you were the one to find them!! : )

  8. Tiffany says:

    Yep. Definitely jealous.

  9. So fun! But hey – I want to see more pics. Please share with the 3 of us in the world who aren't on instagram yet, LOL!!

  10. Rebecca says:

    LMAO….old quilty ladies are very scary no matter the nationality!

  11. Katy Cameron says:

    Oooh, well snaffled! Good job those little old ladies didn't have walking sticks, they do here and they're vicious!

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