#MSBHQAL – Week 10 – The Links

I am happy to report Grandma Sparkles arrived back home to Oklahoma safe and sound! It was twenty-four hours of travel from Sydney, so she sent me a message that she was going to sleep for the next two days. I guess hyperbole doesn’t fall far from the tree! Mmmkay!
You’ve seen this picture before, but it is relevant, so enjoy. Now: I believe we have some business to start taking care of! This is important stuff, so lock the doors (tight!), and let’s discuss all these goodies below.

The #MSBHQAL link up has now officially closed OKAY, STOP. I just, at this very moment, got a pleading, puppy dog-eyed request to leave the link-up open for a bit longer, so you have until 3:55 PM AEST Wednesday (8:55 PM PST Tuesday). I’m so easy. Ha! If only I had a dollar for every time I heard that! I’ve had 23 + 1 of you link up projects so far (apparently Jennifer Bubb forgot to link up so I have photoshopped her photo into the screen shot above). Jen, and anyone else (!), if you fell asleep after a marathon sewing session, only to have missed the deadline, now is your chance.
Our illustrious judge, Lee of Freshly Pieced will be spending the rest of her week tied to a chair with Ace of Base’s All That She Wants stuck on repeat until she picks two winners. Hey, I only promised not to play The Sign again, I never said a word about other AoB classic hits! “All that she wants is another baby! She’s gone tomorrow boy, all that she wants is another baby, is another baby, yeah!” Hopefully she’ll be done by Friday so I can show your quilts off on MolliSparkles.com for TGIFF! Hell yeah, you deserve your own post! (This is when the other random prize winners will also be announced!) I also hope to get Aurifil to link to the post, so if you are a winner and have a blog, get ready for it to explode.
Don’t forget, the winners will receive a $50 gift card to Intrepid Thread or Aurifil thready-goodness. (Total sidebar, but it needs to be said as a Quilter’s Service Announcement: Intrepid Thread is having a $4 / yard fabric madness sale this week. There are no kickbacks involved here, you just need to know this. My gift to you!)
Oh, and I’m still wading through all of your emails. I promise I will get to you! A few no-reply bloggers below though … help me, help you! Kisses! – Molli

No-Reply Bloggers: Suzanne Webb, Jessamie, Geo Mama, L E Antwis, Lindaroo, Becki, Lauren Deel

9 Responses

  1. Leo says:

    haha you could always employ a poor student to answer all the mails …

  2. Thanks oh so much for that lovely Ace of Base ear worm, Molli! Now I'm going to be singing "all that she wants is another baby" ALL.DAY.LONG. BTW, your #MSBHQAL looks like a huge success! You've got some beautiful entries…Lee's got her work cut out for her!

  3. Boy, there is some tough competition! I love all the beauties! Oh, and thanks for getting AoB in my head for the rest of the day…might have to download that hit on iTunes later 😉

  4. lindaroo says:

    Rats, I followed your link to find out how to fix my no-reply status, and I thought I'd taken care of it. You're such a dear to reply to all your comments, and to let us know when an addy doesn't show. Does this one work?

  5. Glad to hear Grandma made it home safe and sound. It has been great to see everyone's take on this fab design. These quilts are incredibly inspired!

  6. Vera says:

    You are changing my view on colors. I'm not looking at it as no matching anymore but I see the drama and look you are usually talking about 🙂

  7. Katy Cameron says:

    Glad Grandma S made it home okay!

  8. Sooli says:

    Wow look at all those MSBHQAL babies! and all so different too. What a creative bunch. I'm glad I don't have to pick a winner!

  9. Suzanne Webb says:

    They all look so wonderful! So much Creativity!

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