#MSBHQAL – Scraps

Oh honeys. Today was my first day back at work after having two weeks off cruising around Australia with Grandma Sparkles and the fam’. Can you believe I had six hundred plus emails? Shoot me in the face and call me holier than thou’! So needless to say, I’m not emotionally prepared to talk about quilting with you today, which is this week’s QAL assignment. Check back tomorrow for ideas, tips, and photos, and make sure your long armer is on speed dial!
For today I put together a photo tutorial of how I’m cutting my scraps into 2″ squares. I know y’all have scraps too, and gobs of them! I’d love to hear what you’re doing with yours in the comments, or post a photo to the Flickr group. Just don’t throw them away–eek! I had so many of these 2″ squares that I used them for a border around my quilt top to give it that little bit of extra somethin’-somethin’! I even saved a lot of the pieces that couldn’t be cut into 2″ squares, because that’s how I roll. Waste not, want not, and y’all know I want a lot of fabric. Mmm, hmm!

You can use these extra squares for the quilt back too! Run a single or double stripe slightly off centre and it will add some visual interest. Save them for your future postage stamp / confetti quilt you’ve always wanted to make. Or hold up, don’t save them, make a confetti patchwork pillow right now to correspond with your quilt! I love confetti–I’m sure you can imagine why!
I’ll announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow, so if you want to make a few more blocks and bump your numbers up, make sure you leave a comment on the #MSBHQAL – Week 06 post. 
1-8 blocks – a fat quarter from Molli Sparkles
9-19 blocks – a half yard from Molli Sparkles or Intrepid Thread
20 or more blocks – a yard from Molli Sparkles or Intrepid Thread
Good luck and happy sewing (or scrapping!)

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  1. Paula says:

    I need to sort through my scrap bag and cut a whole bunch of these. I've recently come across the idea of using them as leaders and enders when chain piecing and I'm hooked. I would never have the patience to piece loads normally but that way they just work tegether effortlessly.

  2. I have been saving my scraps (every little tiny thread thereof) by color. As my scrap bins are beginning to overflow, I am thinking about chopping the scraps up and organizing by strip and square size. But I would never, ever dispose of all those little odd shaped potential gems!

  3. Scraps are bagged by color….sometimes I just sew them together at random doing "mile a minute" tops for charity.

  4. As most of my MSBHQAL blocks were made from scraps, I still have the leftover bits in the scrap bins. When I get there, I love the idea of piecing the back!

  5. Becki says:

    I cut my scraps into 2 1/2 inch squares for hexagons. I save the other strip scraps for string quilts. I donate those to charity.

  6. Katy Cameron says:

    Been there, had that inbox. I do know of people who come back and delete all their unread e-mails, but I'm not that brave!

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