It’s a Desert Out Here!

Well, here we are in the Australian Outback. Now, let me tell you, the Outback is not the optimal place for a quilting blogger to be. First of all, the sewing machine is not travelling with me. Secondly, it is way too hot to even fathom being buried under a quilt, or using a quilt for that matter. Finally, I’m barely scraping together a mobile phone signal so this post may or may not get to you! The Outback: some stunning scenery, but if you’re blogging about quilts, maybe not the best place to be!
I talked Grandma Sparkles into getting these glasses because they reminded me of Anna Wintour. The bigger the better I always say! 

I kept looking around for inspiration in the natural colour palettes and took the previous two photos with thoughts they might lean themselves into a quilt somehow. I think inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places, and while I’m not totally enamoured with burnt reds, the blue ombres more than made up for it! That V composition has got some big wheels turnin’ in my brain!

This is simply because Charlotte is a giant cutie-patootie and she finally stood still and smiled for a photo. The tree below definitely left me excited though! I love the idea of charcoal grey with undertones of raw umber snaking across an ombre of cornflower! I’ve never thought much about art quilts, but hmm, maybe I should reconsider.

Now I bring you this picture to prove how sparkly Grandma Sparkles really is! She wasn’t gonna let all that red and brown dusty landscape dull her sparkle, so she brought her own tiara (wink wink)! It’s a sequinned ball cap that was reflecting all sorts of shine around the place. We were in no danger of losing Grandma Sparkles on one of those walking trails. This just goes to show, you can sparkle no matter where you are!

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  1. Charlotte says:

    looks gorgeous, in spite of the heat! And what a wonderful name your ?daughter has 😉

  2. MsMidge says:

    Have a wonderful holiday! I've been to the NT once…..Darwin…..and I don't have enough kind words to write down about how much of a stinking hot, uncomfortable, mother f*cking place that is in the middle of freaking November!!!! I hope you survive with less sweat! lol

  3. Beautiful scenery..thnx for sharing the sparkle!

  4. I'm with MsMidge – Up North is for Nutters and Lunatics (present company excepted) it's just too hot and, well, too brown dare I say? Grandma Sparkles is fabulous! I want a "tiara" like hers. 🙂 Sounds like you are making the best of it – if you don't stay too long you should be fine. 🙂 xxxxx

  5. Suz J says:

    Glad that Grandma Sparkles was not lost in the making of this blog post! Sparkles really are a girls best friend – especially in the outback. The photo with the huge red cliffs and v shaped sky – just remind me of two huge fake tanned thighs, so go with the one with the tree branches… just saying… :0)

  6. Am L says:

    Your family is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us. : )

  7. Lindi says:

    Art quilts? Check out what Carolyn Sharkey does! She even holds workshops at Uluru each year at the beautiful air-conditioned resort. 🙂

  8. Beautiful pictures! I love looking at the world through your eyes!

  9. Gorgeous photos! Would love to see the tree photo turned into fabric! 😉

    Enjoy your holiday with your family!

  10. Snap! My youngest is called Charlotte 🙂 Looks like you're having a lovely holiday … I miss the red dirt sometimes (I grew up in the WA Goldfields)

  11. The O's says:

    Contemplating taking husband person to NT for his 50th next year… yep I will be married to an old man! Eeek! The thing I love the most about the red dirt is the way the bottom of the clouds reflect pink but it looks like no clouds are where you are which isn't a bad thing, unless you like clouds with pink bottoms, then you'd be disappointed.

    Have an awesome time with G'ma Sparkles! x

  12. Anne says:

    Grandma Sparkles is so flippin' awesome!! Is that where you get your awesome from? 😀 I totally want to see you make art quilts. Seriously!

  13. Sooli says:

    Ha! You think its hot there in October? Try going for a week in January. Yep that's what my hubby and I did (seriously what were we thinking?) but really other than The Olgas in the late afternoon the rest was fine. Had a ball though and met some lovely overseas visitors who left Canada in the depths of their winter and were loving the mid 40's heat in the Alice! Still its just like Adelaide in the summer really so maybe that's why it didn't bother us when we went! Sparkle on Grandma S, I love that hat! Spinifex against the red dirt, now that's a colour combo I love!

  14. Katy Cameron says:

    Ahh, you come by your sparkliness honestly then :oD

  15. Nony says:

    How amazing! You're right near where I am! You're fortunate that the weather has come in cool just for you :^) I hope you're having a great time in the Centre and that you stop by Alice for a couple days :^)

  16. Suzanne Webb says:

    Love the geologic formations! What an amazing location!

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