Time To Trade Him In

Do any of you ladies out there have an (ex)-husband who maybe still looks shiny but is a good-for-nothin’ bitch? You’ve had him for so long he thinks he can just lay there and let you do all the work? Meanwhile, he doesn’t do the job, and when he does, it is sloppy-as! The only thing you can count on him for is being loud and making you feel like it’s your fault he can’t lift his tiny lil’ needle! Word. Well,  ladies, that is exactly how I feel about my first sewing machine. Mmm-hmm! Enter: Betsi.
Betsi was my first sewing machine. I purchased her at Ikea in mid-2012 when I wanted a super-entry level machine ($80) to figure out if this sewing thing was something I was interested in. (I’ve definitely got that part figured out). Except, this is Betsi V3.0. Yes, I’ve replaced her twice since my original purchase because of various malfunctions. Originally, it all sounded so good, and I suppose it always is in the beginning. After Miss Thang Betsi V2.0 got returned, and I came home with Betsi V3.0, I left her in her box under the stairs. Since I’ve been using my MILs Pfaff Creative on loan, she’s sat in her brown box for the better part of six months.
Well yesterday, my MILs machine was returned to her so she could actually, you know, use it, and tonight, the unboxing of Betsi V3.0 happened–and then the boxing of Betsi V3.0 happened. Needless to say, I don’t have an (ex)-husband as described above, (#mrsparklesshines) but I’ve got one sewing machine I’m ready to kick to the curb. Betsi served her purpose, but now she’s gots to goes. So what happens now? I guess I start re-organising my stash, designing designing designing, cutting fabrics for every project I can think of, and making more David Butler memes.
To my #MSBHQAL-ers, don’t fret! I’ve got a few blocks pre-made for such an occasion as this, so we’ll still be staying on schedule for the time being. Finally, ladies, if you actually still have a husband as described above, it is time to pack up all your fabrics, grab the machine, and run! Now, I’m off to find a new machine, and I believe that sexy beast is named Juki.

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  1. Oh darling, you went back for thirds?! My Elna cost about $100 down from $140 at Spotlight! Still going 2 years and 1 international move later! Get yourself a lover before you find The One.

  2. Leigh Anne says:

    OH my! That Betsi is not going to cut it for you darling!! Time to upgrade for sure. I can't wait to see what you bring home 🙂

  3. MsMidge says:

    "Get yourself a Lover before you find The One" – Love it!

    I'm almost lost for words Molli……firstly – I have an ex-husband – and he's about as far from shiny as an old beat up ford. Absolutely good for nothing…….. Secondly – Ditto to Alyce – You went back for thirds!?!?!?!?! You deserve a freaking medal!!! Go forth and purchase thyself a bad ass sewing machine my friend. Puh-lease!!!!

  4. Leo says:

    sewing on three generations of PFAFF machines … all about a quarter century apart – all working like a charm, they sure have their character, cant use them for the sme thigns ..

    But better keep Betsi on hand – it's hassel to wrestle a quilt out of the machine mid-quilting because you absolutely need to hem this or that .. or you just can't see straight with all the pebbles .. aye better keep her for a little distraction now or then ..

    Or keep her for the kid …

    [show a little compassion – contrary to the husbands Betsi might have some trouble finding a new home .. ]

  5. If you buy a Juki I'm just going to die. Of jealousy. I planned to get a Juki when my (great-grandmother's 1990s) Target Singer bit it, and then I got stuck trying to finish 2 Christmas quilts on December 10 or something and the thing died. And I had to rush out and buy the first thing that looked near-acceptable. (A Janome 3160, which I now admit is much better for my garment-sewing flings than a Juki would have been.) SO, retire poor Betsi before you get stuck in a hard place! I can't WAIT to see what you buy. You deserve a real sewing machine.

  6. Sooli says:

    Good lord, I can't believe you kept going back for more misery. Just like those people who keep choosing the wrong sort of partner and wonder why it all goes wrong, stop buying the wrong sewing machine or nothing will change Molli dearest! Give that sucker to the Salvos and get thee to a sewing machine retailer with haste!

  7. Paula says:

    Three??? Seriously?!?!?!? Gift Betsi to your daughter and get shopping pronto. You deserve a real machine.

  8. Needled Mom says:

    You will love the Juki. Your life will be so much easier.

  9. Susan R says:

    Girlfriend you are going to love Juki! He does things for me that no other machine can do… I also have a Janome 6600 and when I need something "special" done, well lets say my Janome steps up to the plate and hits a home run. I'm just sayin'. Have fun shopping.

  10. Vera says:

    Don't waste your talent on those memes any more. That's all I have to say.

  11. I love my Juki! I've only had it for a few months and I sewed on a cheapy Singer before that. Can't believe the difference!

  12. Katy Cameron says:

    *gasp* MIL wanted to use her own machine?! How dare she! Doesn't she know she's sponsoring greatness when she lends it to you? ;o)

  13. Julie says:

    I love my Juki too I have a TL-98 QE have fun test driving.

  14. Kelly Young says:

    Your post cracked me up because I can completely relate. I started with an $80 Brother then replaced with another one, then a $150 Brother. I finally got tired of feeling like the problem was with something I was doing wrong, and got my Bernina for Mother's Day. Lo and behold, sewing is a dream again. It's supposed to be fun, so when it's not, it might be time to kick that machine to the curb. Good luck finding your new, hot machine!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  15. The O's says:

    Gawd, I was in awe when you started on your first grey and yellow number on Betsi, then the awesomeness continued on MIL's machine and I remained speechless except for praise. Juki is just going to take your talen to a whole new level! Move over Tula, there's a new kid on the block and her name is Molli-i!

  16. Jenny says:

    I've heard wonderful things about Jukis, but I found a pretty nice (but not top of the line), older (but not old-old) Bernina on Craigslist for dirt cheap and I *l-o-v-e* love it.

  17. i needed this today. you and your humor get my every time. i can't wait for you to get your shiny new trophy husband!

  18. Lindi says:

    Totally agree with Lorna! A deep throat is, nowadays, essential!

  19. Rita says:

    I love my Juki and also my Janome. I agree though, my next machine will have a deeper throat.

  20. Suz J says:

    I'm just surprised that it has a plug and doesn't run on batteries… I think the bank balance is about to take a major hit!

  21. I'm about to have an affair on my Brother with a Juki – oh wait … that doesn't sound right … um.

  22. Laura says:

    Can you even GET Juki in Oz???? I guess if anyone can, you can…

    • Jessica says:

      You sure can get a Juki in Aus, the model that works with our power supply is the TL 98P. They're not easy to find like other brands but you can get them. I love my Juki and will be putting together some more posts about the 98P shortly as more people seem to be looking out for them, I've been asked about mine a few times now.

  23. Kelly says:

    definitely time to move on, happy shopping!

  24. Glinda ♥ says:

    What are you saying, Lorna? That 6.5" isn't enough for you?! LOL 🙂

  25. Glinda ♥ says:

    Brilliantly funny! I have Juki – an earlier version – not very expensive and works for me every single time 🙂

  26. Awesome! When the time comes, the time comes! You definitely deserve to be treated better! Congrats!!

  27. anne says:

    Yes Molli it's time to pull up your big girl pants, bite the bullet and get rid of that ikea trailer trash and bring home Johnny Juki only the best for a rising quilting star like you. Ikea trailer trash is holding you back, go forth and rise to stardom with JJ.

  28. Althea Dene' says:

    Check out these quilting machines for under $700.00. Juki and Brother. Both have (9" right of needle) & 1500 stitches per minute and the list goes on! See Juki and one review: http://www.makingrebeccalynne.com/2013/05/sewing-machine-adultery-juki-tl-2010q.html

    See Brother. Website: http://www.allbrands.com/products/15289-brother-pq1500s-sewing-quilting-machine-9×6-arm-sp

    I'm not a dealer, just sewed in the garment industry in my past life. I used a Brother Industrial Machine and it was wonderful. These two machines are straight needle sewing, no zig zag, no fancy stitches, but for quilting at 1500 stitches per minute, and other nice features for under $700.00 they deserve a lookie, look.
    I want one, but can't justify another machine just now.
    Good luck and good day.

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