TGIFF – What a Year!

Oh my chiquita bananas! This may actually be the best Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday of the entire year! This is my last TGIFF of my first year of quilting. Tomorrow will be my one year blogiversary, so it is only fitting that today I spend TGIFF looking back at the nine quilts I finished. Um, hold up. Yes, I said hold the freak up. Nine?! When did that happen? Somewhere in between the last three hundred and sixty-five days is when. I don’t know how I actually got that business done, except to say, I have been hot to trot and ready to go sew!
Quilt One – Walking on Sunshine

I made this quilt for Grandma Sparkles as a complete surprise! She thought I was making a quilt for a friend until this showed up on her doorstep. I heard rumors there were tears, and she snuggles underneath it every night. It was also the quilt that taught me basic sewing and cutting skills, and well, got me all hung up about the whole shebang (<–lyrical reference).
Quilt Two – Um, Okay
This was the quilt I was actually making for that friend I told Grandma Sparkles about. Except, my friend thought I was making it for Grandma Sparkles. Oh, I am snea-kay like that! Said friend, LacyJ, is a pink and yellow fiend, so this was right up her alley. It’a queen size, and I straight line quilted it myself–my shoulders hurt just thinking about it! I used the yellow scraps from the first quilt, so I was a scrap queen even then! You’ll also notice there’s some pink broken herringbone fabric from Violet Craft’s Madrona Road line. My quilting history is all coming full circle, isn’t it?
Quilt Three – Rainbow Baby

My third quilt was my first baby quilt. It was also the first time I used a jelly-roll precut, which is American Jane’s Pezzy Print line. You’ll notice this is also my first exploration of rainbows in quilts, but not the first time in life! Heavens, no! This was assembled, quilted, and bound in two days. 
Quilt Four – Collecting Memories
Collecting Memories was technically the first quilt I started, but it was the fourth finish. I made this quilt with Grandma Sparkles: she sewed, while I designed, selected fabric, ironed, and sliced it all up. I titled it Collecting Memories because I purposefully set about to have a shared experience with Grandma Sparkles that I could cherish forever. Serendipitously, it turned out to resemble the pensieve from Harry Potter, which is also used to collect memories. What an ironic accident. I pretty much keep this quilt on my bed year round. Wouldn’t you?
Quilt Five – Tender Heart
This was the first mini-quilt I made and I used my String Piecing Without a Foundation tutorial. I was exploring more negative space in quilts, especially to balance out the business of all those patterned strings. At the time I was obsessed with baby blue and blood orange, and a mini-quilt was a great way to get that out of my system. I did abstract, triple-straight-line quilting, that didn’t turn out completely perfect, but served as a learning moment.
Quilt Six – Rainbow Herringbone 01
Doesn’t this look familiar? Rainbow Herringbone 01 was a product of my first experience in a quilting bee. That pink block in the bottom right corner was my contribution, and my bee mates sent in the rest. I asked for each person to contribute a block in their designated colour, so I could create a rainbow version. You’ll see this is the first instance of my GFB (glitter flecked binding: trademark-copyright-patent-pending-you-know-you-want-this). It was also at this time I started exploring the layout options for the blocks, and my blog started getting some major attention.
Quilt Seven – Rainbow Herringbone 02
Yeah, and then I made version two and the whole Internets died. This also featured blocks contributed by my bee mates, and my contribution is that icy blue block on the middle left. For the size of this quilt, I think this layout option was more successful than the first. The layout doesn’t compete against the rainbow colours. For both Rainbow Herringbone 01 and 02, I did outline quilting around each herringbone bar, which I think was highly effective. Both these quilts led me to host the #MSBHQAL as well as want to continue the love affair with the block.
Quilt Eight – Bartering for Flowers
Bartering for Flowers is responsible for my year of continued sewing. I made this quilt for my mother-in-law, who in exchange has allowed me to use her fancy-shmancy Pfaff sewing machine. It is a disappearing nine-patch pattern, consisting of fabrics my MIL and I chose together. (When worlds collide!) This is the first quilt I sent away to have long-arm quilted, and I was thrilled to see the results! While not what I would traditionally consider my aesthetic, Bartering for Flowers has completely grown on me.

Quilt Nine – Road to Cronulla

Road to Cronulla was made as a birthday present for a dear friend. It uses the Road to Tennessee block, and the Vintage Modern line of fabric. This was the second quilt I had professionally long-arm quilted, and even more than before, I think this is my preferred method for quilting. I love the boldness of this quilt, while also maintaining a traditional aesthetic. I also discovered my preferred way of machine binding by making this quilt. I’m still learning with each fabulous finish.

What a fruit basket of a year! I see such variety, but logical progress in the quilts I made. The amount I learned, in both the technical skill and design process has left even Grandma Sparkles spellbound, and she is a goddamn expert! I never knew I wanted to be a crazy quilt lady, but sign me up, gimme the name badge and stamp it on my forehead! My friends and work colleagues think I’m all sorts of crazy (undoubtedly true), but when I look back at the year and see what I’ve made, I couldn’t be any more satisfied. Next? More? Yes? Bring. it. on.

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What a year! Yes, I will take a bow, thank you very much!

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  1. I applaud your "all sorts of crazy" because look at all the loveliness it has produced! Beautiful effort and an impressive number of finished quilts for your first year quilting! Onward and upward Miss Molli!

  2. Molli dear, it's been a pleasure to follow your journey!!!

  3. The O's says:

    Love love love and love that I have been on this journey with you from the get go. Awesomeness sashed and bound and a splatter of glitter.

  4. Salley says:

    What a Champagne finish! You aint a novice no more Mollsa . . . cant wait to see what you slay us with in the next 365 days . . you go girl!

  5. Anne says:

    I love the progression and seeing how you've grown as a designer and quilter! I love all that you do! <3

  6. Frau Hiltrud says:

    Just stumbled by your blog recently and I simply love it! You rock! Your quilts are awesome – my favorite is the "collecting memories" one. Fabulous!
    I willl make sure to stop by regularly.
    Keep sparklind 😉

  7. memmens says:

    What a fantastic year – I'm guessing productivity and creativity will be doubled in the next?!

  8. Laura says:

    I love walking on sunshine best… and amazing that you have so many finishes and so few WIPs!!! (Just give you time…. ) thanks for linking up.

  9. Janine says:

    Congrats on all those finishes! I especially love how the blue memories quilt seems to shine. You and Grandma Sparkles are a great team!

  10. Megan says:

    What an impressive first year of quilting! I love that you and your grandma made a quilt together, what a lovely thing to do.

  11. Vera says:

    It's great to see the round up. I would say you are a bit square kind of pal.

  12. audrey says:

    Crazy quilt lady…I love it! Hooray for year one! 🙂

  13. Standing applause! BEEEE – U – TI – FUL!

  14. giddy99 says:

    Incredible finishes! Glorious quilts – you should be PROUD! 🙂

  15. Pat says:

    I'm amazed and humbled (my 5 years of quilting haven't seen anything like this!!) at what you have accomplished in a single year. Guess it just goes to show – if you got it, you got it – and you certainly do!!

  16. ~Diana says:

    So glad I've found your blog! Happy Anniv!

  17. Leigh Anne says:

    What an amazing first year! I cannot wait to see what you accomplish in year two 🙂

  18. Emily says:

    Amazing! You've definitely been bitten by the quilting bee 🙂 keep up the great work!

  19. charlotte says:

    They are all gorgeous! I love your memory catcher and the Harry Potter reference. Beautifil. Here's to another year of quilty goodness BTW, was the lyrical reference to a certain Shedaisy song?

  20. Katy Cameron says:

    Oh Molli, we KNOW you're all sorts of crazy ;o)

  21. This is a gorgeous quilting resume! The first one is my favorite overall, and not just because I have a soft spot for first quilts.

  22. Aimee G says:

    They're all gorgeous, but the Walking on Sunshine & the Collecting Memories are both just so attention grabbing. Amazing first year of quilting

  23. Janarama says:

    Good Golly Ms. Mollie! You have accomplished a ton of quilting fabulousness in only one year. Amazing.

  24. RobinSue says:

    Love the recap – it's a road well travelled. Can't wait to see what's in store for year 2!

  25. Congrats you crazy quilt lady, you! All lovely quilts, each with it's own lessons learned and reasons to be absolutely proud. One great year! Many more to come! Happy Blogiversary, Molli!!!

  26. Am L says:

    My favorite is still Collecting Memories, followed closely by Walking on Sunshine, but they are all beautiful. Congrats on a year of finishes!

  27. Kirsten says:

    Fabulous collection of quilts! I'm sure there will be many beauties to follow.

  28. Paula says:

    Fabulous. What a great year this has been. Looking forward to seeing what wonderful creations you will have to share with us next.

  29. Thanks for linking up and playing along! I love all your quilts and their stories!

  30. Pinspot says:

    Your rainbow jelly roll is the best use of pezzys I've seen. Suddenly I have to have one!

  31. It looks like you're a natural! All beautiful!

  32. Kim M says:

    What an impressive first year! I'm only about a month in now and I can only hope my 1-year recap looks half this good 11 months from now!

  33. I agree totally, not enough yellow in the quilting world. As far as that goes, not enough in the world. I am starting on my 3rd house it will yellow too! Happy is yellow! Thanks for the tutorial, can’t wait to make one!

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