Sunday Stash #39 – Going Back for More

Oh, Japan. Have we started a new love affair? Mmm, maybe. One trip to the Nippori Textile Town (fabric district) just wasn’t enough. I had to go back for just a few more pieces. Just a few. Like, you know, ten metres worth. 

I arrived in from Tokyo on the red eye flight this morning, so I’m still trying to not fall asleep at the wheel. Bear with me a few more days and I’ll have some photos (of the non-incriminating variety!) to show you. I think we all need to sit, and have a cup of tea together!
Linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth Vera at Negligent Style for this week’s Sunday Stash-a-thon!
You should do the same.  
Echino for the win.

14 Responses

  1. Salley says:

    But the AFL is on TV .. . how can you possibly fall asleep with all those toned boys running around?

  2. Paula says:

    Fun prints. Love them

  3. The O's says:

    I'm up for a cuppa… I don't have a kitchen at the moment so it will have to be at yours x Welcome home xx

  4. Needled Mom says:

    Oh wow …. fun fabrics. Get some good sleep.

  5. Katy Cameron says:

    Love all that Echino!

  6. Am L says:

    Always up for a nice cuppa! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pics.

  7. Love, love, love that rotary dial phone fabric!

  8. pandchintz says:

    What exquisite taste you have!! I own a piece of each of these!!

  9. Kirsten says:

    So many beautiful fabrics – the Echino with the elephants is my favourite!

  10. Lindi says:

    loving those Echinos! and spots …. oh my ….. the rest are pretty good too.

  11. Sarah_L_N says:

    That unicorn fabric is all kinds of awesome!

  12. Jessica says:

    Unicorns! Oh how I would love a piece of that…

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