#MSBHQAL – Week 02

Week 02 – Sept 09 – Sept 15 – Suggested Blocks: Pink, Red, Orange
Okay, check it! Nearly fifty of you have submitted your trial blocks for the chance to win a #MSBHQALB from Intrepid Thread! I hope you’ve learned a lot from making them, and you are now ready to start this week’s suggested blocks: pink, red, and orange. Many of you aren’t doing a rainbow version though, so this may not really be applicable to you. If you’re doing your own thang, attempt to make a third of your blocks this week. For me, that means 8 blocks, ready, steady, sew!
As you know, tomorrow will be the announcement of all three giveaway winners, and I’ll showcase some of the trial blocks you have made! BUT, for the sake of Christina Aguilera and her red lipstick, if you are a “no-reply blogger” and I draw your name, you will not win. If you don’t know what a “no-reply blogger” is, you probably are one! Google is your friend, and there are about 197,000,000 results that will help you. (By the way, you’re forgiven if you’re a WordPress user, but leave some contact details in your comment, yo!) 
Now, while I’ve got you all steamed up, I want to show off the most common mistake I’ve seen amongst your test blocks. It’s all in the trimming stage, and how to centre your block. The divine creature, Suzanne Webb, sent me this wonderful before and after photo showcasing this exact problem. When you’re trimming the sides, centre from the bottom point of the smaller triangle at the top (illustrated by the block on the right). Otherwise, you run the risk of your block not completely filling out at the bottom (illustrated by the block on the left). I know you can do it, and this is exactly why I asked you to make a trial block! 
Upload photos of your blocks to the Flickr group, (or email them to me if not on Flickr … really?) and next week I’ll post some of my faves! I’ve just done some strip swapping with my Flickr gal pals Stacey and Mary. You should find someone and do the same! Hey, I’ve got more love to give–and I love stripping and swapping!
Ahem … mmm, and yes, that might be a button with appropriate grab code over in the sidebar! (Somebody please tell me it works!)
Oh, oh, oh, and just to tease you a bit, I may have received some of the prizes I’ll be giving away at the end of the #MSBHQAL today. And let me tell you, they are may-jor!
See you winners tomorrow!

15 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    Yes, that's exactly where I made my cutting error. 🙁

  2. Sooli says:

    Just so you know your button grab code works like a charm (a sparkly charm of course!)

  3. Yes! That's was part of the problem and figuring out the ruler placement. It was nice to no that I wasn't the only one having a malfunction. 🙂 I put up your lovely button.

  4. Needled Mom says:

    The oranges look beautiful.

  5. Leo says:

    hehe .. I made up my own code when the button first went up – no patience I know I know.
    A third of my blocks – seems like I'm going to have to do a lot of catching up next week …

  6. Vera says:

    Fifty? That sounds like a good start for this crazy acronym thang.

  7. Deb says:

    I've got my pink/red/orange blocks done and I'm working on the yellow….LOVING my blocks. I may even add some more colors and make my larger since I like it so much!

  8. charlotte says:

    I have 8 blocks made and two more started. I am doing 30 total 'cause I'm crazy and I want a big bed size quilt. Can we discuss here the trimming to 12.5" without a square ruler? I haven't trimmed any yet.

  9. Charo says:

    I would love to participate i this quilt along but my sewing machine broke down (too many ours of sewing) I hope to have it mended in a week, then I will start with the quilt along. I love that block!!!!

  10. The O's says:

    I've got some serious sewing to do… sadly with a kitchen being ripped out, mother arriving for holidays (man I wish my brother would breed and have mother spend more time with him rather than us and the only grandkid) school breaking up and back to back theatre excursions, play dates and birthday parties, September is written off! I will come out to play, cross my heart! Unless you want to kidnap me, that would work!

  11. Connie says:

    I posted my red one on my blog and Flickr. just love this pattern!

  12. Rita says:

    Oh Ms. Molli! You are too kind to remind us all of how to get centred! The blocks I mean! Well actually in life too, you know what really matters in life. And FYI your button code works perfectly, I press it every chance I get! Tee-hee!

  13. memmens says:

    I'm all buttoned up

  14. JillB says:

    Make that 51 followers….. I have not taken the time (new grandson born YESTERDAY!!!!) to get my blocks' pix posted. I have three blocks done and strips cut and paired with sashing sewn for seven more – all in browns and dark reds.
    Thanks, Ms. Molli for putting me onto a GREAT block. Hope to get pix shortly.

  15. Suzanne Webb says:

    All of the blocks are beautiful! It is so interesting to see how the different fabrics and sashings create such different presentations. I can't wait to see each person's final product. This QAL has taught me a new piecing technique which is addictive, but I am also learning computer tech skills as well such as…blogging, embedding button codes, and what a "no reply blogger" is…got to keep up with the times…so I spent a good half hour researching the topics and then set up a blogger dashboard and added Molli as my first blog to follow, and I think I am a reply blogger???..don't want to be left in the sparkle dust!

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