Well colour me happy, there’s a sofa in here for two! But sorry, you can’t sit down, because that space is reserved for Grandma Sparkles. That’s right y’all, she has arrived!  
Oh, the hilarity already. “Those Qantas flight attendants were so nice, but all they wanted to do was feed me! And I was saving one of those little miniature bottles of wine for later, but they made me throw it away!” After disembarking, she even somehow scammed her way into the express exit lane at customs and was waiting for me at the airport. “Follow me dear, let me show you how it’s done.” Indeed.

You’ll also be happy to know that the Magic Suitcase V2.0 arrived safe and sound. I asked Grandma Sparkles, “So how much does this bag weigh, ugh…” as I was dragging it up the stairs. “Oh, I don’t know, those check in people didn’t weigh it. They weighed the bigger one, but since this one was smaller I guess they didn’t see the point.” The point, is that the smaller one weighed about twice as much as her larger suitcase, which was definitely pushing the 23 kg/50 lb limit. Don’t let her innocence fool you, she can be shady when it comes to fabric! 

Inside was 52 yards (47.5 metres) of fabric. Um, yes. That’s not including the quilt kit that she also had in there that she thought was mine. “No, no, no, you take that floral business back home with you.” I’m not revealing any of it today, but come back for Sunday Stash on Sunday (being hosted by the ever sparkling Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts) for the first wave of fabric divination. There are some fabrics in there that you are gonna want to come to my house and steal. Gary. N. Tede.

Althea Dene – You’re still an NRB. Loved your sewing machine suggestions! I’m going with the Juki TL-98P, the TL 2010Q isn’t sold in Australia (but they’re very similar machines). <– That’s happening this Monday.

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  1. Monday, Monday, gonna get down on Monday!! And dammit, I thought I was getting a sneak peek of things today!!

  2. Catrin Lewis says:

    52yards? I sure hope Grandma Sparkles wants to adopt a new granddaughter! I have the TL-98P and you're gonna love it x

  3. Sooli says:

    52 yards?! That's the fabric mother lode. That Grandma Sparkles knows her way around packing a suitcase! Welcome Grandma. I think things at Molli's place are going to get pretty busy now!

  4. MsMidge says:

    Not only is Grandma Sparkles sneaky – she sure can pack a damn suitcase! Congrats on Monday's shopping……I bet you won't sleep!

  5. Auntie Pami says:

    Yeah! Finally a new machine! Good job on the packing!

  6. Leigh Anne says:

    I love your Grandma! That's a crazy amount of fabric. I sure hope she remembered your Ikea storage. Either that or you better get cutting and sewing LOL. Also, I am curious if you put in an order or let Grandma surprise you?

  7. Oh, honey, I've got a runner in my pantyhose … I'm not wearing pantyhose. (you started it)

    Looking forward to having a peek at your booty. (not your derrière, mind you, but the goods. No, not those goods, the treasure … IN THE SUITCASE … (never mind))

  8. memmens says:

    52 YARDS – my heart has gone all a flutter at the thought! can't wait till Sunday

  9. Charlotte says:

    I have the 98P and I *love* it!. It will go perfectly with your 52 yards of fabric 😉

  10. Anita C says:

    CAN"T WAIT it's like waiting to open your own packages….

  11. Jane S. says:

    I am in awe…damn, Grandma, you sure know how to pack a suitcase!

  12. The O's says:

    I shall have a truck load of chamomile tea sent to your apartment on Sunday night so you can sleep! How excitement!!! Can't wait for tomorrow's post and for Monday to dawn as well but I guess Juki will take priority over blogging – for a while at least? Is there a machine warming party? Shall I polish my tiara in case?

    Oh and Mr Sparkles HAS to make the vegan chocolate pudding in the recipe community, OMG. My BIL wanted to marry me over it last night! x

  13. Katy Cameron says:

    Damn, I need to take GS with me next time I travel!

  14. Am L says:

    Grandma Sparkles, 52 yards of fabric, and a new sewing machine? It's like Christmas came early!

  15. That's my favourite line from my favourite movie … and my favourite sewing machine! (Have you got your mixed tape ready for the car ride to said purchase?)

  16. Sarah_L_N says:

    Haha, Grandma Sparkles sounds awesome! And yay for new sewing machine! Hope it goes fast if you have 52 yards of fabric to get through, I can't even picture what that much fabric must look like!

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