A Tribute to Mr. Sparkles

Oh, my veritable vixens! It is time to get sentimental. Y’all know my blogiversary is nearly here on Saturday, September 07. That will be three hundred and sixty-five days that I have been blogging, and three hundred and sixty-five days that Mr. Sparkles has been standing in the background with the glow of the computer screen reflecting off his equally sparkly face. (It can’t be helped, the glitter just shakes off me, and sticks to him!)
I want to give him three hundred and sixty-five thank yous. Even though you don’t see it, and I don’t say it enough, you have to know Mr. Sparkles supports me each day through his encouragement, generosity, patience, kindness, loves, hugs, and kisses. I may get an occasional eye roll, but he allows me to buy fabric like it’s the sustenance I need to survive. He cranks up the volume of the television, but doesn’t complain about the hum of the sewing machine. He grumbles about the never-ending threads on the carpet, but keeps his cool until I vacuum. His arms ache after holding up quilts for photos, but he does it anyway. He reminds me that I’ll hurt my back leaning over to cut my fabrics, but then he brings me medication. He never gets to use his fancy dining room table, but he understands I need a place to work. He misses being the centre of my attention, but he concedes the fans need me. He wants a quilt for himself, and patiently he waits. It will come.
He thinks I am crazy, but he supports my passion, and for that I could not love him anymore. Three hundred and sixty-five thank yous and a lifetime more to come. You, glorious creature, are my complimentary colour!
So now, if I take my sentimental wig off, I gots to show you the food Mr. Sparkles feeds me! The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Well, it works for me! Look what he’s been Thermomixing lately:

You make me want to be a better quilter. Thanks, love, and sparkles.
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  1. Julie says:

    The say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach – a lovely post to read and yummy food to drool over. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Celia Gibson says:

    Yummy! Would be lovely to get the recipes , particularly the last picture (loaf).

  3. Am L says:

    Love your tribute! Cooking is my main passion, as much as I enjoy quilting, cooking for friends and family is how I show my love for them. Mr. Sparkles clearly loves and adores you! That all looks delish. : )

  4. Adrianne says:

    Yum! Good work Mr Sparkles! A lovely post to your man Molli – clearly he's a keeper.

  5. Paula says:

    How lucky are you. Mr Sparkles sounds like a pure gem. Any chance he'd start a food blog and share some food goodness with us all? All I want to do now I've finally made it to the end of your tribute is get into the kitchen and whip up some deliciousness of my own, and then it's off to break some more herringbones.

  6. CitricSugar says:

    Ok, now your blog is both quilt porn and food porn. 😉

    Three cheers and a margarita for Mr. Sparkles!

  7. Kelly says:

    Lovely post and I have to say Mr Sparkles rocks – I love the 'Mr Sparkles says' scroll.

  8. MsMidge says:

    Fabalus Fabalus!! xx

  9. Awww, that's just lovely! You are very lucky Miss Molli to have such support! And I know you know it. 🙂 Love and hugz to you and the fabulous Mr Sparkles. xx

  10. The O's says:

    naaaw, mush! Love it and you and your partner in glittery crime. xx

  11. Beth says:

    Aw – sounds like he's a keeper!

  12. I too think Mr. Sparkles needs to start a food porn blog. Looks like he knows his stuff. Sounds like you've got a winner, Molli! So glad you two have so much love. XX

  13. audrey says:

    Yay! So cute! But then, you know he has to be fantastic if he's with someone awesome like you! 🙂

  14. Susan R says:

    Wow! My thanks to both of you for sharing your life and passion for all that you (both) create. I just found your blog but I am going to go back and read each and every post. Congratulations on your first year!!

  15. Sooli says:

    Any time Mr Sparkles wants to send food in my direction let him! What a lucky little Molli you are. Often see husbands looking like the deer in the headlights wondering what the hell happened when their partners start quilting and their life as they knew it changes forever through no fault of their own – Quilter's Spouse Syndrome. Maybe they need a support group!

  16. Leigh Anne says:

    He sounds like a keeper 🙂 Awesome tribute!

  17. Lee says:

    Awww. This was such a sweet post – he is definitely a keeper. And you are so wonderful to acknowledge it this way. What a fab couple you two are! Congrats on the blogiversary and hugs to you both!

  18. RobinSue says:

    So scrumptious! You are quite lucky to have each other!

  19. Paula says:

    you both rock! adorable post in every way, x

  20. Katy Cameron says:

    Oooh, looks like he's a great personal chef among his many attributes!

  21. So sweet. Our men (and women) are our rocks and biggest supporters, it's so great that you recognize that!

  22. Nawwww!! Can't wait to come for dinner sometime!!

  23. What a wonderful way to say thank you and I love you to Mr. Sparkles! And, that food looks delish! Yum!

  24. Esther F. says:

    Your mister does not have a cute single brother I gather? Ow that food is too good!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  25. Jane S. says:

    He's Prince Charming AND he cooks? You are a very lucky man!

  26. Does he have a food blog? He should! Looks SO yummy!!

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