My Stash Exposed

This is how Molli Sparkles rocks a stash. First of all it’s fuchsia and second of all it sparkles like an Edward Cullen. But, I have a feeling that’s not what Sarah of Sarah Quilts had in mind when she asked me to show off my stash. I bet she wanted me to show off my fabric stash. Mmm, okay.
I know this is gonna surprise a lot of you who think I’m a total fabric hoarder, but my fabric stash is contained in only three Ikea Samla boxes. In Australia, they’re $9.99 each for the 78x56x18 cm size (excluding the lid, which is $5). I bought this size with grand intentions of keeping them under the bed, and then quickly realized after pulling them out all of two times that, that was never gonna happen! So now they just sit on the floor in the second bedroom. 
Many a nights, I’ll walk by them and get quiltspiration. Mr. Sparkles will often catch me just staring down and will have to snap me out of my reverie. It’s hypnotising!

They are slightly organised, but it could always be better right? The first contains mostly fat quarters, or half yards of fabric I’m consistently using. The second contains yardage, collections, and the batiks. By the way, I’m gonna blow your batikin’ mind tomorrow for TGIFF, so you can go turn that nose up at batiks somewhere else! is a batik friendly zone; we accept fabrics of all shapes, sizes, colours, backgrounds, foregrounds, makes, and models.

The third box I call the Glitter Sorting Zone. If you can’t find it anywhere else, it’s probably in here. When I need a quick clean up–WHOOSH–into the Glitter Sorting Zone it goes. Have you ever tried sorting glitter? Good luck.

And that my friends, is my stash. Pretty simple, eh? Thanks Sarah for inviting me to link up to your “You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine” linky party. Y’all know I’m always happy to show my bits!

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  1. The O's says:

    Call that a stash… is that it??!!! I would show you mine but I can't get in the room, that's next weeks job… maybe… today I added to mine 3.5m of a white white in anticipation of the broken herringbone extravaganza, blue and white quilt and Tula Pink 100 city sampler thingies which will be done once the class quilts are complete, then I will just have my dresden one on the go and the gazillion in my head… my stash is about as organised as my thoughts at present!

  2. Esther F. says:

    That is quite decent! Like both your stashes! 😉

  3. "have you ever tried sorting glitter?" hahaha, i need a glitter sorting zone! i would stare at those bins, too! such a great collection- so many things to covet 🙂

  4. That 'stache joke is fantastic! You're awesome.

    And your stash is so so organized well done! Quality over quantity. That is my philosophy as well. Although let's see where we are in a couple years…

    I agree about batiks having some potential. Can't wait to see what you've done with them!

  5. I am enjoying the voyeuristic nature of this exercise. I would show my fabric situation off, but it is embarrassing and really makes me think that by the time I am in my late middle age I will be on that show Hoarders (but instead of walking on layers of old newspapers, we will be standing on old DS fabric lines). I am dubious of these batiks, but I will accept that you can make them sparkle.

  6. AmyH says:

    You need a good stashing! poor form Molli, poor form

  7. Now I am just embarrased about the size of my stash.

  8. Vera says:

    I'm surprised too. I thought you got like bazillion fabrics based on Sunday Stash. Love your sense of humor! I plan this box for our lego stash but Ikea is far far away 🙂 Should I plan some for my stash? Hmm, I actually like your kinda thing!

  9. Sooli says:

    I love an equal opportunity quilter, I've got a soft spot for batiks too. I can't believe the enormous Grandma Sparkles stash (that's the stash that's enormous, not Grandma I hope you know!) fitted into those 3 storage boxes, they must be like Mary Poppins carpet bag! Either that or you have used way more fabric this year than we've seen the results of!

  10. Liz says:

    Love your stash, I see a lot of my favorite prints in there. Good for you for keeping it to 3 boxes! Mine has quickly outgrown it's designated space!

  11. Katy Cameron says:

    Hmm, I'm thinking box #3 is what we would call a guddle round these parts ;o) I have an interim zone at the back of my cutting table like that, and when I can't actually cut across a half yard of fabric, I clean up. Kind of… ;o)

  12. Green says:

    I love your stash. And I love batiks, too.

  13. Ms. Molli, you ROCK the batiks, according to IG and your Bloom Bloom Pow. I think quilts are so much more interesting when they are made by an equal-opportunity quilter. (When I did that big rainbow scrap quilt, I *almost* left out the weird Civil War repro prints I have around for god knows what reason, but I kept them and they added such dimension! All fabrics have a perfect place!)

    Thanks for sharing your system. Of course you are super-duper neat and organized, I am not a bit surprised.

  14. Leigh Anne says:

    Honestly I'm not the least bit surprised at the modesty of your stash. You quilt so quickly that you use all those purchases up before they make it to the bins LOL.

    I'll be posting my stash this morning 🙂

  15. So you are confessing to a mere three bins? I have too many bins to count! But nearly 20 years of quilting and a quilting inheritance are at fault…

  16. Adrianne says:

    What with the Magic Suitcase crossing the seas at regular intervals I would have thought you'd have a bigger stash too, but clearly you have some restraint! You've got great range though – can't wait to see the quilts that emerge from those boxes.

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