Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone QAL – Fabric Selection

Do y’all realize the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone QAL begins in nine days? I hope you have it marked in your calendars, and you’ve got your alarms ready to blare “I Say a Little Prayer” bright and early on September 02! With me at the stead, who knows what craziness is bound to take place?! Did you know too much yellow can make you go crazy? I’m willing to find out!
To recap, this is the loose schedule we’ll be following:
Week 01 – Sept 02 – Sept 08 – Introduction to the Tutorial
Week 02 – Sept 09 – Sept 15 – Suggested Blocks: Pink, Red, Orange
Week 03 – Sept 16 – Sept 22 – Suggested Blocks: Yellow, Green, Teal
Week 04 – Sept 23 – Sept 29 – Suggested Blocks: Blue, Blue-Violet, Indigo
Week 05 – Sept 30 – Oct 06 – Sashing, Sandwiching, Basting
Week 06 – Oct 07 – Oct 13 – Quilting
Week 07 – Oct 14 – Oct 20 – Binding & Label
Week 08 – Oct 21 – Oct 27 – Show & Tell
I can already see a few of those dates slipping because I know you’re gonna become so addicted to making these blocks you’re gonna need more time. So relax those shoulders, and let’s keep it loose! Plus, this business is not ending until I get my #MSBHQALB from the Intrepid Thread. (A rainbow starter kit for $35? Um, yes, please!)
In the original announcement post, I provided some suggested colour theory reading. So many of you have commented how beneficial you found it! Now, if you missed it, didn’t have time, whatevs, no pressure over cappuccino (<–lyrical reference!).  I want to talk to you today about some colour options for your own quilt, because it’s not just about the rainbow. I’m not even sure my third version is going to be rainbow! Okay, it probably will be, but still, not completely sure!
Some other ideas:
  • rainbow by block (each block is a colour, e.g. the blue block above)
  • rainbows within a block (each block has ROYGBV)
  • all warm colours (pinks, reds, oranges and yellows)
  • all cool colours (blues, purples, greens and teals)
  • all neutrals (blacks, whites, greys, creams, browns)
  • all solids (one colour per block, or tones in each block)
  • two or three colours (e.g. only blue and yellow fabrics for the entire quilt)
  • fabric repetition (e.g. choose a handful of fabrics for the entire quilt)
  • completely random
  • a favourite fabric line (Pezzy Print would be awesome, or e.g. Mishi Kishi’s block below)

Keep in mind that is just for the herringbone bars! The sashing doesn’t have to be white, which opens up a whole slew of new possibilities. This block is actually super-forgiving in regards to fabric choice, so feel free to experiment!
But, (there’s always a but, right?) I want to give you two areas of caution. The first is about value. The fabrics you select for each herringbone block work best if all are of similar value. In a nutshell, value is the light or darkness of the fabric. So if you are making a green block and use five medium-dark greens and one light green, that one is going to really stand out–and not in a good way. Make value your friend, not your enemy.
My other caution is about your herringbone bars bleeding into your herringbone sashing. Be acutely aware that fabrics with a lot of white background that you use for the bars will blend together with your white sashing. I adore the fabric selection with regards to the colour way in the block below. However, the Sew Stitchy, the tree and the oval fabrics have predominantly white backgrounds and lack the punch I wanted.

Now look at this block, which has a very similar colour way, but no white backgrounds in the bar fabrics. See how much more impact it has? I’m not saying this is a hard and fast rule, and that you shouldn’t ever do it. (I’m pretty sure I’m using that block above, regardless–I mean, Perfectly Perched, c’mon!) I just want you to be cautious, and know what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t come to me in three weeks, and be all like, “Why didn’t you tell me that my most favorite Heather Ross fabric with the white background wouldn’t work so well. What a waste. I’m never quilting along with you again.” Oh, bitch, puhlease, I will z-snap your ass back to 1987 right along with those fugly pumps you think are designer. If they sell it at a place called Ross: Dress for Less–it ain’t designer. … Sorry, puttin’ the bitch back in the box. 

Sounds like you’ve got lots of options, and I hope this has given you some direction. If you’re totally lost, send me an email with a picture, or post it in the Flickr group for everyone to give some feedback. 
For all of you thinking, “Oh My Gaga, there’s just so much information, I don’t know what I’m doing…” Breathe. Don’t worry, there will be a full recap, breakdown preview before we officially start. This is just our Kiki — now, lock the doors tight!
P.s. A huge sparkly birthday shout out to Lacy J, the dearest friend a boy could ask for.

14 Responses

  1. charlotte says:

    Getting excited here to start this. I am almost done with a quilt top for my sister and should have it done in time to make this QAL my priority.Yippeeeeeee!!!

  2. Leigh Anne says:

    Love the teaser/intro posts 🙂 Definitely keeping my excitement at max level even though I can't get started quite yet 🙂

  3. Sooli says:

    Do I spy Nancy Drew making an appearance in your blue block there? I wondered when you'd get that girl working for you!

  4. Leo says:

    Ehh what was htat about starting aroudn September 12th when school starts again? did they move the holiadys? (or do I remember wrong?)
    Ok no matter what colour theory says – purple can be a very warm colour and yellow can be freakishly cold … so no matter what the brain trust says my guts say different and in that case I'm absolutley with them.
    I'm thinking of option 6.1

    And thanks for the capuccino pressure reference – saved my a trip (ok a click and some searhc word typing) to the dictionary.

    But off I go to get the important stuff out of the way to have time for pleasure ..

  5. Vera says:

    Yellow can drive me crazy any time, lol. I can only accept it while used with the other rainbow colors.

  6. Pat says:

    Well, I did some slab blocks a couple of months ago – a la Crazy Mom Quilts. I sent those off for the quilts for the Southern Alberta flood victims but I loved the all one color blocks so I'm thinking I'm going to be going with Option 1. And I love the crisp look of white so that would be my first choice on sashing.

    I've gotten my bundle from Intrepid Thread already and am playing with the pretty fabrics and my stash.

  7. What about prints with multiple colours? I have a Joel dewberry print which is yellow…except that it also has pink and raspberry. To me it still reads yellow though. And while your aqua choices above have green, the colours are pretty close. Any advice?

  8. Can't wait for this to start! I'm a new-ish follower to your blog, and after reading this "Oh, bitch, puhlease, I will z-snap your ass back to 1987 right along with those fugly pumps you think are designer" I laughed so hard I snorted in a very un-ladylike way. I completely adore you!

    Uh… back to the post, I really appreciate the tip about fabrics with white background. I haven't pulled fabrics yet, so that will definitely help. I also need to make time to read the color theory post!

    Thanks for a great post (and the unexpected snort!).

  9. The O's says:

    I really like the white background fabrics but I am a sucker for quilts with a lot of white in them… so, if it needs a home, I would gladly take it off your hands, just sayin'… x

  10. Deb says:

    I got my package yesterday from the Intrepid Thread. I see you referenced this as a "starter kit" so give me an idea how much more bright fabric do I need? I'm not a huge collector of brights, and I see you have several more than just three of the same value in your blocks. If I need to buy more, I better get started because I plan on starting from day 1, because I don't want to get behind! I can hardly wait, I think it's beautiful!!!!

  11. Love those blocks ………what a fabulous idea. Looking forward to seeing the weeks unfold and what people do. Thanks for sharing. Marie

  12. Oh man, I have not thought about a Ross store for years! Also curses, this QAL looks too good to resist. 🙂

  13. Am L says:

    I've purchased a dark gray for my sashing, but I still need to decide where I'm going with the blocks. I better get that sorted!

  14. Mishi Kichi says:

    from now on you can take foto's of all my quilt shit for me!!!!!!! thinking of the dull pic i took of my block and the bright pic you've taken has brought it to life!

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