Listen up everyone! This is Ashley from Wasn’t Quilt In a Day, and in honor of Molli Sparkles’s Blogiversary celebration extrava-ganza, I decided to highjack this party and pay tribute to one of my favorite bloggers. It was either highjack MolliSparkles.com or find a way to steal his Magic Suitcase.  Because, let’s be honest, we all want the Magic Suitcase and to sparkle@mollisparkles.com.
If you’re like me, at some point during your day you have the following conversation(s):
“Girl, have you seen MolliSparkles.com today?” or
“Molli has me tripping with that story.” or
“Yeah, Molli said…” or
“Did you see what Molli just Instragrammed?”
Like he’s your best friend.  Because he is.
Ever since I met Molli through the summer blog hop hosted by Plum and June, it’s been love at first sight. He’s always had my back, and made sure I was putting my best foot forward.
So, whether we’re meeting up for drinks, (insta)Gramming our daily shenanigans to each other, or talking to Mr. Sparkles/Mr. WasntQuiltinaDay about each other, Molli has become one of my favorite people.
And we’ve never even met.
This is the power of not only quilting, but blogging about quilting.
When I started blogging, I never thought someone other than my mother and grandmothers would read my blog.  I definitely never thought I’d find friends.  A short seven months later, there is a pillow on my guest bed, front and center, that’s inspired by Molli and his genius no-ironing tutorial.  Because we’re soul sisters and we have better f-ing things to do than iron.
(Isn’t that completely appropriate that whenever I see the bed, I think of Molli? Exactly.)
So, raise your hand if you talk about your quilt-blogging friends like you just met up for lattes.  Raise your hand if you love them. It’s ok. I feel ya. And so does Molli. Every time we quilting bloggers post, we’re opening ourselves up, sharing our creative souls, and no one gets it quite like the quilting-blogging-community.   
Today I want us to celebrate the joy we spread to each other and the love within the quilting community. Reach out to your favorite blogger, the one who always gives you encouragement, inspiration, or the laugh you so desperately need during your 9-5. Tell them, “Boo, you brighten my day.” Or highjack their blog, so that they know.  
Or share a story like this:
[Setting: Quilt photo shoot. Middle of summer.  
Characters:  Me and Mr. WasntQuiltinaDay
Preface: I’m very sarcastic* and my husband doesn’t like holding up quilts.]
Mr. WQiaD: Are we done taking quilt photos? I don’t want to hold it up again. How many more pictures do you need to take?!
Me: Respect the famous* quilt blogger and hold up the damn quilt.
Mr. WQiaD: [Brings the quilt down]…. You’re not famous like Molli Sparkles.
I die.  I never thought I’d see the day where my husband “knew” a quilting blogger.

So, here’s to you, Molli! And here’s to quilting-blogging relationships all around the world!!!

Toodles!! xoxoxo

P.s. I’ll let Molli have his blog back tomorrow, and I hear he has some news to share about Broken Herringbone QAL fabric bundles from Intrepid Thread!

20 Responses

  1. Patty says:

    Cheers! This just started my day off right! xoxoxo

  2. Patty says:

    Cheers! This just started my day off right! xoxoxo

  3. Great post. You are both wonderful!

  4. Sooli says:

    Hahaha! Love a blog bombing!

  5. bahahahaha! great hijack! Molli, you have lots of sparkly blog lovers out there and I am one of them! Happy blogiversary!

  6. Paula says:

    Great hijack. It's certainly brightened my day no end.

  7. Julie says:

    Hilarious! Love you both!

  8. pennydog says:

    Hah love this, I guess I'd better follow you both now, hmm? 🙂

  9. Katy Cameron says:

    Do I talk about my bloggy friends with the people I spend my days with? Dear god no, I work with stinky men, I don't want to tell them anything, they might tell me what they do in *their* spare time, and where they find their friends…

  10. Best hijacking of a blog ever!

  11. Stephanie says:

    So awesome Ashley – you did Molli proud!! 🙂

  12. charlotte says:

    Great hijacking job! I do love Molli. My hubby thinks I am a bit nuts the way I talk about my blogger "friends" that I have never met! Ha!

  13. Boo, you brighten my day! 🙂 xx

  14. Molli and Ashley… a quilted match made in heaven. Seeing you two team up just makes me smile so hard. GREAT post. xo melintheattic

  15. You GUYS I just teared up, for real. You are both the best! Happiest of blogiversaries, Molli. The quilternet is a sparklier, better place with you in it.

  16. Kelly Young says:

    Happy upcoming blogiversary, Molli, and Ashley- I loved the hijack. You are both brilliant quilters, and super fun to read!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  17. Awesome blog hijacking! Quilty bloggy types are the best – that's why they get worked into so many conversations! Or maybe that's just me.

  18. Anne says:

    Awww, yay blogjacking!! Happy anniversary to Molli, one of my favorite bloggers on the interwebs!! I totally know what you mean about having blog friends I've never even met! What's really awesome is when you finally DO get to meet them, and it's like you've known them forever. 😀

  19. Am L says:

    Great post! I always look forward to Molli's blog posts, and I enjoy following your blog too, Ashley.

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