I had to turn right.

Lovelies, let me set the scene for you. I’m sitting in Qantas airline seat 26D on my way from Melbourne to Brisbane drinking a red wine. There are so many things wrong with this. 

Firstly, I’m in this bloody place called economy. The rotund, cheap-English-accented stewardess kept screaming “You’re economy, you’re economy!” as I tried to squeeze past her. “Economy? Exsqueeze me? Do you know who I am?” I’ve only ever turned left when boarding an aircraft! I didn’t even know the aircraft had rows to the right. Did you know this!? Did you? It must be one of the world’s best kept secrets. Obviously, I pissed off one of those unkept ground staff workers, and they have had the last laugh. You wait my pretties, you just wait. I know people
So I get back to this magical land of economy and there are a bunch of people back here! Like, a lot! Did you know this many people fly on airplanes?! At once! I obviously was a little bit bewildered, I mean, the seats are made of this horrible poly-cotton blend that is wrecking my cashmere pashmina. I had to ask the man next to me (Honeys, if only you could see this man’s dull greige sweater that must be a Gap discount outlet reject, you. would. die.) if the plane would take off with this many people. He sort of stared at me with pursed eyebrows–um, hello, waxing for the needy–and I stared back, until he just grunted and said, “Yes.” Economy: I wouldn’t be friendly if I had to sit back here all the time either!

But dear Lord of the Lana del Rey, it gets worse! Finally, the drinks cart rolled around, and I asked for my typical flute of Bollinger. Do you know what that eighty-five year old, blonde-bobbed, fuchsia lipstick-wearing stewardess said to me? “That’s only served in our First Class Cabin, dolls, and I’m afraid you’re in economy.” That word again! Why am I not amongst my people!? She proceeded to place a plastic cup in front of me with a little mini bottle of red wine marked with a ridiculous cartoon label and “Vintage 2013.” Since when did 2013 become a vintage? The grapes haven’t even turned purple yet and your putting them in a plastic cup for me to drink? One whiff of that shit and I accidentally spilled it on that greige sweater-wearing man next to me. Seriously, I should win a Good Samaritan award for that selfless act alone. 

Sigh. The rest of my flight I sat shuddering and rocking in my seat. That same elderly stewardess tried to console me with some nuts in a foil package, and I dispersed them to the rest of the needy passengers. (They looked famished!) When we finally landed, I walked straight up to that blonde fuchsia queen and said, “I don’t know what has happened here today, but you have opened my eyes to the plight of the common wo/man. And for that I must thank you.”
Of course none of that stuff I said to her was true. I’m choosing to pretend that whole economy thing (is it a thing? place? concept?) doesn’t exist–and all future flights I will ensure I am not only booked in First Class, but that any of my left over Bollinger* be shared amongst the the people who have to turn right. 

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And then I made some bee blocks.
*Like there would ever be left over Bollinger.

7 Responses

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    I am so so sorry you had to be exposed to that! Travesty, for sure!!

    But at least your bee blocks turned out lovely 🙂

  2. Molli darling! I feel your pain! What a wonderful piece of work. You had me laughing out loud into my Nespresso Ristretto this morning. A fabulous way to start the day. For me, I Had To Turn Right will go down in history as one of the funniest pieces of writing I've read. Dear Lord of the Lana Del Ray, you got your finger on THE pulse! Oh, and those yellow wonky triangle blocks are especially alluring! 🙂 xx

  3. The O's says:

    If those little triangles were red one might be mistaken to think it was the tail of a well known Australian fleet of aeroplanes…

    I love ecomony, the lack of leg room, the cranky overtired/under drugged kids, hasty meal delivery (if you have the right coloured seat head rest cover) and removal of trays and the fake smiles on the happy uniform wearing persons…

  4. MsMidge says:

    Funny stuff! I will have to write about my "experience" of flying "business class" on Air Pacific a few weeks ago. The 80's called and they want their aeroplane back! Farkkkkkkk.

  5. Katy Cameron says:

    Lol, now, see, I'm always in the arse end of economy, the highest I've ever risen in the ranks is to 'World Traveller Plus' which is BA's half arsed 'in between economy and business class' and gives you, err, slightly bigger seats/leg room. And that's it. I need better employers obviously ;o)

  6. Ruth says:

    I got upgraded to Super economy once on a 14 hour flight to Singapore and i thought i was doing well. I see now there is a brighter sparklier world out there.

    Oh but I did have a short haul flight in Germany at 6 am once where I was greeted with champagne or orange juice?

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