Sunday Stash #29 – The Girls, Owen, and Me

Owen (that roly-poly creature on Penny Poppleton’s lap) was so enthralled by our Quilt Club Australia, Sydney-area meet up, that he promptly fell asleep. The rest of us spent the morning at The French House dodging snooty, pretend-French waitresses, hand-sewing hexies, and rabidly discussing our quilting (mis)adventures. The company and mushroom quiche was divine–the coffee, not so much. 
So how is this a Sunday Stash? Well, (I know this is a stretch, but go with me), on the other side of those two spools of thread sitting in front of me is a baby-sized dresden acrylic template given to me by Jenna Appleton (back row on the left). Hey, girl, every little bit counts!
Linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth for this week’s Sunday Stash-a-thon!
You should do the same.     

Wow, real life people.

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  1. The O's says:

    Lovely to meet everyone and fabulous to meet you today! Sorry my cherub is clearly enjoying her time with us in this pic… she did pretty good for a 7 year old I thought. She was very intrigued by the whole Sparkles concept and very interested in how the hexi's were coming together.

    I agree about the coffee. I was excited it was Campos but for me to have to add sugar to it to make it drinkable… Still in shock there wasn't a GF friand on offer but that's okay.

    The morning was worth coming to and I am so glad I didn't get lost in an excuse because I wasn't so keen on driving in the rain! Worth every kilometer (and toll LOL!) xxx

  2. It all counts, and free stash is the best 🙂

  3. Kelly G says:

    What a great pic. I am so glad that you all had a fantastic day.

  4. How wonderful that you Sydney Quilters are meeting up in person. Yes even in the foul weather! It has moved up here these past two days and is keeping school kiddies indoors arrrrrrrgh!

  5. Let's do it again sometime SOON! Xx

  6. Let's do it again sometime SOON! Xx

  7. Katy Cameron says:

    You should have accidentally stabbed the snooty waitresses with a needle…

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