Sunday Stash #26 – Let’s Get Loud

First, we’ve got some business to attend to up in here! Last weekend I posted an open letter called My Right To an Anniversary, which outlined my desire for the government to allow me to marry the one I love, while also marking my one year sewing anniversary. It was a momentous occasion on both fronts, as the letters of support I received reaffirmed my belief that y’all quilters are a fine breedy, indeedy! Whenever the wedding happens, you’re all invited (as long as you bring gifts)!
Now, for that business! As part of my celebration, I wanted to give away a little part of the Magic Suitcase, and chose this Tula Pink fat quarter. Ms. Mini Me used Mr. Randy G this evening and this is what he had to say about it:
Jane S. I will be in touch to grab your addy and send this Hula Hoop fabric on its merry way! Y’all want some more fabric tales, do ya?! I know, I just can’t get enough either! Well, this week I had to take a trip to Spotlight (for my international visitors, it’s sort of like JoAnn’s) to get some low volume fabrics so I could complete some of my most recent bee blocks
I already see you clutching your pearls and hear you saying, “But low volume is so, so hot right now. Why don’t you have any low volume? Surely, you have some low volume. You have to have low volume. Everyone has low volume. is having a 37% off sale on everything low volume. You should totally get some low volume. I can’t believe you don’t have any fabrics that are low volume. It’s all about low volume. The lower the volume, the better the low volume. Low volume so low it is volumeless. Yes, low volume. Low volume. Volume low, low volume.”
I get it. Low. Volume. Except here is the thang, Molli B. Sparkles ain’t low volume. I am a loud-ass bitch, who likes over-saturation, bright colours, high contrast, and wackadoo colour combinations. Sophisticated, but wackadoo. Work!
So, this is what I bought.

These two? Well, they literally jumped into my hands out of protest. There was also a neon pink and yellow heart print, but he fell overboard at the last minute. Such a loss, he’s already sorely missed.
Linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth for this week’s Sunday Stash-a-thon!  You should do the same.     
Somebody text me when the low volume fad is over.

10 Responses

  1. Marit says:

    If I get invited to your wedding, I promise to bring you high-volume fabrics for your gift;) Yeah, I'm no good at LV either. I have a little, but I just don't feel compelled to use it. So you're not alone!

  2. Vera/vexa says:

    You know what I don't give a ssshh about high or low volume. Give me a break. I love that text print you got and the Winnie the Pooh is so sweet!

  3. I am definitely NOT all over that low volume trend either. Sigh. Maybe I'll come around. One never knows. But, yes, I tend to prefer some bright, saturated prints and a pile of coordinating solids.

    I promise to bring a gift of fabric to the wedding (though Mr. Sparkles would perhaps be less interested, so maybe not the best couples gift?).

  4. Katy Cameron says:

    I want that Pooh! That sounds so wrong…

  5. The O's says:

    I will gift you a Thermomix cook book covered in gawdy fabric to keep it looking good! I don't get low volume and there are so many ways it can be interpreted, and it reminds me of my mother and quite frankly, I don't need the reminder!

  6. Catrin Lewis says:

    For someone that don't like low volume you sure got some nice ones! I don't really see me using much low volume either but I still like to see what other people manage to make out of it. x

  7. "Turn the music up and hear that sound…" Aw, Pooh Bear!! Classic Pooh, too! So cute 🙂

  8. Am L says:

    I've seen some pretty LV quilts, but it's not my thing either. I like color!

  9. Sooli says:

    Hahaha! I had to laugh when I saw what you bought at Spotlight. I'm so not low volume either but I do have a little bit but no grey. I went to Spotlight too to look at greys and bought the exact same blue raindrop fabric in your last photo – isn't it gorgeous? I couldn't put it down once I saw it and I'm really thinking I should go back and get a bit more!

  10. Not too low but i think they will do the job for your blocks. Your LV rant was fun – nee!

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