Sunday Stash #25 – Birthday-a-Brac

Last Sunday, May 26, I celebrated, my, um, well, we’ll say twenty-eighth birthday–yeah, yes, uh twenty-eighth! (The lines around my eyes might beg to differ). Anyhoo, after I finished getting my birthday Botox, I told the hubby and the kids to fend for themselves and skedaddled over to the Sydney Fabric-a-brac. This year it was being held right around the corner from me in Newtown, in a little pop-up space. So I get there no problem, right, but you will not even believe this: They didn’t even have cake. Hello, it’s my twenty-eighth birthday, where’s the freakin’ cake?! Instead, they have bagels with fish. No. thank. you. Mmm.
There was a little welcoming committee waiting for me though. The two girls took my autograph, and that one cute boy asked for my number. I told him I was already spoken for, but he insisted I give him my email address as well. If he starts stalking me, I will be so flattered! One of the girls then started taking my photo, before finally, I had to tell her to sit her crazy ass down. (Naomi Campbell, who?!) If there’s one thing I will not stand for, it is the paparazzi!
Despite the lack of cake, I did find some glorious presents waiting for me inside. I started to just take what was rightfully mine and walk out those doors, but then I thought, “Molli, these people need your help.” I’m not sure if they were homeless, or just unwashed, but I figured leaving a few gold coins behind would free up the much needed space in my pocketbook, and allow them to buy more beer. Y’all know I’m a sucker for photography and polka dots, and I think I made a pretty good trade with this business below.

Now the other business of the day! Grandma Sparkles was so impressed by your comments about the Hula Hoop situation she found herself in, she decided she wanted to do a giveaway. I told her to just pick a number from 1 to 16, and I’d figure it out. So predictably, she picked “7” which belonged to the comment left by The O’s: 

Classic! I love it! I have just bought the Hula Hoop book, spurred on by the happenings in our rainbow land… I love Grandma Sparkles, I think she is rad and sweet and a whole lot of freakin’ awesome! x

So, Ms. The O’s, you’ve got a secret Grandma Sparkles package heading your way all the way from the USA! By the way, what type of silly name is The O’s? Unless, of course, it stands for the big O, and then ooh la la! Feisty!
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14 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday! Think I will send you a pressie… PS I was destashing and have a ton of fabric that matches that seed packet fabric in your first photo if you want it.

  2. Sooli says:

    Happy Sparkly Birthday! Pffft to age, I don't hide mine – who gives a crap, its only a number and mine is 50! I wouldn't go backwards in life for anything. What better birthday than one which includes bringing fabric home! Good on Grandma Sparkles for spreading her sparkly goodness all around the world – she's gone global now, there's no going back for her!

  3. Karen says:

    Happy Birthday! Lovely polka dots! :o)

  4. Katy Cameron says:

    So glad you could help those poor people out, it's always good to be benevolent on your birthday ;o) Belated hiccy burpday!

  5. Happy Birthday. What is Newtown like now? I lived in Redfern for 4 years before moving to Germany….Is the Chinese place that does that great Laksa still there (down by the railway station)? Now that I am in the US I really miss that Laksa. Lovely blue fabrics, too!!!

  6. Paula says:

    Happy birthday. There might not have been cake but sounds like you still had a great time. Love the fabrics, especially that seed packets print and those tiny polka dots on navy.

  7. Allison says:

    happy birthday! hope you made up for the lack of cake later on 🙂 that film print is fantastic, I think it would be fun to embroider little doodles in the frames 🙂

  8. Lindi says:

    Happy Birthday! You don't look any older. 🙂 Nice bit of gathering you did at the pop-up.

  9. The O's says:

    Happy Happy Glittery sparkly birthday Molli!

    Get out?! That's me… Well, one third of The O's! And the name The O's is because the surname is a complicated Polish mouthful… it worked for Jackie O it can work for me 🙂

    Thank you gorgeous! Flattered and Flumoxed. And a big thank you to G'ma Sparkles too xxxx

  10. MsMidge says:

    Fabric a brac? Please explain?!?

  11. vexa says:

    Congrats! I like the pink polka dots the most.

  12. How flattering to be asked out on your birthday! How generous of Grandma Sparkles! And Newtown is great for food. My fave restaurant is the African one with the 1960 s atlas mural on the side. Is it still there?

  13. Sarah_L_N says:

    Happy birthday! Love your fabric choices 🙂

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