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Lovelies, listen. Have you seen Despicable Me? If not, it’s a great flick for the entire family that’s a bit left of centre. Grab yourself some popcorn and make it happen. But what in blue bobbins does that have to do with anything? Well, there’s a line in the movie where one of the young heroines grabs a white stuffed unicorn and screams, “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” That unicorn is me!

A quick Google search reveals that this exists in real life! Um, hello, WANT more than any fabric at the moment! With those long pink locks, impervious grin, and magic rainbow horn, it’s like I’m looking at myself in the mirror.
So that’s all you need to know right? Okay, well we’re done here then. Oh, you want more? Fine.
I guess the question on everyone’s lips is, “Where’d Molli Sparkles come from?” Believe it or not, it’s all Miley Cyrus’s fault. 
While on a trip to Cupertino, California with a Kiwi colleague named Kat, I got a song stuck in my head. I’m talkin’ chronic humming of this song for days. It would not go away. I started humming it to other co-workers, people on the street, I even think there was a homeless guy involved. But no, nothing. Then one night Kat sat me down, and said, “Listen. We are gonna figure this out now, or I have no other choice than to cut out your vocal chords.” She is a ruthless bitch. Love her.
So again I hummed. And again. Three hours and twenty seven minutes later–I was parched–Kat says to me, “I’ve got it.” (Vocal chords saved!) 

So I put my hands up, they’re playin’ my song
The butterflies fly away
I’m noddin’ my head like, “Yeah!”
Movin’ my hips like “Yeah!” 

Got my hands up, they’re playin’ my song
And now I’m gonna be okay
Yeah! It’s a party in the USA!
Yeah! It’s a party in the USA!

“It’s Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus! Joshua, that is definitely your new nickname: Miley.” Except if you’ve ever heard a Kiwi, you know their accents are jacked up. (I love you my Kiwi readers, but you know it’s true!) So instead of her saying “Miley,” it came out as “Molly.” Because of my penchant for all things shiny, (I was even wearing sequinned Converse All-Stars that day) she quickly appended the last name, Sparkles. Now the savvy out there will notice that my name is now spelled with an “i” rather than a “y.” Oh sweeties, there’s no question, it’s Molli with an “i,” because it’s ALL. ABOUT. ME.*
Thus, Molli Sparkles was born. Since then she/I (I’m confused) has taken on a life of her own as a quilting diva. This month I celebrated my one year quilting anniversary, and my one year blogiversary is coming up in September. Some quick facts, and then I’m gonna leave you yearning for more.
Name: Molli. B. Sparkles
Age: 26 (sometimes)
Began Quilting: June 01, 2012
Quilts Completed: five
Current WiPs: officially, three
Favourite Pin-up Model: Mr. Sparkles
Quilting Hero: Grandma Sparkles
Favorite Stages of Quilting: designing and fabric selection
Quilt Aspirations: fabric design
Favourite Fabric: I prefer graphic prints. The past year I nearly wet myself over Notting Hill, Carnaby Street and Architextures. I want to wrap myself up in Art Gallery fabrics.
Biggest Quilting Failure: None. I learn from every thing, and I consider the traditional failures a success for what valuable knowledge they can provide me in the future. Truth!
Biggest Quilting Success: This blog is completely unexpected. I started it just to track the progress on my first quilt, and now I’ve got paparazzi at my doorstep every morning.
Up Next: Continue the love affair with writing, photography, and quilting. I think I’ve found my niche.
Now. A quick tutorial, because some of your blogs need a little pick me up. Let me show you a quick way to cinch the waste! It’s all about adjusting the width of your blog columns, so your text is not reading left to right all the way across the page. Stop makin’ my eyes work so damn hard! I get enough exercise crusin’ boys! Remember “elevator eyes” go up and down, not left to right.

1. Go to the template section.

2. Hit the “Customise” button.

3. Hit the “Adjust widths” button.

4. Many of your blogs look like this with the text running ten miles longer than the photos. Stop it. Cinch that waist!

5. Oops, maybe you went too (can’t breathe… gasp) far. 
6. Aaahh, that’s better.  See how the text blocks align more closely with your photos sizes? You’ve now got some gentle curves, and my eyes are checkin’ you out!

7. Hit that “Apply to Blog” button and work it out!

That’s all I got folks! Thanks for stopping by on my leg of the Let’s Get Acquainted 2013 Blog Hop. Make sure to check out the other live performers below:

Friday, June 14
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*Yes, that was a historic Z-snap.

56 Responses

  1. Wow, I managed to get in there and adjust those widths. My blog still looks un good though – trying to be gentle with myself here. 🙂 Just love your blog Miss Molli (All. About. You.) I might learn a thing or two following this blog hop. You got moving pictures too! I'm impressed. x

  2. What's that B. in the middle? Bitch? XXX love ya Molli

  3. Marta S. says:

    Dude. You are hilarious. So glad I followed in time to read this post!

    Also, your biggest quilting failure resonates with me!

  4. Kelly Young says:

    so funny! I love the fabric and design part of quilting best too! And oh my, I couldn't pass up Carnaby Street either. Great to learn a little more about you Molli!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. Katy Cameron says:

    Well that's a departure for you, as a unicorn, being humped by a girl ;o) The realy one doesn't look that fluffy though, they obviously don't know where to buy the good fur :oD

  6. JB says:

    Excellent Blog Hop post! I loved the Molly/Miley bit. Good tip on adjusting the width of blogs too. I've taken everyone's advice and cranked my photos up to 11, so had to do this very thing myself earlier – and it looks much better.

    So glad I've discovered your blog, I love your quilts (especially the first one) and your writing is a hoot.

    Jenny @ Note to Follow Sew

  7. Trudie says:

    You just brighten my day when you post. I think you are on your way to becoming Queen of the quilt blogging universe! Shall I start the campaign?

  8. Jane S. says:

    I absolutely LOVE what you said about quilting failures. Best attitude ever! 🙂

  9. Adrienne says:

    Great post! I will be following 🙂 your tips on column width did wonders on my blog. Another note "You're so Fuffy!" is my text tone, it makes me smile every time a text comes in

  10. All of you overachievers this week, posting on Wednesday!! Happy to have met you, Molli Sparkles, and am always glad to see a quilt blogger with some design/photographic/REAL color chops. (I'm STILL working up the nerve to read your color theory post. As I have no chops. 🙂 )

  11. Adrianne says:

    Haha – I wondered where Miss Molli had come from – now I know. I wonder what it would sound like if you heard me saying Molli (not Miley) in my kiwi accent – maybe Marley? Great post and great blog tip! I can't wait to see what kind of quilting shenanigans you get up to in future!

  12. Molli! I don't know what I did before you in my life. It was such a non-sparkly place. Your blog has me cracking up each time I read it and I love your passion for all things vibrant and colorful. Your sidebar convos also make my day! Keep shining on, Molli! Xoxo!

  13. sharpie says:

    How do I love thee post? Let me count the ways… Fluffy unicorn intro? <3 Parenthetical following your age… Whaaa?! And of course, that ever present charismatic spirit. Why are you the cooooolest?!

  14. The O's says:

    Nancy would be disappointed she didn't get a mention in your fav fabrics…

    Only 3 WIP's – and you call yourself a quilter – tsk tsk tsk…

    Love your work, but you know that!

  15. Sooli says:

    Well hell those New Zealanders are a passive lot because I would have suffocated you with a pillow after the first day of humming! Good luck fulfilling your unicorn wish! If you wish on a unicorn it has to come true, right?

  16. Love it! Your blog is absolutely one of my most favourite to read and never fails to make me laugh 😉

  17. Leo says:

    Ahh I always liek to know more about the people behind the blog – I'm well very nosy. I know what is fascinating about your blog – it's everything I would never ever do/be – pink and sparkling.
    Haha – with the statistics there is a phenomena – Ladies turn 29 then a few years later they are 39 and eventually they will get 49 and then stop ageing. (That's why the never ask for "age" but for your year of birth)

    I had to laugh at the "molli/I"-problem … that (lackign a better word) fractioning of the "self" on the internet, you creat an identity that rarely ever has all traits of your personality, you just conciously/knowingly use parts of it. The possibilty of total anonymity while being part of a community it's fascinating … (university self making an appereance)

    Sorry I often start babbling – but I guess you already figured that out. I either say a lot or nothing – because I really am no fan of "That's a nice XY"-comments.

  18. I'm so happy to have found your blog! I love your energy and your quilts! I don't even like exclamation points and look how many I've used! Can't wait to read more.

  19. Beth says:

    Awesome! It is always fun to stop by here and today's post definitely doesn't disappoint! Loved the story about where your blog name came from and I'll be sure to direct people here for your very clearly explained width tutorial. Thanks for joining in the blog hop!

  20. Cloud CouCou says:

    Loving the unicorn, that thing is super cute!

    Such a funny blog, how do you stay so spritely?! Great comments from Mr Sparkles, they made me smile. Maybe I should add some of my boyfriend's although they do tend to go along the same line of …'Did you think about..' I have to stop him there or else!!

    PS did you finish the Bloom Bloom… will be having a look.

  21. Nilya says:

    Like the way you write LOL!!!

  22. Fun reading here! Glad to found your blog via the bloghop! Have fun blogging and keep us smiling!

  23. Julie says:

    Molli, you are hilarious!! Loved reading this post and am going to come back and catch up on past ones when I have more time. New follower – can't wait to hear about your next adventure!

  24. I originally started following your blog, I must admit, because of the glitter header. I am a sucker for anything that sparkles. Now I come back for a regular dose of Aussie humor (sadly lacking a little in my American life!). Love love love the Mr Sparkle says side bar by the way.

  25. Anna says:

    Love it! The unicorn is so cute. Despicable Me is a firm favourite in our house, can't wait to see number 2! Love the Sparkles – not enough in my life with small boys who play rugby!

  26. Don't you just love Gramma's! Mine is my hero too. Loving your mini quilt. I like machine binding because its quick, but will never look as sparkly as doing it by hand. Save that for the quilt shows!

  27. Lisa says:

    OK, serious giggles with that tutorial Sparkles. I am going to have to go right over and check my waist. I may have over-cinched??!!!

  28. I have loved your blog since I discovered it a few months ago! Thanks for the humor and the tips!

  29. NW Patchwork says:

    You have beautiful quilts for just starting. I love your blog–so easy to follow and not too busy. It seems to fit your style. You have a great sense of humor–your posts always put a smile on my face 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
    Nice to meet you through the blog hop!

  30. Green says:

    Sparkles: I completely agree with a cinch at the waist. I also agree that 1060 px is the exact size for the blog. I'm usually a "size is everything" kinda gal, but not for blogs. Great quilts, btw. I'm a new follower.

  31. Jessica says:

    Must see that movie now, if only for the unicorn.

  32. Throw some sparkles my way…anyday. Love your Kwilting, techy knowledge and your blog voice!

  33. jan says:

    Great blog. This is definitely a fun blog. Heck we hafta have fun don't we.New follower here:)

  34. Valerie says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! My favorite part is design too. Least favorite part is making the sandwich!

  35. Thanks for looking out for us other bloggers with your tutorial. Your wit is one of a kind. Thank you for being unique.

  36. Erica says:

    What a fun blog! I love your header, it's wonderfully sparkly.

  37. Cari says:

    Loved reading about your blog's name. I've been enjoying both your quilting and your humor. Looking forward to more!

  38. Rachel says:

    Your style of blogging is a riot. Always fun to read.

  39. Amanda says:

    That unicorn alone is enough to get me to follow your blog. Perhaps we should add it to the list? I have to admit that I'm listening that that Myley Cyrus song as I type this. Thanks for the throwback to 2009. It was a good year.

    Also, the Trip Around the World quilt you made with your grandma is amazing and beautiful. What a perfect keepsake! The real question might just be, can you talk her into doing it again?

  40. Thanks for a great blog hop introduction! Great work.

  41. Jess says:

    You are so funny. But now I must go blast something on the radio to get that catchy Miley Cyrus song out of my head…

  42. Liz says:

    Too damn funny, I seriously love you right now 🙂

  43. Molli…shine on! I am signed up!!

  44. Casey York says:

    I'm so happy to have found your blog through the blog hop! I definitely agree that you seem to have found your niche. Good luck with your fabric design aspirations–I'm currently going through that process as well. Would love to chat with you about it sometime!

  45. Great tips, Molli! What a fun post!

  46. Good to read you! Have been really enjoying your comments on our behind the scenes e-mail blog hop!

  47. Caroline says:

    Love that movie and interesting how your blog name came to be! I love your sting piecing tutorial-no ironing-yeah:)

  48. Martha says:

    So nice to meet you Molli. Great tips! By the way I love that line from despicable me. Sooo cute!

  49. Sarah says:

    Ha ha, you're funny! Love it!
    Hi Molli, its great to meet you, a great post. The unicorn bit in Despicable Me is great, almost as funny as Amy's tiara moment in the Big Bang Theory.
    Sarah x

  50. amy says:

    Great to meet you Molli! Your personality shines through your blog, that is something I def need to work on!

  51. QuiltCandy says:

    Hey there, it's lovely to meet you, I am sorry I am so awfully late! In fact I've met you before through Sunday Stash, I love your fabric choices, they are as colourful as your blog posts!! 😉 Now you've made me paranoid about the width of my blog…I think it's ok??!! I'm your latest follower, I need more *sparkle* in my life, that's for sure!

  52. Emily says:

    Graphic prints are starting to become my favorites too! Thanks for the tutorial on adjusting column width.

  53. Ruth Bourke says:

    I too love Despicable Me. It's been a while since I'd seen it but I remember the "it's so fluffy I wanna die" vividly. And then probably because DM2 is coming out they showed it on TV last Satrrday dinner time and that line came and I laughed twice as hard thinking of your blog. Quilting kind of infects everything really doesn't it!

  54. Leigh Anne says:

    Well I am totally late to the blog party but I've been cruising the fringes on Instagram 🙂 So happy to have finally found the awesomeness that is Molli Sparkles!

  55. I missed your post! Thanks for sharing. Hope you buy that unicorn and proudly display it in your sewing room.

  56. MsMidge says:

    Elevator eyes!!!! Hahahahh! I'm gonna have to remember that one…..and not for reading blogs…..

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