Sunday Stash #24 – Magic Suitcase 09 – Hula Hoop Finale

By now, you should be familiar with Grandma Sparkles’s Magic Suitcase. There’s been freakin’ eight previous instalments since February, so if not, you’ve got some major homework to do, stat! That woman is the epitome of fairy grandmother, and any of you could be so lucky to have her in your corner. She’s currently accepting applications for other Sparkle children, so if interested please leave your worthiness in the comments below.  I’ll sift through the best of the best, and maybe she’ll adopt you. Applications gotta be good, so if you ain’t got the sparkle, don’t even bother. 
So Fairy Grandmother goes on a fabric shop hop last year (before my experienced quilting days and when I even knew what a fabric shop hop was) around Oklahoma, and Missouri, exploring various shops, fabrics, and quilting styles. She meets the owner of a shop, has long quilty conversation with her, even sits down for a creative exploration and a spot of tea. Grandma Sparkles later recounts to me, “I met this wonderful woman on my fabric shop hop. Her name was ‘hula hoop’ or something like that, and she helped me put all this fabric together for a quilt. We had tea, and waxed poetic about the intrinsic nature of fabric.”
Grandma. Sparkles. You slay me.  
It wasn’t until I received the goods in the Magic Suitcase that I realized that Grandma Sparkles was indeed not crazy, but had in fact, taken tea with none other than Hula Hoop, also known as Tula Pink.
Yes, indeedy. You can pick up your jealous slack jaws off the thread strewn floor now. Even though the experience was lost on Grandma Sparkles, she was blessed with the O’Holy Pink’s presence and creative guidance. Ms. Pink signed her Flutterby promo card, and pinned hand written notations to fabrics to be used for certain parts of the quilt. That is genuine sparkle service, fo’ sho’!
There are several pieces from the Prince Charming and Parisville ranges. As you can see from the photos, this ain’t no fat quarter style addition to the stash, ya’ll. This is full on yardage mania. I could be busting into her new 100 block City Sampler if I felt so inclined–but instead, I’ll save these beauties for my own creative spin. Grandma Sparkles and Ms. Pink did a great job selecting coordinating fabrics from the two ranges, that it would be a travesty not to continue on their creative journey.

Grandma Sparkles never really specified why she decided she didn’t want to utilise this fabric purchase anymore. Maybe it was just an extra special gift to see what my creative prowess could come up with (the pressure!), or her own creative priorities switched gears. You know we have all been there: one minute, you’ve never seen a more beautiful fabric, and the next, you’ve found another to take its place. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve suggested I’m not a fabric hoarder, nor a fabric collector, but simply a fabric whore. Perhaps there’s a little fabric whore in all of us.

This brings to a close the epic that was Grandma Sparkles’s Magic Suitcase. It’s been a wild and colourful journey, full of threads, patterned maps, guest appearances, and a suitcase jam packed with love, magic and sparkles. Me and my stash want to thank Grandma Sparkles for her continued support and generosity! For those worried that this may be the end, don’t fret, another Magic Suitcase is already being built! 

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Go on, be a fabric whore.

17 Responses

  1. Paula says:

    Pink Sparkles, what a magical end to what has been a fairytale journey through the contents of that magic suitcase. That really is the stuff of dreams. I'm no Cinderella, but a girl can always dream of having her own fairy godmother.

  2. Mareenchen says:

    Grandmas never fail to surprise, do they? How lucky you are and how lucky for us all that the Magic Suitcase #2 is in the works.

  3. vexa says:

    Hula Hoop you never fail to make us smile plus my dictionary got busy again, lol.

  4. Katy Cameron says:

    Okay, I've come to the conclusion that Grandma Sparkles is in fact Mary freaking Poppins with her ever expanding suitcase! So glad she got to meet up with the delightful Hula Hoop as well, I wonder if 'Hula' herself was rather enjoying spending time with someone that wasn't drooling all over her in hero worship style!

  5. Kelly says:

    Grandma Sparkles rocks – too cool!

  6. Sooli says:

    Well okay then, we can definitely forgive Grandma Sparkles some of the slightly less than exciting pieces when she delivers the goods with that amazing Tula 'Hula Hoop' Pink stash of awesomeness! You have truly been blessed to have such an amazing grandmother – I unfortunately was such a late arrival to my parents that all my grandparents had shuffled off so I will never have that relationship. Cherish all that lovely grandma loving while you can! (Oh and if she has any loving to spare, I'm willing to be loved!) Keep on sparkling Grandma Sparkles!

  7. The O's says:

    Classic! I love it! I have just bought the Hula Hoop book, spurred on by the happenings in our rainbow land…
    I love Grandma Sparkles, I think she is rad and sweet and a whole lot of freakin' awesome! x

  8. Waverlee says:

    :-O whaaat?!?! That's fantastic. Totally jealous right now. Nice work Grandma Sparkles.

  9. MsMidge says:

    Sweet mother of god! Hula Hoop. Too much for me to take on a Sunday night! You know I have that Art Gallery fq just waiting to be swapped don't you? Hint, hint! lol

  10. Tessa Marie says:

    Oh. My. God!!!! This is such a freakin' awesome story and it was written in your usual delightful and hilarious style!! Grandma Sparkles is an absolute treasure! I love her!! Enjoy creating something amazing with your "hula hoop" fabric!!

  11. SIMPLESEW says:

    stopping by for the lovely eye candy…..have a great sewing week…..

  12. audrey says:

    This might be my favorite Tula story EVER. Also, I'm totally jealous!

  13. Ahh love it! Favourite magic suitcase tale yet!! That is so funny! Can't wait to see what you make with this bit of magic fabric!

  14. Kelly G says:

    I have truly loved this Magic suitcase saga! Grandma Sparkles is just the bees knees! Talk about total fabric yumminess! I can't wait to see what you create with it!

  15. What a delightful story because Grandma Sparkles inadvertently finds the pot of gold in the mid west fabric store. You tell the story so well Josh that I was chuckling from the first sentence.

  16. So jelly. Grandma Sparkles can adopt me any time she likes.

  1. June 6, 2016

    […] me a Magic Suitcase full of fabric, including a treasure trove of what are now Tula Pink rarities. Funny story, that one. I had no idea what I had been given would become what it is now. For nearly four years, it has all […]

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