Sunday Stash #23 – Magic Suitcase 08 – Leftovers

A few odds and ends stumbled into Grandma Sparkle’s Magic Suitcase right at the very end.  They were surely screaming, “No fabric left behind!” as they clawed houndstooth and nail to join the rest of their fabric friends. These Garden Gifts fat quarter packs seemed a bit garden party hoe-down, but upon closer inspection there was a great tone on tone print hidden in each.

You know how I feel about brown (similar to most of you), but it’s good to have it in your stash, and one day I will prove that it can be used with elegance and poise. It doesn’t all have to be clunky and poo inspiring. By the way, is that an Amy Butler Midwestern Modern print, or am I dreaming?

My waistline knows I love a good cupcake (with sprinkles on top), but do I need a cupcake basket? Mmm, I’m thinking, no. I think I’ll save this one for a future giveaway, swap, or sewing treat for someone more inclined. Now, maybe if it came with replenishing cupcakes I’d be more interested, until then, gimme French vanilla, red velvet, double chocolate, and cream cheese topped carrot cupcakes.

Oh, do not even think I am tempted by these … yet. I absolutely must finish my current three four five (I think that’s all!) works in progress before I start on a project that will undoubtedly take decades to finish. I love all the hexie projects I see out in the wild, but I know (like most of you) I’d become obsessed by them, and anything else would undoubtedly fall by the wayside.  I’m sure I’ll get around to them about the time they go out of fashion. Typical.

There will be one more instalment of Grandma Sparkle’s Magic Suitcase, where I unveil some truly magical pieces from one of your favourite designers. She’s colourfully prolific, and has many collections, two of which travelled from the midwest to be with me today.
I must also apologise for my somewhat absence, but #bloombloompow has basically taken over my life. For good reason though, as Freshly Pieced’s Lee recently commented, “Stunning! The dark background really works! … Ooooh! Can’t wait to see more!” I’m hoping to unveil said progress this Wednesday, if you’re lucky.

Linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth for this week’s Sunday Stash-a-thon!  You should do the same.    

Who are you quilting heroes?

7 Responses

  1. Katy Cameron says:

    I have no words about those cupcake baskets, other than perhaps 'Why would you…?' Anywho, the hexies make a handy travelling project for when someone else is chauffeuring you around or you have no space for anything else, I got a ton done on the way to SLC last year

  2. Sooli says:

    Looking forward to seeing your batik bloom bloom pow too! I'll pass on the cupcake basket pattern. But you never know maybe someone on the Sew You're Destashing page might be hooked on cupcakes and just have to have a basket!

  3. Your Grandma s magic suitcase never fails to deliver. And I have a thang for browns.

  4. audrey says:

    I'm almost out of the brown and white polka dot that I've used in so many projects, and I think I'll really miss it when it's gone.

    I love me some cupcakes, but only the edible kind. Yum…red velvet! Now you've started the cupcake cravings! I guess I'll have to go get one today…. 🙂

  5. Lindi says:

    I avoided brown like the plague until I auditioned fabrics for a particular quilt and my usual black/grey/indigo just didn't cut it, but I needed something …like brown! Upon trying to analyse what brown I needed, I started thinking coffee, latte, mocha, chocolate, toast… then I realised brown has lots of food associations so it can't be all bad! lol) Then, of course, there's donkey, bronze, nut brown, walnut, oak, beech, copper….
    I no longer think brown when choosing, I think along these words. So much more enticing. 🙂

  6. Aoife says:

    😀 you never fail to make me chuckle (those cupcakes – what!?!). I can't wait to see what you'll do with the browns (a colour I steer clear of but still wonder about, on and off), and I'm dying to see your bloom bloom pow.

  7. Of course you need a brown or two. How else are you going to make a tree appliqué? Surely I'm not the only person who loves a quilty tree?

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