Sunday Stash #22 – Magic Suitcase Part 07 – There’s More

This Magic Suitcase does not let up. There’s like an eternal flame slash never ending story slash til the cows come home quilt project in this suitcase. It’s becoming a burden that’s just too much to bare. I literally can not go on…
Haha, uh, yeah, right. Since when has playing with fabric ever been a burden on anyone? If you find yourself in this situation, call me, I’ll be right over to clean our your stash. You live overseas? No dramas, I’ve got frequent flyer miles. Without further ado, here’s some more goodies that came out of Grandma Sparkles’s Magic Suitcase.

I know Lucie has gone ahead and released Summersville Spring to wild acclaim, but I still enjoy these colours more. They feel a bit more sophisticated to me. I’m thinking small baby’s quilt might be appropriate here. I refuse to tear that paper off until I finish another existing project though!

This is my first use of Bella Solids, white (two yards) and scarlet (five yards). I bought the white just to have around, but the scarlet is going to be used for the pieced back of my Road to Cronulla quilt, that is languishing in the soon to be basted phase. I must say, I thought the Bella Solids fabric would be a bit more luxurious than it actually is. Must try a similar in Kona to see if my expectations are just too high. I can be a demanding bitch.

I asked Grandma Sparkles to see if she could find a bit of Sweetwater’s Noteworthy (specifically, the Bucket List print) in Oklahoma to throw in the Magic Suitcase. For me, a bit equals a fat quarter, maybe a half yard if generous. Well lookee there, that’s two yards of the Bucket List vanilla colour way Grandma Sparkles specially ordered from her LQS and sent along with the rest of her scraps. Spoiled, much? Yes, indeedy. Am I complaining? Not at all.
This actually may be my favourite print of 2013 because it is so inspiring. We sometimes forget some of the little things we should take the time to do, and this fabric lays it all out there. After reading through all of them, I realise I’ve either done many of them, or they’re already on my bucket list. “Visit all 50 states…” If memory serves me correctly, I’m at 43, so I can work on that one. Any of these you’re aching to achieve?

And this little green gem was stuck in with my February bee block from Jeneta. I love it’s intensity, and I lack a lot of this grass green colour in my stash, so it was much appreciated. I may have to use it today to turn around some more bee blocks. The best way to appreciate fabric is to use it!

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What’s the number one thing on your Bucket List?

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  1. vexa says:

    I don't have a bucket list. Do I need one? NO. Fab fabrics and fun to read as usual!

  2. I love that bucket list print! And what a lovely story 🙂 you're very lucky to still have your Grandma 🙂

  3. Katy Cameron says:

    Oh damn, i was hoping that red was going to make you a scarlet lady… ;o) Loving grandma's idea of 'a bit' – my gran has a similar approach to biscuits *ahem*

    As for bucket lists, oh boy, so many travel ones, although to be fair, I've set foot on every inhabited continent other than South America, and lived in 7 countries in 3 continents, so I'm not doing too badly…

  4. Jane S. says:

    That suitcase really is like Mary Poppin's carpetbag. It would be very handy to conceal my stash. I mean do I really need to hear from my family that I'm a fabric hoarder? (I prefer the term collector, by the way.)

    The number one thing on my bucket list is to go back to England/Ireland/Wales/Scotland. I saved all my "leftover" foreign money and if I don't spend it, that would be a waste. And we don't want to waste, now do we? 😉

  5. Lindi says:

    Great score! Especially the Noteworthy. I've just started working with my Layer Cake of Noteworthy and loving it.
    Know what you mean about Bella Solids. I like Kona better. I bought a Kona colour card, so now, when I want a solid to match a fabric, I check the card for the right one, then go online and order some. 🙂

  6. I was seriously thinking you were totally "over" Grandma Sparkles suitcase…for a moment that is until I read the rest! That suitcase is the best magical suitcase I know of in the whole world!
    Bucket list? Ooh now. Maybe Quiltcon or Houston Quilt Show. The Cirque du Soleil tribute show to the Beatles in Las Vegas called Love. Let's stop just there…otherwise I will be here all day. As always, love your style. x

  7. Waverlee says:

    Ooooh I love Summersville, and of course, Noteworthy. I ended up getting a charm pack on sale from Anorina 🙂

  8. I do believe a phot of you and Grandma Sparkles is in order! Is she aware that she is world famous and has thousands of quilty grandchildren???

    I love that Noteworthy is in all the same colour ways as my Sunkissed that I've been hoarding, probably before your quilty time but that range carries some inspirational text prints too.

  9. Auntie Pami says:

    What a sweet granny! I have: RI, ME, and CT left.

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