Sunday Stash #20 – Magic Suitcase Part 05 – 10,000 Views Giveaway!

In the words of demi-goddess Sally Field, “You like me! Right now, you like me!”* Even though she was wearing diamonds and clutching a gold statuette, I totally know how she feels. Over Easter break celebrated its 10,000th page view!
When I started my blog, I completely did it with the intention of just having a place to record my own sewing progress and to show Grandma Sparkles the journey of the quilt I was making her. Seven months in, and I’ve got all of you lovelies stopping by regularly, I’ve made more quilts than I thought I ever would, done a few tutorials, become a fabric hoarder collector, joined three quilting bees, written a whole lot of musings about quilting, and made some fabo friends. You could say I’ve been werking.
So in honour of all of you, I went to Grandma Sparkle’s magic suitcase to find the brightest fabrics to share for this Sunday Stash, and ultimately share with you in a special 10,000 Views Giveaway! These are both half yard cuts, and feature what it looks like to go to the zoo on an acid trip–purple elephants, yes indeedy! Trust me, this is all you need to know about that!
To enter, just leave a comment telling me how fabulous I am and you’ll win. To enter, just tell me something that sparkles for you, and Mr. Random Number Generator will announce a winner at next week’s Sunday Stash. Open to everyone, so good luck, and thanks for reading!

*Often, misquoted as “You like me, you really like me!”
Linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth for this week’s Sunday Stash-a-thon!  You should do the same.  
My silver Dolce & Gabbana sneakers are sparkling for me.

30 Responses

  1. You ARE fabulous Molli! My Mr 6 is answering your question, for him all of the fabrics in his quilt sparkle 🙂 Aw, what a cutie 🙂 He would also like to know why you are called Sparkles 🙂 Congratulations on your quilting journey!

  2. Wow, ten thousand views is something to celebrate. I guess we can say you are ten thousand views fabulous Miss Molli! That's what I'm saying anyway. Congratulations. x

  3. You aren't just FABULOUS Molli Sparkles – you are TDF 😉 congrats on 10,000 views and may there be many, many more! My kids are what sparkles for me … I have created many things but they are my masterpieces 🙂 xx

  4. jennyg says:

    You are fabulous mr sparkles. What sparkles for e is my 6 mth old granddaughter

  5. Jeneta says:

    My children sparkle for me (though my new handbag is also sparkling for me right now!)! Congrats on 10,000 views.

  6. This is a comment placeholder for Leigh Davenport Jurd! Sparkle on!

  7. Helen says:

    So proud of you hun! Decent nap time from both babies at the same time makes me sparkle 😉

  8. vexa says:

    I recently trade handmade bag for customized doll with sparkles. For a minute I though about naming her Molli, lol. So my latest association for sparkle is YOU only YOU, lol.

  9. Kate D says:

    On a Saturday morning the weekend sparkles with all my hopes of the things I might be able to do (like patchwork, quilting, relaxing, catching up with friends, more patchwork, and so on!)

  10. Paula says:

    What a wonderful milestone. Congrats, and here's to the next 10,000 and many, many more to follow. My boys are what sparkle for me. Often covered in mud or all sorts of dirt and grime they find heavens knows where, yet still they sparkle on and brigheten every day.

  11. Linda says:

    10,000 views, well done!! My children and granddaughters sparkle for me….and on a good day, hubby does too 🙂

  12. Robin's nest says:

    You are inspiring Molli. I can't keep up. I'd love to go fabric shopping with you, I think you'd give me a new perspective on life. What glitters for me? My daughter is pregnant with my first grandchild (hopefully not last)so my eyes are pretty sparkly at the moment. To be or not to be grandma, nona, nan…hmmm.

  13. Lis Martion says:

    Feeling a bit down atm, been sewing and sewing, no one to talk to, stayed off computer…
    Thought I better check on some of the goss, fabric conversations I have been missing out on, and..look what is the first thing I see and brings a SPARKLE to my face straight away…
    Miss Molli Sparkels him self..
    Thanks Molli.. and congrats, awesome job. xo

  14. Congrats Molli…it must feel really good.hard work has its own rewards 🙂

  15. Waverlee says:

    My red glitter toe nails are sparkling for me 🙂 Congrats on 10,000 views.

  16. Mareenchen says:

    Congrats on the achievement! It'S a ton of fun to read along.

    I love those fabrics. Who knew I'd ever say that about something so bright and wild? Guess it's the sparkle of meeting my nephew once he hatches in about 3 months. Something else sparkling for me today: sunshine and blue skies after a long and dreary winter with way too much snow.

  17. Dawn says:

    Congrats on 10,000 views! My kids sparkle the most for me, but my sewing machine is sparkling right now too. Thanks!!

  18. Mishi Kichi says:

    Congrats my Jolli Molli, "everything you touch turns to sparkle" (hmmmmm we shld make u a sign!) What sparkles for me atm……the inspiration that comes from the shards of glitter that surround me called friends, they make my world sparkle, each n every one of them ;o)

  19. Annmarie Henderson says:

    I would have to say its RAINBOWS!!!! but i think you know that already – but then its my family of course – and congrats on the blog – its wonderful

  20. Juliane gardiner says:

    My kids are my sparkle! I love that fabric.

  21. MsMidge says:

    Well done Molli! I have new sparkle in my step today – my four year old gave me a pink bling sparkle fest phone cover for my birthday! Bling BLing!

  22. This is a comment place holder for Heather Allen. "WOW!!!! What fantastic accomplishments in such a short time. Congratulations. What sparkles for me are all the fantastic people I have in my life! Bling it on peeps!!!!!"

  23. SIMPLESEW says:

    popping over from Sunday Stash report

  24. Caryn says:

    My kiddos of course, especially my goofball son. A little story I think you'll appreciate. Last summer, right after he turned four, he was getting dressed for dance recital pictures with my husband. He had the classic black pants and a yellow velour shirt (short sleeves with a collared v-neck) and best of all a built in yellow sequined vest. Can you picture it? He was admiring himself and all his sparkles, so my husband told him after recital we could put it downstairs and he could wear it for dress-up. Leo replied, "or we could put it in my closet and I could wear it all the time!" He has personality and was a hit at his recital. 🙂

  25. Auntie Pami says:

    My fingernails…pink of couse

  26. The O's says:

    What makes me sparkle… life! Well done on being such a fab contributor to the quilting community and on your awesome blog. I love it when you have a new post! Love your work Molli!

  27. Salley says: many fans… so much many views …woo hoo …Congrats sparkly boyoh!
    Right now my brand new Bernina is sparkling away in my life. Yippee.

  28. You are totally what the quilts blog world needed so I am not surprised by the view number. Can backyard chickens sparkle?

  29. hoysie says:

    oooo 10,000! Congrats. Thanks for blogging, I often get a good chuckle from your page. hmmm Sparkle… I guess fabric err I mean my family! (btw Mr 5 spotted your header and said I should sew that)

  30. rrjane011749 says:

    My sparkles……everyone in my life!

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