A Bit Steamy

Man, I finally wrestled the key to the spare bedroom away from Mr. Sparkles. You don’t even want to know where he was hiding it! Last night I was able to return our fabulously minimalistic dining room into the sewing heaven it deserves to be. The sewing machine was let out of its confines, and it shuddered as it felt the silky threads running along its inner levers. My rotary cutter actually whispered sweet nothings in my ear as it caressed my fabric and split it dangerously in two. Rulers measured lengths yet to be measured, while fabrics entwined themselves with others making colour combinations so titillating they exploded into their own pile of scraps. It is a good thing I wasn’t sewing with leather.

As you can see, after going on a self-enforced Easter bunny break, sewing again made the blood rush in, and the endorphins flutter throughout my body. Thank goodness, as I had been feeling completely flat until I finally hit that foot pedal again.

And what was I working on? Some wonky slices of perfection for the fabulous ChristieLeigh’s March block for Rainbow Bee #1. These blocks look like they’ve been playing in momma’s makeup box again, but ChristieLeigh promises once they’re all put together it will transform into a blingin’ bedazzled beauty. (In all honesty, she’s a complete nutter, but I humour her as part of my commitment to community service). The tutorial from Greenleaf Goods is super easy to follow, and quite liberating. It’s also a scrap buster to the extreme. I discovered I had zero purple scraps, so I busted out some charm squares I received in a rainbow charm swap from last year. I was able to get 3-4 triangular sections out of each charm square, so keep that in mind if you need to do the same.

Now that I’m back in service, it’s time to go full steam ahead, and I’m not talking about my iron.

Really, thank goodness it’s any kind of Friday! 
Shout out to Quokka Quilts who is hosting TGIFF this week!

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  1. Sooli says:

    Its in your blood now, there is no escape from the fabric addiction. Good thing is though that there are no calories and its low carb so you can really pig out! Not so good is the quilter's bum I've developed from too much sitting and sewing and not enough shifting my bones to exercise. Still can't have it all!

  2. My goodness Molli, you have a way with words 😉 Gorgeous blocks – they will look fantastic sewn up!

  3. vexa says:

    You described it all like gourmand talking about food if you know what I mean. I almost start drooling over, lol.

  4. Kristy QP says:

    Ah a happy reunion with the sewing machine! Your blocks are looking great – loving the colour scheme!

  5. Mishi Kichi says:

    Oh my jolli molli….i thought I was reading an extract from 50 shades of grey!! My blocks are GorJus!! Life's pretty straight without (kwisties) twisties ;o) I expect a follow up blog entry when I unleash sum rainbow bedazzlement (or some wonky rainbow vomit) hahahaha

  6. Katy Cameron says:

    Ooh, err, steamy before the watershed! Still Mr Sparkles must have loved the endorphin spiked side effects ;o) Good tip for the charms

  7. Laura says:

    Oooh like that block 🙂 great colours too

  8. Ha Ha, your post made me smile wide! I know what it feels like to enter the sewing "shrine" and just touch the tools and fabrics… drool! 😉
    I have had my "fix" this morning with some FMQ on a babyquilt. Might need more goodness later today!

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