WiP Wednesday #10 – The Curse of the Rose

I was Queen Bee for the month of February for Rainbow Bee #1, an offshoot of the Rainbow Fabric Fun Facebook group. Looking back, there was a helluva lot going on in February. What a perfect month for me to be a Queen! Silence! No feedback from the peanut gallery, please! Mm. 
Anyway, the block I chose, the Broken Herringbone from Play Crafts proved quite a challenge for the otherwise on the money, Rose Stevens. (Shout out!) I think she remade that damn thing five times, but finally got there. I am a fierce Queen, so I told her, “Girl, you sew it again, I don’t care if your fingers are bleeding. Work.” I like to give positive reinforcement when I can. She got there, don’t you worry about that.
But, bloody hell, she put a curse on me! The Curse of the Rose, I’m calling it, in honour of my Nancy Drew fat quarter bundle. When I went to make Bronwyn’s (Holla!) Ribbon Star Block from QCA Bee #2, which is an otherwise straightforward HST love-fest, the seams hit the fan. As in, I threw them in the air after the sixth time of ripping them out and let the ceiling fan whirl them around the room. I sewed them back together, and this, the seventh, and final time, was the best I could achieve. The points, are just not up to my level of pointiness. Sigh, okay, dear readers, now you know the truth: Molli Sparkles is not perfect. I know, it is difficult for me to accept as well.
Now, this brings me to Work in Progress Wednesday, because the irony of it all (and yes, this is a true form of irony, not a hi-my-name-is-Alanis-Morissette-and-I’m-gonna-make-a-hit-song-but-make-up-my-own-grammar-rules-along-the-way form of irony) is that Rose Stevens is Queen Bee for March in Rainbow Bee #2* and her block is a freaking Ribbon Star block as well! “Are you for real?” Yes?! “But, how is that possible?” I know! “Surely not.” Surely, undeniably, yes. The clincher: her so-called Ribbon Star block is a different version, but more technical, and takes it to the next level with a tutorial from Freshly Pieced. So, now you understand The Curse of the Rose. That woman is out to get me with a vengeance. I tell you readers, do not cross her, or less be prepared for what’s due.
So far, the orange colour way  (red to come) of this version of the Ribbon Star block is going pretty well. I’m waiting for her to pop out from underneath my table and yell surprise with a rotary blade in hand. I’ll keep you posted on how it comes together … wish me luck!
*Am I in too many bees? That’s three, if you lost count.
If I told you that I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced, you’d do it too, right:
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

11 Responses

  1. Mishi Kichi says:

    Hahahahaha LMFAO my Jolli Molli now im gunna have visions of rose poppin out under the table with a rotary cutter while I do her block 🙂

  2. We still have two more bees together ;o)

  3. audrey says:

    I took a look at the ribbon block tutorial a while back and clicked that browser window shut. Too much work for me for right now! I look forward to seeing your finished version and hearing your thoughts on it. That is…if you make it out alive….

  4. sharpie says:

    Can't wait to see how the ribbon star block turns out – love your fabric choices!

  5. Yep that first block looks deceptively benign but i know that the second has a lot of steps. Have to congratulate you on choosing orange though!

  6. Katy Cameron says:

    I'm kind of imagining you as the Red Queen right now. And your friend Rose as the Cheshire Cat :oD

  7. Haha Cheshire Cat is quite fitting ;o)

  8. Waverlee says:

    Don't worry….my points weren't perfect either 🙂

  9. MsMidge says:

    Farrrrrrk, you are hilarious!

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