The Curse of the Rose – Lifted!

The Curse of the Rose has been lifted, y’all! I was able to complete this ribbon star block, no drams!   This is the March block for Rainbow Bee #2. Faith’s tutorial makes it super easy. One note to self for the red version still in production, when reading the cutting instructions, the 2.5″ pieces are used for the ribbon sections on angles, and the 2″ pieces are used for the vertical and horizontal ribbon sections. Sort of obvious after I’ve been there and done that, but think about it when considering fabric value placement. 
Also, I’ve been totally enamoured with orange lately (like, I know, where did that come from!?) 
In other news, from out of nowhere I’m getting freelance graphic design jobs. Now if only I didn’t have my full time job, so I could concentrate on all the other jobs that I want to be full time. C’est la Vie! Bring on the weekend so I can put the metal to the pedal–sparkle style!
Really, thank goodness it’s any kind of Friday! 
Shout out to Quilt Matters who is hosting TGIFF this week!

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  1. Sooli says:

    Ooh that's a snazzy block, I like it! Another future block for me! I've been on a bit of an orange spend up this year too so I guess I'll be whipping up something orange-y down the track (well most likely orange and bright pink seeing I have a few fabrics with that combo). Don't work too hard this weekend!

  2. MsMidge says:

    That is a GORGEOUS block! Shall have to put it on my ever growing to do list! And I do love me some orange!

  3. Salley says:

    Perfect piecing Molli. Orange is missing from my stash and I love orange. Hide your scraps Molli!

  4. Janine says:

    This is a gorgeous block!

  5. audrey says:

    Pretty! Can't wait to see the red version! 🙂

  6. Katy Cameron says:

    Phew, glad your conscience won't be pricked by mashed corners and mis-matched seams forever :oD

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