Did anyone else witness the divine goddess that is Mariah Carey on American Idol last night? She was on fiyah: #pow! Seriously, did you just say hashtag, pow about Amber’s performance? Mmm. You did? Oh, bless. I am not ashamed to say I am a lover of all things pop, which includes American Idol and its associated judges. 
When it was announced Mariah would be joining the judging panel, I, like many others, were gaga-ing over Britney-I’m so proud-Spears’ (dis)appointment to The X-Factor. What an utterly boring affair that was. (No need to rehash here, but suffice to say, there were no boa constrictors or Madonna kisses, boo!) However, Mariah, Ms. Carey, if yo’ nasty, is bringin’ her own brand of crazy to the Idols. It’s a riotous good time, and I just wish I was there in person to bask in all of her shimmering gold light. She’s always so on point, and isn’t that, well, as she said herself about Angie: stellar.

You know what else is on point? The red version of Rose’s Ribbon Start block. Enamoured. Mariah would totally wear this as a skirt, and I’d love her all the more for it. Now, it’s time for me to find a way to break into Camp Mariah. Yes, there is such a place. Oh em gee, COME WITH!

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  1. Sooli says:

    Well now I don't which block I like better, the orange or the red. I really like this block, stop taunting me with it, I can't start another project right now! Is it straightforward to make or is it one of those that you're happy to make one but a whole quilt worth would do your head in?!

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