Design Wall Monday #01 – My Bits

A few weeks back I was wearing an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini and nearly let all the goods show! Ow! Well today I found some cotton wadding and threw up an impromptu design wall in the hope of showcasing my bits. (When Mr. Sparkles is away, Molli will play!)  So I’ve got about 250 (?) of these semi-wonky hourglass blocks, each measuring no more than 1.5″ across. They’ve been a pleasure to sew–a little self-flagellation is good for the soul, right? 
Hanging tentatively on my design wall are 81 of them, which is about a 13.5″ square as you see below.  The problem is, since they’re wonky, they’re not perfectly squared up to the same size.  So it’s time for lil ole me to think outside the square box and find a way to make these little bitches get line. 

Raw-edge appliqué? Sew to size? Grid lines? Hot glue? Slice and dice? Face lift? Botox? Wait, what are we talking about? Oh, it’s a challenge, but a design challenge that I’m all to eager too take on. I’ll keep you posted, that is if my fingers don’t turn inside out by the time I finish this little sucker. I may need an army of little people (read: children) soon, to make my factory complete. It’s not considered child labour if you don’t pay them, right?*
By the way, I’m sure there’s a Design Wall Monday linky party out there somewhere? What gives, where’s the party?


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  1. MsMidge says:

    YOu are crazy girlfriend! I think you need to just go completely improv with this……did you see Gemma's "fractured" paper pieced wall hanging? So I could see all of these all sewn together, no matter how wonky, and then a fabulous "background" colour to surround the wonkiness, which would then be squared up. Does this even make sense?? I need to go to bed!

  2. Sooli says:

    They look like little butterflies to me. Sounds a bit weird and I haven't tried it to see if it would work but could you applique them like butterflies onto some white background, sort of scattered around. Maybe stitch them between the coloured wings and then raw edge applique by doing some random wing stitching. Oh now that just doesn't sound right when I write it out but its there in my head!

  3. Books_Bound says:

    Nice! I've got a Vintage Modern hourglass in progress as well, but they are larger than 1.5"! You are crazy, in the most admirable way. Good luck! The raw-edge applique could be cool.

  4. Katy Cameron says:

    Oh man, triangles are the bane of my life even when I've supposedly cut them evenly! Maybe they need to be more spread apart, kind of exploding from somewhere, and then you can chuck random scrappy filler bits in between to space them out, then you can kind of throw all the rules out :oD

  5. You could add sashing in any or variable sizes. Also, there is a technique (disclaimer: I've not tried it) where you sew pieces directly to batting (start in the middle with a piece or strip and work out from there); it might work well for wee and even wonky pieces like this.

    This is a Monday "anything goes" link up:

    It's not my blog, but I try to link up. I'll look for ya. : ) I just discovered your blog (through Fabric Tuesday) and like it already.

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