Sunday Stash #13 – A Lot Out of a Little

So this week’s Sunday Stash is quite minimal, but what I produced with it is quite extraordinary! (If I do say so myself). For February’s QCA Bee block, Ms. Tracy of The Peony Teacup wanted a selvedge spiderweb block. My immediate response was one of fear, as I didn’t have a lot of selvedges, I didn’t know what fusible interfacing was, and my experience with strip piecing was non-existent. Uh oh. But you know what, I figured that’s what these bee shenanigans are all about, stretching myself to learn new materials and techniques so that I become a better sewist. Well we can now mark this one off the list.
I popped into Spotlight to find the required Prima Homespun, and the single sided lightweight fusible interfacing.  “Um, excuse me miss, where do I find, um… fusible :::looks at instructions::: interfacing?”  Yeah, it went something like that, embarrassingly.  I had even brought my five dollar voucher with me, but considering the supplies only cost me three dollars I couldn’t bring myself to use it.  Next time!
As for those selvedges, lo and behold, I had numerous fat quarters that were still hanging onto theirs.  Plus, I ransacked the left over fabric from my Vintage Modern quilt (pics still to come) to find quite a few pieces still lingering around in the scrap pile. 
Note to self, don’t throw anything away, ever.  

So this is the gem of a block I created!  I am quite chuffed with how it turned out. Once I understood why and what fusible interfacing is used for I was able to whip this up pretty quickly. While I’m not totally enamoured with strip piecing, I think the finished result is splendid.  There’s so much colour in these selvedges, and a great reason to look for inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Here’s a link to the tutorial we used which was fairly easy to use.  I can definitely see this coming together in a beautiful feature quilt.  I especially like how it has a little bit of each contributor in it represented by the numerous fabrics they have accumulated in their stash!  Plus, who doesn’t love a delicious text fabric?! I think I could easily become font obsessed.
Now, don’t forget to come back next Sunday, when I will be hosting Sunday Stash, and girls, do I have a ginormous addition to the stash to unleash upon you all!  It’s a bit of a mystery, but I’m sure you can find a few clues.

Linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth for this week’s Sunday Stash-a-thon!  You should do the same.  

Don’t go chasin’ spiderwebs.

5 Responses

  1. Sooli says:

    Great looking block. A quilt made out of these will look very interesting, I'm thinking its a little bit like an adult I Spy for fabric lovers!

  2. Waverlee says:

    I love quirky selvedges, like the one with those little turtles on. Cute! Love your block. This block definately says a lot about a person's stash 🙂

  3. What colour homespun is the centre of this block? I like it. makes a nice change from white. Considering that you had less time to collect, your selvedges are awesome (yep i like those turtles too Waves). Look at those butterflies!

  4. MsMidge says:

    Wow! That's a fabulous block! **need to go through all my scraps for damn selvedges!**

  5. Tessa Marie says:

    Molli – it's a fabulous block! I agree with Sooli – an eye spy quilt for fabric lovers! I bet from now on, you will be like the rest of us selvedge junkies and keep a jarful prominently displayed by your sewing machine!!

    P.S. Love the Mr. Sparkles Says section on the blog – hahahaha!!

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