Look What I Got!

I’m not sure if sewing supplies really count for Sunday Stash entries, so just to be safe, I’ll let this cat mat out of the proverbial bag early.  I purchased this new Olfa 24″ x 36″ cutting mat from Amazon and had it sent to my hotel while I was in California last week.  Even with shipping, it was half the price of what I would have paid in Australia.  Ridonkulous.  Now, my fat quarters don’t stand a chance! Prepare to be sliced and diced!
However, have you ever tried to manage two large suitcases, a backpack, gym bag, and a flat packed cutting mat of this size through an airport? Telling you now, not easy.

6 Responses

  1. The O's says:

    It's hooooooooooooooooooooge!

  2. Marit says:

    Just a bit envious and very curious about how you did get it back home with you!

  3. MsMidge says:

    Ohhhhh it will be worth it!

  4. Sooli says:

    How much did your excess baggage cost you I wonder! Did you get any work done – it was work you went there for right?!

  5. Mindy says:

    Glad to see you both got back safely 🙂

  6. Waverlee says:

    Nice work. A mat this size is a must have!

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