Union Jack Block Tutorial – Coming Soon!

Just to get you ready for the Australia Day (this Saturday, January 26) release of my Union Jack block tutorial, I created another more stylised version last night.  I’m so glad I used this gold fabric as it really does sparkle!  I first teased y’all a few weeks back, and I promise not to disappoint. Some people may call me a liar–I like to call those people bitches–but I promise you it’s not always true!
I’ve had a few tutorial testers, who have provided some shiny feedback that I have gladly incorporated. That being said, you know Molli ain’t perfect (yes, hard. to believe.) so if you see some ridiculous oversight please let me know and I’ll consider immortalising you on my blog.  I said, consider.
Check back tomorrow as I have a finish to share, and then on Saturday, the big day, the launch of my first tutorial!  Yay!

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