George Michael’s Great Granny

As George Michael once said, “Let’s go outside.”  Mmm hmm.  Not exactly for the same reasons, but I had to get outside my normal photo studio to take a photo of this block, as the window light had disappeared.  That’s why it’s resting amongst the agaves.  This is my contribution for Quilt Club Australia Bee #2 for January.  The ever-fabulous Waverlee over at Little Guinea Pigs requested Great Granny Square blocks to kick us off for 2013.
Let me just say, there ain’t nothin’ old fashioned about this block.  It is all classic style!  There’s another one coming, but I was so impressed with how it turned out I shook a bit of sparkle out of my good wig!    (You’d think that happens all the time, but no, only on really special occasions). I’d love to see this with a black background as I think it would look like shimmering fireworks.  Hmm, when is my month again?
Now let me button link up before I go back inside …

4 Responses

  1. MsMidge says:

    LOVE!!! I have a "thing" for aqua at the moment…..

  2. hoysie says:

    Fab! and the photo really shows it off. Very swayed by these blocks a swell!

  3. Waverlee says:

    Love it! I'm very excited about the Madrona Road fabric in there 🙂

  4. The aqua glows! Love me some granny squares!

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