Sunday Stash #09 – Rainbow Charm Swap #28

I’ve acquired quite a bit of fabric over the holiday period, so instead of piling it all into one giant post, I thought it might be nice to spread it out over the next few weeks.  That way I get to revisit it as new as well!  Hopefully, that will grant me some restraint from buying additional needed wanted items.  So this week I bring you the spoils from Rainbow Charm Swap #28 that I participated in from Facebook.  This was a wonderful swap, as there are some great gems in there!  Some of my faves include that red dot-hybrid-flower print, and the yellow kinda-sorta dot print.  Yes, I’m in love with dots!  
Do you see any faves?  Can you spot a designer?  Suggestions on what to make with these ever-growing charm squares?  Do tell!
After much deliberation I’ve decided to allow the Converse Confession posts to fly solo.  I mean, they really deserve to leave their own footprints–they are shoes after all.  So I’m feverishly trying to get them all photographed, and then will set them free.  Stay tuned for the continuation of that series!

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  1. I will miss those sneakers but look forward to the solo posts. I am like you, I have some rainbow charms with no project yet. So let me know what you come up with. Agreed, those white on red flowers are sweet.

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